Not to be confused with Twilight Zealot (Darkshore).
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MobTwilight Zealot
Image of Twilight Zealot
Race(s) Orc, Blood elf, Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 80 - 85 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer clan
Location Halls of Awakening, Blackrock Caverns

Twilight Zealots are found in Blackrock Caverns. They can be transformed into Evolved Twilight Zealots.

Abilities (Melee)

  • Achievement dungeon nexus80 heroic.png  Evolution — Infuses the target with nether essence, causing it to rapidly evolve. At 100 stacks it will transform into a more powerful entity. 
  • Ability warrior victoryrush.png  Force Blast — Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy, knocking it down. 
  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice.png  Gravity Strike — Inflicts damage equal to 60% of an enemy's current health and briefly reduces its Attack Power. Cannot be blocked, dodged, or parried. 
  • Ability backstab.png  Grievous Whirl — A vicious attack that causes the target to bleed profusely until fully healed. Deals 750 (1500) damage every 3 seconds until healed. 
  • Spell shadow misery.png  Kneeling of Supplication — The Twilight Zealot meditates, preparing for transformation and reducing all incoming damage by 99%. 
  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice.png  Shadow Strike Interruptible — Step through the shadows to appear behind an enemy target and strike for 30000 (70000) Shadow damage. 

Abilities (Casters)

  • Spell arcane starfire.png  Arcane Barrage — Launches Arcane energy at the enemy target, causing 2250 to 2750 Arcane damage. 
  • Spell arcane teleportironforge.png  Arcane Haste — Increases the casting speed of nearby friends by 20% and spell damage by 650 for 5 sec. 
  • Spell nature starfall.png  Arcane Missiles — Launches a magical missile at an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage. 
  • Spell arcane portalironforge.png  Aura of Arcane Haste — Increases the casting speed of caster by 20% and spell damage by 650 for 2 min. 
  • Ability gouge.png  Gouge — Inflicts 10 damage to an enemy and incapacitates it for up to 4 sec. You will automatically stop attacking. Target must be facing you. Any damage received by the stunned target will revive it. 
  • Ability kick.png  Kick — Kicks an enemy dealing damage, interrupting the spell being cast for 6 sec. 
  • Ability warrior savageblow.png  Mortal Strike — Inflicts 130% weapon damage and leaves the target wounded, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 5 sec. 
  • Ability gouge.png  Rend — Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy every 3 sec. for 15 sec. 
  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Bolt — Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. 
  • Spell shadow shadowfury.png  Shadow Nova — Deals 3238 to 3762 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies. 

Boss encounter

  • Spell shadow misery.png  Kneeling in Supplication — Twilight Zealots kneel before Corla to prepare for their evolution. When kneeling they will perform no actions, and any damage taken is reduced by 99%. 

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