Tunnel Rat

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NeutralTunnel Rat
Silver Stream Mine.jpg
Silver Stream Mine
Main leader Unknown
Race(s) Kobold Kobold
Base of operations Silver Stream Mine
Theater of operations Loch Modan
Affiliation Axis of Awful
Status Active

The Tunnel Rat group of kobolds are found at Silver Stream Mine. They and their dens can also be found west of Thelsamar, littered along the mountainside.[1]

Silver Stream Mine ran dry long ago, and it was converted by the Miners' League into a storage depot. The Tunnel Rats moved in and the miners couldn't get their  [Miners' Gear] out in time.[2]

They are members of the Axis of Awful.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall Kobold.gif Grizlak Associate Troggwhacker Killable Silver Stream Mine, Loch Modan
NeutralIconSmall Kobold.gif Kubb Killable Loch Modan




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