MobTwilight Bulwark
Twilight Bulwark.jpg
Type Outpost
Leader(s) Commander Fastfuse
Codemaster Deethuk
Elementalist Starion
Race(s) GoblinGoblin Goblin
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
Language(s) Goblin, Dwarven, Thalassian
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer
Location Thousand Needles
Status Active

Twilight Bulwark is a large Twilight's Hammer outpost located on a shelf in southern Thousand Needles. It overlooks what used to be the Screeching Canyon until it was flooded. The ramp that leads up into the outpost was made during the Cataclysm, it is part of the wall of the mountain that collapsed upon the cavern known as Roguefeather Den, destroying the entrance and possibly the whole cavern itself.

The outpost has three leaders: Commander Fastfuse, Codemaster Deethuk, and Elementalist Starion, with them gone the combined forces of Freewind Post will be able to clear out the cultists from here. Magatha Grimtotem is being held in the eastern part of the Bulwark by bonds that only a particular code can release.


At the bottom of the ramp, near the water's edge, Lakota Windsong can be found wearing a Twilight's Hammer outfit. Nearby is a dead half-naked cultist member, whom Lakota likely killed and took the outfit from.

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