BossTwin Empyreans
Image of Twin Empyreans
Gender Female
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of Thunder
Status Killable

The Twin Empyreans are the eleventh boss encounter in the Throne of Thunder consisting of Suen and Lu'lin.


Adventure Guide

The Twin Empyreans are among the most formidable of the Thunder King's champions. Determined to safeguard his reign, Lei Shen keeps his loyalists close and their combined arsenal against interlopers closer.

Encounter Design

Players may have noticed the complete absence of any female mogu in their exploration of the continent of Pandaria. Players who look closely at the models of these celestial twins will note that they seem quite literally carved out of stone. Indeed, these were specifically created by Lei Shen and empowered to serve and guard him, and they are a direct reflection of his will rather than any broader sense of mogu culture as a whole. An earlier version of the concept for the fight had them actually being spirits of the Sun and Moon, but that didn’t feel quite right (and we all know that the only true spirit of the Moon is Elune, and clearly she was not locked away by the Thunder King).[1]

Spells and abilities

Darkness Falls: Lu'lin's Luminosity

As night falls upon the Twin Empyreans' chamber, Lu'lin is empowered and fully active, while Suen plays a more limited role.

Lu'lin, Mistress of Solitude

  • Inv misc herb frostlotus.png  Moon Lotus — Lu'lin sprouts a lovely Moon Lotus, which casts Slumber Spores in each direction. Coming into contact with Slumber Spores will put the player to sleep for 5 sec. This effect may only occur in darkness. During dusk or daytime, the Moon Lotus will remain but no longer bloom.
  • Spell fire bluepyroblast.png  Cosmic Barrage — Lu'lin dances in place, summoning a barrage of stars. At the end of her dance, she commands the stars to attack. Each star selects a random player and crash [sic] down upon them, inflicting 40/200/300/220/330,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Arcane damage to all players within 8 yards of the target, knocking them back. This effect may only occur in darkness.
  • Creatureportrait twilightshammer dragonegg 02.png  Beast of Nightmares Healer Alert Tank Alert — Lul'lin [sic] pulls a beast from her target's Nightmares, commanding it to attack! This beast may only be attacked by the target on whom it is fixated. Healing this target will cause the Corrupted Healing effect. This effect may only occur in darkness. During dusk or daytime the target may still attack the beast, but no more beasts will be summoned.
    • Spell deathknight bloodplague.png  Corrupted Healing Healer Alert Tank Alert — Healing the target of the Beast of Nightmares corrupts the healer, inflicting 1.5/10/25/10/30,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Shadow damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Lurkers in the Night Heroic Difficulty — Lu'lin calls forth the Lurkers of the Night. Lurkers barrage random targets with darkness, inflicting 30/33,000 (10/25) Shadow damage. Exposing Lurkers to Suen's daylight while she is channeling Tears of the Sun will reveal them, allowing them to be attacked and killed. They will also naturally appear during dusk and daytime.

Suen, Mistress of Anger

  • Paladin holy.png  Tears of the Sun — Suen appears briefly during the night, attacking players and channeling the Tears of the Sun. Tears of the Sun inflicts 41.1/60/80/66/88,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Fire damage to random players over the course of the channel. After she finishes channeling Tears of the Sun, she will dissipate into the night.
  • Spell holy surgeoflight.png  Light of Day — Suen appears briefly during the night, beaming a ray of sunlight at a random player, inflicting 44/100/150/110/180,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Fire damage to all players within 8 yards of the target. She will then dissipate into the night. Light of Day will instantly melt any Ice Comets with which it comes into contact.

Blazing Daylight: Suen's Fury

As Day breaks within the Twin Empyreans' chamber, Suen is empowered and fully active, while Lu'lin plays a more limited role.

Suen, Mistress of Anger

  • Inv offhand 1h panstart a 02.png  Fan of Flames Tank Alert — Suen slices rapidly at her target with a burning fan, inflicting weapon damage as Fire and increasing the amount of Fire damage taken by 25% for 30 sec. Suen will only use this ability during daytime.
  • Spell fire burningspeed.png  Flames of Passion Tank Alert — Suen leaps at a random distant target, inflicting 25/50/75,000 (LFR/N/H) Fire damage and knocking all nearby enemies away. She will leave a lingering trail of flames as she returns to her primary target.
  • Spell priest divinestar holy.png  Blazing Radiance Tank Alert — Suen burns brightly during the day, inflicting 14/35/55/40/60,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Fire damage to all players every 2 seconds. Releasing this energy will cause a stacking effect every time it pulses, increasing the damage dealt by Suen's Fire attacks by 2/5% (LFR/other). Blazing Radiance will melt Ice Comets. The closer Suen is to an Ice Comet, the more quickly it will melt. However, standing very close to an Ice Comet well decrement stacks of Blazing Radiance on Suen.
  • Paladin holy.png  Light of Day Tank Alert — Suen beams a ray of sunlight at a random player, inflicting 44/100/150/110/180,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Fire damage to all players within 8 yards of the target. In heroic mode, Light of Day will instantly melt any Ice Comets with which it comes into contact.
  • Spell mage flameorb.png  Nuclear Inferno Important Heroic Difficulty — Suen channels a nuclear inferno, blasting the raid for 135/150,000 (10/25) damage every 1 sec. While she is channeling this effect, her ranged and spell deflection is increased by 100%. Her dodge chance is increased by 100% as well.

