Game Flavors
Added in 1.0.0 / 1.13.2

Fired when the interface generates a message. These are the yellow messages in the top middle of the window. "No fish are hooked." is one example.

UI_INFO_MESSAGE: errorType, message


number - See GetGameMessageInfo(). Note these IDs are not static, they are likely to change for every patch. Consider using string (pattern) matching instead.
string - Info message, same as the globalstring ERR_* value


UI_INFO_MESSAGE: 578, "You have joined the queue for Random Battleground."


These (retail) IDs behave more like indices and might be shifted up, so these values can be wrong if not up-to-date for the latest patch.

Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 9.1.5 (40871) Oct 29 2021
ID skit voice stringId GlobalString
3 0 ERR_INV_FULL Inventory is full.
4 ERR_BANK_FULL Your bank is full
5 2 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_LEVEL_I You must reach level %d to use that item.
6 41 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_SKILL You aren't skilled enough to use that item.
7 3 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_EVER You can never use that item.
8 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_RANK You don't have the required rank for that item
9 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_RATING You don't have the personal, team, or battleground rating required to buy that item
10 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_REPUTATION You don't have the required reputation for that item
11 48 ERR_PROFICIENCY_NEEDED You do not have the required proficiency for that item.
12 27 ERR_WRONG_SLOT That item does not go in that slot.
13 41 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_NEED_TALENT You do not have the required talent to equip that.
14 29 ERR_BAG_FULL That bag is full.
15 ERR_INTERNAL_BAG_ERROR Internal Bag Error
16 ERR_DESTROY_NONEMPTY_BAG You can only do that with empty bags.
17 26 ERR_BAG_IN_BAG Can't put non-empty bags in other bags.
18 ERR_TOO_MANY_SPECIAL_BAGS You cannot equip another bag of that type
19 ERR_TRADE_EQUIPPED_BAG You can't trade equipped bags.
20 28 ERR_AMMO_ONLY Only ammo can go there.
21 ERR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE No equipment slot is available for that item.
22 ERR_WRONG_BAG_TYPE That item doesn't go in that container.
23 30 ERR_ITEM_MAX_COUNT You can't carry any more of those items.
24 44 ERR_NOT_EQUIPPABLE This item cannot be equipped.
25 ERR_CANT_STACK This item cannot stack.
26 ERR_CANT_SWAP These items can't be swapped.
27 ERR_SLOT_EMPTY That slot is empty.
28 ERR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND The item was not found.
29 ERR_TOO_FEW_TO_SPLIT Tried to split more than number in stack.
30 ERR_SPLIT_FAILED Couldn't split those items.
31 25 ERR_NOT_A_BAG Not a bag.
32 ERR_NOT_OWNER You don't own that item.
33 ERR_ONLY_ONE_QUIVER You can only equip one quiver.
34 ERR_NO_BANK_SLOT You must purchase that bag slot first
35 ERR_NO_BANK_HERE You are too far away from a bank.
36 61 ERR_ITEM_LOCKED Item is locked.
37 42 ERR_2HANDED_EQUIPPED Cannot equip that with a two-handed weapon.
38 ERR_VENDOR_NOT_INTERESTED The merchant doesn't want that item.
39 ERR_VENDOR_REFUSE_SCRAPPABLE_AZERITE The merchant doesn't want that item. Bring it to the Scrapper to extract Titan Residuum.
40 ERR_VENDOR_HATES_YOU That merchant doesn't like you.
41 ERR_VENDOR_SOLD_OUT That item is currently sold out.
42 ERR_VENDOR_TOO_FAR You are too far away.
43 ERR_VENDOR_DOESNT_BUY You cannot sell items to this merchant
44 40 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY You don't have enough money.
45 123 ERR_RECEIVE_ITEM_S %s received.
46 4 ERR_DROP_BOUND_ITEM You can't drop a soulbound item.
47 59 ERR_TRADE_BOUND_ITEM You can't trade a soulbound item.
48 59 ERR_TRADE_QUEST_ITEM You can't trade a quest item.
49 59 ERR_TRADE_TEMP_ENCHANT_BOUND You may not trade an item with a temporary enhancement.
50 ERR_TRADE_GROUND_ITEM You can't trade an item from the ground.
51 ERR_TRADE_BAG You can't trade non-empty bags.
53 5 ERR_ITEM_COOLDOWN Item is not ready yet.
54 47 ERR_POTION_COOLDOWN You can't do that yet.
55 7 ERR_FOOD_COOLDOWN You are too full to eat more now.
56 12 ERR_SPELL_COOLDOWN Spell is not ready yet.
