Twilight Precipice.

Twilight Precipice[62, 33] is a Twilight's Hammer camp found on the middle shelf in Deepholm, northeast of the Temple of Earth. This camp overlooks the Scoured Reach and Lorthuna's Gate to which it is also connected by a ramp.

The cultists are led by three leaders, Boldrich Stonerender, High Priestess Lorthuna, and Zoltrik Drakebane.

This camp becomes a battlefield when Therazane is convinced to destroy the cultists and remove all evidence of Deathwing from her plane.


  • After the battle is over and a new one begins at the Temple of Earth, Therazane states this camp was destroyed along with the cultists within. When players re-visit the area, while the buildings are still there, the area is indeed clear of cultists, except for a handful near the ramp to Lorthuna's Gate.

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