Lu'lin, Mistress of Solitude

  • Spell frost ice shards.png  Ice Comet — Lu'lin peers briefly from her veil of darkness, calling forth an Ice Comet around a random player. The frozen blast inflicts 55/250/300,000 (LFR/N/H) Frost damage to all enemies within 6 yards of the target, leaving an ice comet in its place. Additionally, Ice Comets will reduce stacks of Blazing Radiance on Suen if she stands nearby.
    • Inv enchant shardshadowfrostlarge.png  Icy Shadows — Ice Comet block the light [sic], casting deep shadows behind them. Players who stand in Icy Shadows have their Fire damage taken reduced by 80/60% (non-heroic/heroic). Additionally, ice comets reduce melee, ranged, and casting speed by 75/10% (non-heroic/heroic).

Break of Dusk: The Dance of the Empyreans

During the Dusk, both Twins are active, each retaining some of their abilities, and gaining the following new abilities.

Lu'lin, Mistress of Solitude

If Lu'lin perishes, Dusk ends and Day begins anew, fully empowering Suen. During Day, Suen once again burns brightly with Blazing Radiance.

  • Spell frost summonwaterelemental.png  Tidal Force — Protective icy waters encase Lu'lin and burst outwards, inflicting 55/180/280/200/300,000 (LFR/10/H/25/H) Frost damage on impact. While she is channeling this effect, her ranged and spell deflection is increased by 100%. Her dodge chance is increased by 100% as well.
  • Elixir of the Jade Moon Important — Lu'lin imbues her sister with the Elixir of the Jade moon, healing her for 5% of her life if she is within 0 to 10 yards.

Suen, Mistress of Solitude

If Suen perishes, Dusk ends and Night begins anew, fully empowering Lu'lin. During Night, Moon Lotuses once again bloom, and Beasts of Nightmares once again spawn.

  • Nuclear Inferno Heroic Difficulty — Suen channels a nuclear inferno, blasting the raid for 135/150,000 (10/25) damage every 1 sec. While she is channeling this effect, her ranged and spell deflection is increased by 100%. Her dodge chance is increased by 100% as well.

Celestial Aid

A player may choose to invoke the spirit of any Celestial by selecting his or her faded image. Upon doing so, the player must trace that Celestial's constellation. Upon completion, the Celestial appears and gives aid to the players:

  • Niuzao: Fortitude of the Ox — Niuzao appears and blesses players with Fortitude of the Ox which temporarily grants all players additional maximum health. After the effect expires, the health is lost. This effect lasts 30 sec.
  • Chi-Ji: A Rush of Cranes — Chi-Ji appears and swarms the battlefield with cranes. These cranes inflict 1.6/5 million (10/25) damage to enemies with which they come into contact.
  • Yu'lon: The Serpent's Vitality — Yu'lon appears and breathes life into players, causing them to regenerate 30/20/20/30/20 health and 20/2.5/5/5/5,000 mana every 1 sec.
  • Xuen: The Tiger's Celerity — Xuen appears and imbues players with Tiger's Celerity. Blessed players move so quickly that time itself seems to slow down, affecting the movement, casting, and projectile speed of all enemies. Players will be able to avoid abilities that were previously unavoidable.


There are four phases corresponding to the active bosses (Lu'lin, Suen, both, and then whichever is left). For the DPS and tanks it's mostly tank and spank with minor environmental awareness, though ranged players will want to spread out and healers will be under pressure from raid damage at times. The twist is the optional use of Celestials to aid the raid.

All phases: The Celestials' Blessings

The 4 Celestials appear as faded images atop statues around the room. Each can be used twice, since they are reset at the Break of Dusk (phase 3). Each provides a specific bonus for the raid - Xuen's Celerity (allows hyper-quick projectile dodging) is most helpful against falling stars in Phase 1; Yu'lon's Vitality (HoT & MoT) and Niuzao's Fortitude (health boost) help survive Suen in Phase 2, and Chi-Ji (damage blast) can be used in any phase (although Suen is usually considered more dangerous, so Phase 2 is recommended). All are useful in phase 3. Only one may be active at a time and lasts up to 30 seconds, so plan out usage across each phase.