57 50 ERR_ABILITY_COOLDOWN Ability is not ready yet.
58 13 ERR_SPELL_ALREADY_KNOWN_S You already know %s.
59 ERR_PET_SPELL_ALREADY_KNOWN_S Your pet already knows %s.
60 ERR_PROFICIENCY_GAINED_S You have gained %s proficiency.
61 ERR_SKILL_GAINED_S You have gained the %s skill.
62 ERR_SKILL_UP_SI Your skill in %s has increased to %d.
63 ERR_LEARN_SPELL_S You have learned a new spell: %s.
64 ERR_LEARN_ABILITY_S You have learned a new ability: %s.
65 ERR_LEARN_PASSIVE_S You have learned a new passive effect: %s.
66 ERR_LEARN_RECIPE_S You have learned how to create a new item: %s.
67 ERR_LEARN_COMPANION_S You have added the pet %s to your collection.
68 ERR_LEARN_MOUNT_S You have added the mount %s to your collection.
69 ERR_LEARN_TOY_S %s has been added to your Toy Box.
70 ERR_LEARN_HEIRLOOM_S %s has been added to your heirloom collection.
71 ERR_LEARN_TRANSMOG_S %s has been added to your appearance collection.
72 ERR_COMPLETED_TRANSMOG_SET_S You've completed the set %s.
73 ERR_APPEARANCE_ALREADY_LEARNED You already have that appearance
74 ERR_REVOKE_TRANSMOG_S %s has been removed from your appearance collection.
75 ERR_INVITE_PLAYER_S You have invited %s to join your group.
76 ERR_INVITE_SELF You can't invite yourself to a group.
77 ERR_INVITED_TO_GROUP_SS [%s] has invited you to join a group.
78 20 ERR_INVITED_ALREADY_IN_GROUP_SS [%s] invited you to a group, but you could not accept because you are already in a group.
79 20 ERR_ALREADY_IN_GROUP_S %s is already in a group.
80 ERR_CROSS_REALM_RAID_INVITE You can't invite a player from another realm to a raid group.
81 ERR_PLAYER_BUSY_S %s is busy right now.
82 ERR_NEW_LEADER_S %s is now the group leader.
83 ERR_NEW_LEADER_YOU You are now the group leader.
84 ERR_NEW_GUIDE_S %s is now the Dungeon Guide.
85 ERR_NEW_GUIDE_YOU You are now the Dungeon Guide.
86 ERR_LEFT_GROUP_S %s leaves the party.
87 ERR_LEFT_GROUP_YOU You leave the group.
88 ERR_GROUP_DISBANDED Your group has been disbanded.
89 882 ERR_DECLINE_GROUP_S %s declines your group invitation.
90 ERR_JOINED_GROUP_S %s joins the party.
91 ERR_UNINVITE_YOU You have been removed from the group.
92 ERR_BAD_PLAYER_NAME_S Cannot find player '%s'.
93 ERR_NOT_IN_GROUP You aren't in a party.
94 ERR_TARGET_NOT_IN_GROUP_S %s is not in your party.
95 ERR_TARGET_NOT_IN_INSTANCE_S %s is not in your instance.
96 ERR_NOT_IN_INSTANCE_GROUP You aren't in an instance group.
97 8 ERR_GROUP_FULL Your party is full.
98 ERR_NOT_LEADER You are not the party leader.
99 ERR_PLAYER_DIED_S %s has died.
100 888 ERR_GUILD_CREATE_S %s created.
101 ERR_GUILD_INVITE_S You have invited %s to join your guild.
102 888 ERR_INVITED_TO_GUILD_SSS [%s] invites you to join %s.
103 ERR_ALREADY_IN_GUILD_S %s is already in a guild.
104 ERR_ALREADY_INVITED_TO_GUILD_S %s has already been invited to a guild.
105 ERR_INVITED_TO_GUILD You have already been invited into a guild.
106 ERR_ALREADY_IN_GUILD You are already in a guild.
107 ERR_GUILD_ACCEPT You have joined the guild.
108 ERR_GUILD_DECLINE_S %s declines your guild invitation.
109 ERR_GUILD_DECLINE_AUTO_S %s is declining all guild invitations.
110 62 ERR_GUILD_PERMISSIONS You don't have permission to do that.
111 ERR_GUILD_JOIN_S %s has joined the guild.
112 ERR_GUILD_FOUNDER_S Congratulations, you are a founding member of %s!
113 ERR_GUILD_PROMOTE_SSS %s has promoted %s to %s.
114 ERR_GUILD_DEMOTE_SS %s has been demoted to %s.
115 ERR_GUILD_DEMOTE_SSS %s has demoted %s to %s.
116 ERR_GUILD_INVITE_SELF You can't invite yourself to a guild.
117 ERR_GUILD_QUIT_S You are no longer a member of %s.
118 ERR_GUILD_LEAVE_S %s has left the guild.
119 ERR_GUILD_REMOVE_SS %s has been kicked out of the guild by %s.
120 ERR_GUILD_REMOVE_SELF You have been kicked out of the guild.
121 ERR_GUILD_DISBAND_S %s has disbanded the guild.
122 ERR_GUILD_DISBAND_SELF You have disbanded the guild.
123 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_S %s has been promoted to Guild Master.
124 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_SELF You are now the Guild Master.
125 ERR_GUILD_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND_S "%s" not found.
126 ERR_GUILD_PLAYER_NOT_IN_GUILD_S %s is not in your guild.
127 ERR_GUILD_PLAYER_NOT_IN_GUILD You are not in a guild.
131 ERR_GUILD_INTERNAL Internal guild error.
