Tyr's Hand Abbey.

Tyr's Hand Abbey is the smaller of the two religious facilities at Tyr's Hand, the larger being the Scarlet Basilica. The abbey is well tended for, and has different function for the religious Scarlet Crusade than the basilica does. It is built very much like Northshire Abbey, comprised of three sections named the Main Hall, the Hall of Arms, and the Library Wing.

Blood Knights who sought to obtain the rank of Master and ride the Thalassian charger had to enter the Abbey, obtain a vial of its holy water and bring it back to Lord Solanar Bloodwrath in Silvermoon City.


  • The abbey has a church bell in the belfry, that, similar to the Booty Bay Alarm Bell, when moused over, the cursor turns into an action wheel. While clicking seems like it should elicit a response, nothing actually happens as of yet, sound effect or otherwise.