To activate a statue, a single player (typically a ranged damage dealer, ideally one with a speed boost) interacts with it, and will be phased to a parallel universe that is empty except for a set of 7 stars in the center of the room, arranged in a hexagon-and-center pattern. One star will be highlighted with white light, and the player must trace the correct constellation starting from there by running from star to star - the required pattern will appear above the player's head. Once a correct constellation segment is traced, a starbeam will connect the two points; an incorrect star will flash red when entered. A failed tracing can be re-attempted as often as desired, though the raid will obviously lose that player's contributions during that time.

Use of the Celestials is helpful but completely optional.

Phase 1: Darkness Falls

Lu'lin, the blue/dark empyrean, will be active in the first phase. Tanks will need to deal with an unusual swap mechanic: the current tank will be fixated upon by a summoned Beast of Nightmares, which will need to be killed by the tank and only the tank - the raid can't attack it. Heals upon the tank fighting his Nightmares will corrupt the healer with a stacking DoT, so the other tank must taunt the boss off immediately, the Nightmare tank should use cooldowns to reduce healing pressure (and kill the add quickly), and healers should restrict themselves to a few big heals on that tank.

The raid's primary responsibility is to not get put to sleep by the increasing numbers of Slumber Spores, green clouds drifting slowly in straight lines, released by Moon Lotuses. The sleep should be dispelled if it does hit. The raid should also spread to avoid splash damage from the Light of Day and primarily Cosmic Barrage, stars that will crash down upon 4 or 8 random players at the end of the cast. Optionally, a raid member may also use Xuen's Celerity to put the raid into hyperspeed and allow it to dodge the stars entirely. Suen will appear periodically during this phase to deal unavoidable raid damage. While she is channeling Tears of the Sun, she is attackable, so raid members may make use of multi-DoTs and cleaves.

Highly geared damage dealers should avoid killing Lu'lin unless they and their healers are very high geared indeed, since that would skip straight to phase 4 with Suen still at 100%. Otherwise, after about 3 minutes, the sun rises with Suen.

Summary: Dodge clouds, spread out, taunt boss of Nightmare tanks, use few/big heals on Nightmare tanks, don't kill the boss. Use Xuen to dodge stars.

Phase 2: Blazing Daylight

Suen, the red/fiery empyrean, ceases to be shrouded by shadows in this phase, while Lu'lin veils herself in darkness and becomes unattackable. Sleep Spore clouds burn away, and Suen will begin emitting increasing amounts of raid-wide damage. This damage must be reduced by pulling Suen near an Icy Comet, blue objects cast on players by Lu'lin (unless Lu'lin is dead, in which case the raid must burn down Suen before the damage overwhelms the healers). The Comet cannot be attacked, but will melt as it brings Suen's damage stacks down, so the process must be repeated with new Comets. Comets also create Icy Shadows that protect the raid from significant Fire damage, but reduce action speed by 75% (in normal mode). Tanks may stand in the Shadows if their threat is secure; otherwise only dying players should stand there.

Suen will periodically charge a raider with Flames of Passion, and leave a fire trail while returning to the tank. If Suen charged through the melee group, the tank may step sideways so the return trip does not leave fire underneath them. The raid should again spread somewhat to avoid splash damage from Ice Comets, Light of Day, and Flames of Passion, though not too far, to reduce the length of fire trails and travel distance to Ice Comets. The tanks must swap due to a standard stacking debuff, at about 2 stacks. Healers should top off the raid when a new Comet is incoming. Optionally, raiders may activate Yu'lon's and Niuzao's blessings to improve survivability, and Chi'Ji's Rush of Cranes for a faster kill. If Suen is not dead, Dusk will fall after about 3 minutes.

Summary: Fight boss near Comets, don't stand in Shadows, don't stand in fire, spread out, and swap tanks. Use the remaining Celestials.

Phase 3: Break of Dusk

At Dusk both bosses will be active. They should be tanked somewhat apart from each other; tank swap mechanics will not be used. Lu'lin gains an additional ability: Tidal Force, which fires very fast waves of damaging water in random directions. Ranged players may want to roughly distribute themselves around Lu'lin, while the Suen tank forms a right angle between the two bosses to avoid getting themselves and the melee group Tidal Waved at the same time. Like the stars, these waves are undodgeable unless Xuen has sped up the players' reflexes. Lu'lin is also unhittable while channeling this ability. Both bosses will use all their previous abilities except for the tank swaps and sleep clouds, so spreading out is crucial, as is pulling Suen to Ice Comets. One boss should be chosen to focus down (see Phase 4), ending Dusk with either's death.

