Two-Tusk Takedown (Alliance)

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AllianceTwo-Tusk Takedown
Start Wizzle Brassbolts [91.6, 78.5]
End Wizzle Brassbolts [91.6, 78.5]
Level 42
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 600-6000
Reputation +350 Gnomeregan
Rewards  [Buoyant Shoulderpads] or  [Wizzle's Wristbands] or  [Den Whomper Boots] or  [Drinker's Bracers]
1g 15s
Previous Sunken Treasure
Next N [41] Haunted


Obtain the Rusted Cage Key.

Provided item:  [Fake Treasure]


This treasure's all fake, but it's not like those den whompers are going to know the difference. Stupid ogres!

Here's the plan... you head into the Admiral's Den and spread all of this "treasure" around to any ogres that get in your way. Then all you have to do is confront Tony Two-Tusk.

You'll have the key to the cage in no-time!


You will receive: 1g 15s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder 146.png [Buoyant Shoulderpads] Inv bracer 67v2.png [Wizzle's Wristbands]
Inv boots mail 15v2.png [Den Whomper Boots] Inv bracer 63v2.png [Drinker's Bracers]


What's going on? You gonna get me out of here?


Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm sure that your little adventure into the cave was very interesting.

How about we talk about it over drinks back on the Speedbarge once you get me out of this cage?


Head south to the cave. The Den Whompers are level 40-41 elite ogres with 5344-5548 health. So... not soloable by an average level 41. Use the fake treasure to bribe them from 20 yards away. They will turn friendly and disappear.

Take the first left and follow the outer cage wall around to the north, then east to find Tony Two-Tusk at [95.2, 79.5], a level 42 troll with 4953 health with five treasure chests behind him. Start the fight and he will jump into the treasure chest behind him and disappear!

Tony Two-Tusk says: We gonna show you why treasure be a pirate's best friend!

This is a five-phase fight. First up, Tony and three Southsea Burnmasters:

Tony Two-Tusk says: Burn dem all ta cinders!
Southsea Burnmaster says: Aye aye! x3

The Burnmasters, with 1651 health, have a Flamethrower attack as their one ability:

  • Flamethrower — Deals Fire damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster for until cancelled. Channeled

Take out the burnmasters closest to Tony, then wail on him until he closes the chests. Up next is Tony and two Southsea Grenadiers:

Tony Two-Tusk says: Light da fuses, boys!
Southsea Grenadier says: Blowin 'em to bits, boss! x2

The grenadiers, with 330 health, only throw dynamite:

  • Throw Dynamite 60 yd range — Hurls a stick of dynamite at an enemy, inflicting Fire damage and creating a burning blaze beneath the target's feet. 3 sec cast

Same as before, take them out then turn back to Tony. He next brings in a huge group of Southsea Parrots:

Tony Two-Tusk says: Peck 'dere eyes out!

Roughly seven parrots with only 83 health each spew out of the cages. A single AoE move is all that is necessary to kill all of them, but they only hit for a few points of damage each.

The fourth phase has tony bringing out a Southsea Engineer:

Tony Two-Tusk says: Hit dem wit da most powaful 'ting you got!
Southsea Engineer says: Powering up a high-powered shot!
Kill the engineer before she can get a shot off!

She has 165 health. Her ability:

  • High-Powered Shot 70 yd range — Aims a precise shot at an enemy, inflicting significant damage. 10 sec cast. Hits for ~4,500 Physical!

As the boss warning indicates, this can one-shot players at the appropriate level, so kill her quickly!

The fifth phase introduces a friendly Confused Murloc!

Tony Two-Tusk says: Ey! Get outta my treasure ya dirty sea rat!
Confused Murloc says: Mrrglrglrgl?
Confused Murloc says: Mrrglrgl, mmrglrlglrrrglrggl!

The murloc and all of the baby murlocs are friendly, so take this opportunity to unload on Tony.

If, after all five phases, Tony isn't dead, he will repeat the process as long as it takes for players to kill him. When he finally does bite the dust, he will jump out of whatever chest he is in and return to his spawn position before perishing.

Tony Two-Tusk says: No... da world... is mine...

Loot him and exit the cave, remembering to bribe the ogres on the way out.

On complete:

Wizzle Brassbolts says: Oh no! The key broke in the lock! I'll never get out of this cage!

Suddenly, the Spirit of Tony Two-Tusk appears, haunting the player, offering the next quest!


  1. A [41] Where's Wizzle?/H [41] Where's Synge?
  2. B [41] Sunken Treasure
  3. B [42] Two-Tusk Takedown
  4. N [41] Haunted
  5. N [42] With a Little Help...
  6. N [42] Carcass Collection
  7. N [42] The Mad Magus

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