AllianceTwo Faced Pirate Scum
Start Leo Shealds
End Leo Shealds
Level 30-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 20,560
Reputation +350 Storm's Wake
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous A [30-50] Reloading (optional)
Next A [30-50] Treasure Hunting


File:Two Faced Tom.jpg

Two Faced Tom
An Irontide pirate with a long history of violence.

Eliminate Two Face Tom.


We've been holding the Irontide off for days, but now they've brought in an ettin for reinforcements. We can't let him attack the town.

A few of my best men just went up the hill to try and kill him. You look pretty capable, they could sure use your help?


You will receive:


Hurry <name> you've got to kill the ettin.


You've got skills we could use. You want join us and find the treasure before the Irontide?


Pick up A [30-50] Break 'Em Out and A [30-50] Iron Low Tide before heading out.

Pirates are all over. The ettin is just to the northwest of town, and the townsfolk are in the lowlands off to the east and south.

When idle, two Deadwash Defenders run up to attack:

  • Deadwash Defender says: I'll take his right head.
  • Deadwash Defender says: Better run Tom, we got the numbers!
  • Deadwash Defender says: Watch out for that club!


Two Faced Tom says: Come face me... both of me!


Two Faced Tom says: We both blame you... for dis.


Optional breadcrumb from Eckhart Lodge: A [30-50] Reloading

  1. A [30-50] Break 'Em Out & A [30-50] Iron Low Tide & A [30-50] Two Faced Pirate Scum
  2. A [30-50] Treasure Hunting
  3. A [30-50] Bomb Beats Rock & A [30-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [30-50] Not On Our Payroll & A [30-50] Fun With Magnets
  4. A [30-50] Share the Wealth
  5. A [30-50] Don't Turtle
  6. A [30-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm
  7. A [30-50] No Bot Left Behind
  8. A [30-50] Cave Commotion
  9. A [30-50] All Laid Out For Us
  10. Optional follow-up: A [30-50W] Walking-Around Money

Outbound breadcrumb to Seabreeze Village: A [30-50] Helping Out, Somewhere Else

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