Celestial blessings are reset at the start of the phase, and all are useful but optional. Chi-Ji will hit both bosses and speed the phase transition, Niuzao and Yu'lon once again aid survivability, and Xuen's "speed boost" is helpful against stars, waves and comets.

Summary: Tank bosses with medium separation, pull Suen to comets, don't stand in shadows, don't stand in fire, spread out. Burn Suen. Use all Celestials, including Xuen to dodge waves stars and comets.

Phase 4: Night Falls Again / Dusk Changes Its Mind

This phase begins as soon as there is only one boss alive - if either boss is killed in phase 1 or 2, Dusk will be skipped and this phase will begin immediately. It is nearly identical to one of the first two phases, depending which boss is left alive:

  • If Lu'lin is alive, return to following phase 1 mechanics. All previous Moon Lotuses will start up with the Sleep Spores again, so the number of clouds to dodge will be greater than ever. Lu'lin will stop casting Tidal Force, but start sending Nightmares at tanks again. Since Suen is dead, the raid will no longer be taking random damage from her. This is the easier option.
  • If Suen lives, phase 2 mechanics will occur. Blazing Radiance will continue stacking up, but this time with no new Ice Comets to stop it. The raid should try to start the phase right after a fresh Ice Comet cast for maximum boss stack reduction. Tanks will need to resume swapping. This is the harder option (as well as violating the laws of nature by going from Dusk to Daylight), and awards  [From Dusk 'til Dawn] if Suen starts the phase above 30%.

Heroic mode

During the night phase, Lu'lin will summon Lurkers in the Night that cannot be seen or targeted by players normally (you can, however, spot their location if you watch for where the darkness bolts are coming from) and will regularly deal damage to the raid. The tank who is NOT tanking the boss should taunt Suen while she is casting Tears of the Sun and kite her around the room to reveal and kill the adds so the raid is not overwhelmed by them. The adds, after being revealed, just have a normal threat table and melee their targets. Xuen's buff should be used on this phase to allow the raid to dodge the Cosmic Barrage, as a combo of Cosmic Barrage along with the Lurkers' darkness bolts can easily kill players not topped off.

The Sun Phase plays exactly the same as Normal; the only difference is that every 30 seconds Suen will cast Nuclear Inferno, and the raid needs to stack behind an Ice Comet to take reduced damage from it. Tanks should also should make sure to keep one Comet alive and unused to allow the raid to mitigate the Inferno damage during the whole cast. You should use Nuizao and Yu'lon's buffs during the final Nuclear Inferno casts to restore mana and give some breath to the healers.

The Break of Dusk plays the same way as normal mode, and you will want to use [Heroism]/ [Bloodlust]/ [Time Warp] and Chi-Ji's buff to kill Suen fast while doing as much damage as possible to Lu'lin, as well as Xuen's buff to allow the raid to dodge the Tidal Force waves.

The final phase plays very much the same as Normal mode, but your raid will not have Suen to reveal the Lurkers that will keep spawning, and raid damage will get increasingly high as the phase proceeds. Your raid will need to finish off Lu'lin before it becomes overwhelmed.


