The Twinblades of the Deceiver,  [Verus] and  [Muramas], are the artifacts used by havoc demon hunters in World of Warcraft: Legion.


The Twinblades of the Deceiver are obtained from N Demon hunter [10-45] The Hunt.


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These glaives belong to the former demon hunter Varedis Felsoul. Once a member of the Illidari and a sworn enemy of the Burning Legion, he was slain at the Black Temple. After the Legion's leader, Kil'jaeden, revived him in the Twisting Nether, Varedis surrendered to the demon within him, forsaking his mortality. In the process, he and his glaives were infused with great power by Kil'jaeden's eredar allies.[1]

Artifact traits

Twinblades of the Deceiver interface.jpg


Ability Ranks Linked powers
[Anguish of the Deceiver] 1 Chaos Vision; Demon Rage
[Balanced Blades] 1 Sharpened Glaives; Unleashed Demons
[Chaos Burn] 1 None
[Chaos Vision] 4 Anguish of the Deceiver; Critical Chaos; Overwhelming Power
[Contained Fury] 4 Demon Rage; Illidari Knowledge
[Critical Chaos] 4 Chaos Vision; Sharpened Glaives
[Deceiver's Fury] 4 Feast on the Souls; Inner Demons; Overwhelming Power
[Demon Rage] 4 Anguish of the Deceiver; Contained Fury
[Demon Speed] 1 Illidari Knowledge; Unleashed Demons
[Feast on the Souls] 1 Deceiver's Fury; Sharpened Glaives
[Fury of the Illidari] 1 Warglaives of Chaos
[Illidari Knowledge] 4 Contained Fury; Demon Speed; Rage of the Illidari
[Inner Demons] 1 Deceiver's Fury
[Overwhelming Power] 4 Chaos Vision; Deceiver's Fury
[Rage of the Illidari] 1 Illidari Knowledge
[Sharpened Glaives] 4 Balanced Blades; Critical Chaos; Feast on the Souls; Warglaives of Chaos
[Unleashed Demons] 4 Demon Speed; Warglaives of Chaos
[Warglaives of Chaos] 1 Fury of the Illidari; Sharpened Glaives; Unleashed Demons

Hidden trait: Unknown


Ability Ranks
[Illidari Ferocity] 1
[Wide Eyes] 4
[Bladedancer's Grace] 1
[Chaotic Onslaught] 1
[Concordance of the Legionfall] 50


Inv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 01dual.pngInv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 01.png Classic

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Classic]

Twinblades of the Deceiver.jpg
Twinblades of the Deceiver2.jpg
Twinblades of the Deceiver3.jpg
Twinblades of the Deceiver4.jpg
This is the default appearance Recover one of the Pillars of Creation Recover  [Light's Heart]
N [10-45] Light's Charge
Complete the first major Campaign effort with your order
N Demon hunter [10-45] Unexpected Visitors

Inv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 02dual.pngInv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 02.png Upgraded: Hand of the Illidari

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Upgraded]

Hand of the Illidari.jpg
Hand of the Illidari2.jpg
Hand of the Illidari3.jpg
Hand of the Illidari4.jpg
Complete the demon hunter Order Campaign
 [Forged for Battle]
Unlock every artifact trait
 [Power Realized]
Research the full history of the artifact
 [Part of History]
Obtain eight rare archeological finds
 [This Side Up]

Inv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 03dual.pngInv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 03.png Valorous: Darkenblade

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Valorous]

Complete the Balance of Power questline
 [Improving on History]
Kill eight world bosses
 [Unleashed Monstrosities]
Complete a Mythic Mode Dungeon using a level 15 keystone
 [Keystone Master]
Earn the achievement  [Glory of the Legion Hero]

Inv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 05dual.pngInv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 05.png War-torn: Demon's Touch

Achievement: Alliance  [Fighting with Style: War-torn]/Horde  [Fighting with Style: War-torn]

Demon's Touch.jpg
Demon's Touch2.jpg
Demon's Touch3.jpg
Demon's Touch4.jpg
Participate in Player vs. Player combat and reach  [Honor Level 10] Reach  [Honor Level 30] Reach  [Honor Level 50] Reach  [Honor Level 80]

Inv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 04dual.pngInv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 04.png Challenging: Flamereaper

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Challenging]

Flamereaper Twinblades.jpg
Flamereaper Twinblades2.jpg
Flamereaper Twinblades3.jpg
Flamereaper Twinblades4.jpg
Complete the Xylem Challenge questline Defeat Heroic Kiljaeden after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Win 10 rated battlegrounds after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Defeat all Legion dungeon bosses after unlocking a challenge artifact appearance

Inv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 06dual.pngInv glaive 1h artifactazgalor d 06.png Hidden: Deathwalker

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Hidden]

Acquire  [Guise of the Deathwalker] Complete 30 Legion dungeons after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Complete 200 World Quests after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Kill 1,000 enemy players after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance


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