Tuskarr is the native language of the tuskarr race.[1] It is said that tuskarr have 20 words for "sea",[2] a reference to the popular urban legend that Yupik and Inuit languages have an unusually large number of words for snow.

Tuskarr primer

Here are a few Tuskarr phrases and words for which the translations have been officially confirmed by Blizzard:


  • Issliruk = Tuskarr spirit of war, is depicted as a silver eagle.[8] It gives courage to the tuskarr.[9]
  • Karkut = "He who watches over the dead".[10] It watches over the fallen so they do not lose their way.[9]
  • Oacha'noa = "Goddess of the Depths", appears to give guidance to the Tuskarr in times of need.
  • Tayutka = A protective deity, it makes sure survivors will have food and shelter.[9]

Untranslated words and phrases

Tuskarr names

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Tuskarr names derive from ancient words no longer in use in their own tongue. These words have hidden meaning none but the tuskarr understand. Because family is of prime importance to their society, tuskarr family names take precedence over the names of the individuals. Thus, tuskarr family names are stated before an individual’s personal name, and most tuskarr who travel outside their own communities are known simply by such a name. Tuskarr family names are ancient and sacred. The meaning of the family’s name is related to some important characteristic or great historic deed. A tuskarr father gives his family name to his child, but the mother picks out a personal name for her son or daughter shortly after birth. Tuskarr family names are long and complex, while personal names are short and simple. The meaning of a personal name relates to one of the child’s personality or physical traits.[11]

  • Male Names: Bok, Girok, Frinn, Koss, Mirial, Nirr, Orinn, Kurr.
  • Female Names: Almh, Darji, Jirg, Lilmh, Sorji, Zurg.
  • Family: Anniveldruun, Brathadral, Derganul, Erandruun, Gerkadrul, Looposul, Moondral, Oolundruun, Vermolkral


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