Twin Empyreans
Item Type Description
 [Bracers of the Midnight Comet] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather bracers Agility
 [Fingers of the Night] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail gloves Spirit
 [Gaze of the Twins] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Trinket Strength
 [Girdle of Night and Day] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather belt Spirit
 [Moonjade Necklace] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Necklace Tank
 [Passionfire Choker] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Necklace Spirit
 [Robes of the Moon Lotus] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth chest Spirit
 [Shield of Twinned Despair] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Shield Spirit
 [Suen-Wo, Spire of the Falling Sun] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Staff Caster
 [Tidal Force Treads] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate boots Strength DPS
 [Wu-Lai, Bladed Fan of the Empyreans] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Fist weapon Agility
 [Helm of the Crackling Conqueror] (LFR · H) Armor token Paladin, Priest, Warlock
 [Helm of the Crackling Protector] (LFR · H) Armor token Hunter, Monk, Shaman, Warrior
 [Helm of the Crackling Vanquisher] (LFR · H) Armor token Death Knight, Druid, Mage, Rogue
Shared boss loot
Item Type Description
 [Abandoned Spaulders of Arrowflight] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail shoulders Agility
 [Abandoned Spaulders of Renewal] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail shoulders Caster
 [Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Polearm Strength
 [Darkwood Spiritstaff] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Staff Agility
 [Do-tharak, the Swordbreaker] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand sword Strength
 [Forgotten Mantle of the Moon] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather shoulders Agility
 [Forgotten Mantle of the Sun] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather shoulders Caster
 [Fyn's Flickering Dagger] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Dagger Agility
 [Greatsword of Frozen Hells] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Two-hand sword Strength
 [Invocation of the Dawn] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Two-hand mace Caster
 [Jerthud, Graceful Hand of the Savior] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand mace Spirit
 [Lost Shoulders of Fire] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth shoulders Caster DPS
 [Lost Shoulders of Fluidity] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth shoulders Caster
 [Lost Shoulders of Healing] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth shoulders Spirit
 [Miracoran, the Vehement Chord] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Bow Agility
 [Nadagast's Exsanguinator] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Dagger Caster DPS
 [Reconstructed Bloody Shoulderplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders Tank
 [Reconstructed Furious Shoulderplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders Strength
 [Reconstructed Holy Shoulderplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders Caster
 [Tia-Tia, the Scything Star] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Fist weapon Agility
 [Visage of the Doomed] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Shield Tank
 [Zeeg's Ancient Kegsmasher] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand mace Agility

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Suen yells: More kindling for the flame. Come, Lu'lin, let us burn them to ash.
Lu'lin yells: If I must...
Phase 1
Lu'lin yells: Please, just go! You are making her angry.
Phase 2
Suen yells: Witness the true meaning of pain!
Flames of Passion
Suen yells: BLAZE OF DEATH!
Phase 3
Suen yells: Lu'lin! Lend me your strength!
Lu'lin yells: Just this once...
Killing a player
  • Lu'lin yells: You shouldn't have come here.
  • Suen yells: Die in agony.
Lu'lin yells: Was that really necessary?
Suen yells: Hahahahahaha!
Suen Dies First
Suen yells: I can see the light.
Lu'lin yells: Are they gone yet?
Lu'lin Dies First
Lulin yells: It is warm...
  • Faded Image of Niuzao yells: Strike at these barbarians with the full force of my rage!
  • Faded Image of Yu'lon yells: You do not fight alone! Unleash my storm upon these invaders!
  • Faded Image of Chi-Ji yells: It is not much, but I will lend you what little I have. May it help you in this final hour.
  • Faded Image of Xuen yells: I lend you the cold vengeance of the northern winds!
Unused quotes
  • Lu'lin: So lonely...
  • Lu'lin: Just leave me alone!
  • Lu'lin: You do not belong here!
  • Suen: Intruders! Guardians of the throne, awaken!
  • Suen: Ah ah ah...
  • Suen: Now I'm really angry!


  • Before patch 9.1.5, the Adventure Guide read: "The Twin Consorts are said to be greatest of the Thunder King's treasures. Rumored to be the only known female mogu in existence, Lei Shen keeps his trophies close and their combined arsenal against interlopers closer."
  • The twins borrow their names from celestial objects. Suen is Cantonese for Sun while Lu'lin is possibly named after either the 145523 Lulin, Comet Lulin or the Lulin Observatory in Taiwan where the former celestial objects were discovered.
  • The twins were referred to as the "Empyreal Queens" in the Patch 5.2 PTR files.
  • The Empyreans' animations are based on the female draenei skeleton, just like the mogu animations are based on the male draenei skeleton.
  • Lu'lin is voiced by Kate Higgins.
  • Suen is voiced by Lauren Tom.



25-man Normal

Patch changes

  • Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 (2021-11-02): Renamed from Twin Consorts. Adventure Guide updated.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-10-17): Resolved a number of issues with boss abilities that were not working correctly on the Twin Consorts encounter.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-08-19): Lu'lin should now always be casting at least two Ice Comets before Suen begins channeling Nuclear Inferno on Heroic difficulty.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-07-19): Fixed an issue where Suen was not using her abilities properly if Lu'lin is defeated first.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-04-22): Cosmic Barrage now summons 4 Crashing Stars (down from 6) on 10-player Normal, Heroic, and Raid Finder difficulty. 8 Crashing Stars (down from 12) are summoned on 25-player Normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-04-18): Crane Rush now deals 5 million damage, down from 30 million damage in Raid Finder difficulty.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-04-16): Reduced the health of Lu'lin and Suen by 10% in Raid Finder difficulty.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-03-21): Reduced the health of Suen and Lu'lin in 25-player Heroic mode.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-03-15): Suen's Fan of Flames now has a 50-yard range.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05): Added.


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