For the quest, see A [10-35] Twinspire Keep.
NeutralTwinspire Keep
Leader(s) None
  Formerly Ga'trul †
Race(s) None
  Formerly ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
OrcOrc Orc
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Imp Imp
Affiliation(s) None
  Formerly Horde, Mogu empire
Status Abandoned

Twinspire Keep is an ancient mogu keep near Paw'don Glade in the Jade Forest which had been taken over by the Horde. It was led by the orc warlock Ga'trul as well as Dalgan and Bellandra Felstorm, who had divided the base into orc and Forsaken halves. The Horde stockpiled munitions, plague barrels, and demolishers here as well as having kidnapped pandaren children from the nearby village. The young pandaren were rescued and the base was destroyed by the Alliance with the help of airstrikes.


When the previous orc in command was killed by Alliance forces, Ga'trul took command. His subordinates were Dalgan, and later Bellandra Felstorm, when she arrived along with a battalion of Forsaken Deathguards. He had his men summon imps and even an observer, Xhu'daggab, out of paranoia. When the pandaren refused to trade with him, he grew violent, going so far as to kidnap their children to force them into a trade agreement.

When the Alliance arrived, they confronted him at his base at Garrosh'ar Point, but he escaped after threatening them.[1] He returned to Twinspire Keep, where he continued to lead his forces until he was challenged in the keep's interior in a hectic battle involving the demonic portals he had set up. As defeat loomed over him, he fell into a deep rage, transforming into a sha beast, before finally meeting his end.[2]




  • Entering the building shows "Twinspire Keep Interior". Ga'trul's Logs can be found there.

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