Turn It Off! Turn It Off!

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HordeTurn It Off! Turn It Off!
Start Foreman Pikwik
End Master Control Pump
Level 49 (Requires 47)
Category Felwood
Experience 6,550 XP
Reputation +250 rep with Bilgewater Cartel
Rewards 70s
Next H [49] Fire in the Hole!


Shut off the Master Control Pump at the bottom of Irontree Cavern.


It was those darn worgen! They blew right past me into the cavern.

They must've messed with the Master Control Pump! If that thing is left on too long, every pipe runnin' under our feet is gonna blow. You think the leaks now are bad? Just wait!

Listen, if you can reach the Master Control Pump all the way in the back of the cavern, you can shut it off and save us all!


You turn the largest handle you can find on the Master Control Pump, and the rattling noises in the nearby pipes stop.

This gives you a few moments to hear the sound of flames outside before a familiar voice cuts in through a tinny, craclikng speaker.


You will receive: 70s



  1. H [49] A Flare Fight & H [49] It's Time to Oil Up
  2. H [49] Take it to the Tree & H [49] Wisp-napping
  3. H [49] Slap and Cap & H [49] Is Your Oil Running?
  4. H [49] Pikwik in Peril
  5. H [49] Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
  6. H [49] Fire in the Hole!
  7. H [49] Timbermaw Hold (optional breadcrumb to Timbermaw Hold)

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