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The subject of this article or section is part of Midsummer Fire Festival, a seasonal event that lasts two weeks, after which it is no longer available until the next year.

  • Twilight Correspondence
  • Quest Item
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  • "This looks important..."

The Twilight Correspondence contains important information for the Earthen Ring regarding the Twilight's Hammer's activities involving the Midsummer Fire Festival outside of Blackfathom Deeps at the Zoram Strand of Ashenvale


Drops from any Mob Twilight Firesworn or Mob Twilight Flameguard near the Zoram Strand of Ashenvale during the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Twilight Correspondence as a quest objective


Twilight Correspondence

Loyal servants of the elemental lords. OUR TIME IS NOW.

Too long we have languished in the shadows, biding our time, serving our masters, seeking the end we know must come. Now, as the flames of Ragnaros' Appeasement burn brightly through the night, we have in our grasp the tools to incite war and chaos on a cataclysmic scale!

The Firelord is imprisoned in our world. He is not at his full power, but his might is formidable. Given an equally formidable opponent in this realm, the resulting clash would begin the great elemental war that will bring about the end we have sought.

In Neptulon's service is a great frost lord by the name of Ahune. Even now he is marshalling his power to wage war against Ragnaros. All he requires is a gateway into our world; a gateway we will provide. We have the allies. We have the location. We have the strength and the will.

Final negotians with our new faithful allies and guests will be conduced in a safe, out of the way location northwest of our primary location in Ashenvale.

Before this "festival" of the ignorant masses comes to a close, Ahune shall face Ragnaros in the shadow of Blackrock. The world will quake with the forces unleashed.

All our toils have worked toward this moment. Our masters will rise against one another in one glorious battle that will tear Azeroth asunder.

We live in the end times, my brothers. Hold to your tasks. Strive on. We will soon be triumphant!

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