Twilight Skymaster Richtofen

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MobTwilight Skymaster Richtofen
Image of Twilight Skymaster Richtofen
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 15-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer cult
Location Twilight Aerie, Thousand Needles[19.5, 48.5]
Status Killable Cataclysm
Companion(s) Richtofen's Wind Rider

Twilight Skymaster Richtofen is a level 44 mob located at Thousand Needles. He's a member of the Twilight's Hammer and is in charge of capturing all wyverns at Highperch, commanding the twilight forces from his base camp known as the Twilight Aerie.


With the aid of adventurers, Heartrazor, the Highperch patriarch, was free from the Twilight captors, the wind rider then decides to take the battle to their leader, Richtofen, and takes the adventurers to Twilight Aerie, where the fight against Richtofen and his Wind Rider begins.

At a certain point of the fight, the Wind Rider betrayed his master, shaking Richtofen out of its back, the wyvern leaves the battle, and suddenly a large group of Highperch Pridelings appear to finish the human off. The infant wyverns grab Richtofen -with him trying to shake them off, to no avail- and then throw him from Twilight Aerie, the human then falls to death.[1]


  • Spell shadow painspike.png  Black Arrow — Fires a Black Arrow at the target, increasing all damage done by you to the target by 6% and dealing Shadow damage over 15 sec. 
  • Spell fire fireball02.png  Explosive Shot — Inflicts weapon damage and additional Fire damage to an enemy and any of its nearby allies. 
  • Ability marksmanship.png  Shoot — Shoots at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage. 
  • Inv weapon halberd 03.png  Throw — Throws your weapon, inflicting 150% weapon damage on the target. 

Objective of



Twilight Skymaster Richtofen yells: It will be a pleasure shooting you down!

At 50%:

The wind rider shakes him off and flies away!
Twilight Skymaster Richtofen yells: Useless wind rider! I don't need you anyway!

Below 10%:

Pridelings come in to finish him off!
Twilight Skymaster Richtofen yells: What's this? Shoo!
Twilight Skymaster Richtofen yells: No! Get away! Get off of me!
Richtofen starts running to shake them, to no avail. Enough of the pridelings get enough of a hold to lift him off of the ground, headed in the direction of the cliff!
Twilight Skymaster Richtofen yells: NOOOOO!
Reaching open air, the pridelings drop him!
Twilight Skymaster Richtofen yells: Aaaaaiiiiiiiiii......!
They come back to where the player fought Richtofen to celebrate, before flying back in the direction of Heartrazor.


  • Twilight Skymaster Richtofen is a reference to the legendary "Red Baron", the World War I pilot Manfred von Richthofen.

Patch changes


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