132 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_IS_S %s is the leader of your guild.
133 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_CHANGED_SS %s has made %s the new Guild Master.
134 ERR_GUILD_DISBANDED Guild has been disbanded.
135 ERR_GUILD_NOT_ALLIED You cannot invite players from the opposing alliance
136 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_LEAVE You must promote a new Guild Master using /gleader before leaving the guild.
137 ERR_GUILD_RANKS_LOCKED Temporary guild error. Please try again!
138 ERR_GUILD_RANK_IN_USE That guild rank is currently in use.
139 ERR_GUILD_RANK_TOO_HIGH_S %s's rank is too high
140 ERR_GUILD_RANK_TOO_LOW_S %s is already at the lowest rank
141 ERR_GUILD_NAME_EXISTS_S There is already a guild named "%s".
142 ERR_GUILD_WITHDRAW_LIMIT You cannot withdraw that much from the guild bank.
143 ERR_GUILD_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY The guild bank does not have enough money
144 ERR_GUILD_TOO_MUCH_MONEY The guild bank is at gold limit
145 ERR_GUILD_BANK_CONJURED_ITEM You cannot store conjured items in the guild bank
146 ERR_GUILD_BANK_EQUIPPED_ITEM You must unequip that item first
147 ERR_GUILD_BANK_BOUND_ITEM You cannot store soulbound items in the guild bank
148 ERR_GUILD_BANK_QUEST_ITEM You cannot store quest items in the guild bank
149 ERR_GUILD_BANK_WRAPPED_ITEM You cannot store wrapped items in the guild bank
150 ERR_GUILD_BANK_FULL This guild bank tab is full
151 ERR_GUILD_BANK_WRONG_TAB Incorrect bank tab
152 ERR_NO_GUILD_CHARTER You don't have a guild charter.
153 10 ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE Out of range.
154 ERR_PLAYER_DEAD You can't do that when you're dead.
155 ERR_CLIENT_LOCKED_OUT You can't do that right now.
156 ERR_CLIENT_ON_TRANSPORT You can't do that while on a vehicle or transport.
157 ERR_KILLED_BY_S %s has slain you.
158 33 ERR_LOOT_LOCKED Someone is already looting that corpse.
159 35 ERR_LOOT_TOO_FAR You are too far away to loot that corpse.
160 31 ERR_LOOT_DIDNT_KILL You don't have permission to loot that corpse.
161 32 ERR_LOOT_BAD_FACING You must be facing the corpse to loot it.
162 ERR_LOOT_NOTSTANDING You need to be standing up to loot something!
163 ERR_LOOT_STUNNED You can't loot anything while stunned!
164 ERR_LOOT_NO_UI You can't loot right now.
165 ERR_LOOT_WHILE_INVULNERABLE Cannot loot while invulnerable.
166 ERR_NO_LOOT There is no loot.
167 ERR_QUEST_ACCEPTED_S Quest accepted: %s
168 ERR_QUEST_COMPLETE_S %s completed.
169 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_S %s failed.
170 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_BAG_FULL_S %s failed: Inventory is full.
171 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_MAX_COUNT_S %s failed: Duplicate item found.
172 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_LOW_LEVEL You are not high enough level for that quest.
173 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_MISSING_ITEMS You don't have the required items with you. Check storage.
174 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_WRONG_RACE That quest is not available to your race.
175 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY You don't have enough money for that quest.
176 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_EXPANSION This quest requires an expansion enabled account.
177 847 ERR_QUEST_ONLY_ONE_TIMED You can only be on one timed quest at a time
178 847 ERR_QUEST_NEED_PREREQS You don't meet the requirements for that quest.
180 847 ERR_QUEST_ALREADY_ON You are already on that quest.
181 847 ERR_QUEST_ALREADY_DONE You have completed that quest.
182 847 ERR_QUEST_ALREADY_DONE_DAILY You have completed that daily quest today.
183 847 ERR_QUEST_HAS_IN_PROGRESS Progress Bar objective not completed
184 ERR_QUEST_REWARD_EXP_I Experience gained: %d.
186 847 ERR_QUEST_MUST_CHOOSE You must choose a reward.
187 847 ERR_QUEST_LOG_FULL Your quest log is full.
188 ERR_COMBAT_DAMAGE_SSI %s hits %s for %d damage!
189 ERR_INSPECT_S %s is inspecting you.
190 51 ERR_CANT_USE_ITEM You can't use that item.
191 51 ERR_CANT_USE_ITEM_IN_ARENA You can't use that item in an arena.
192 51 ERR_CANT_USE_ITEM_IN_RATED_BATTLEGROUND You can't use that item in a rated battleground.
193 49 ERR_MUST_EQUIP_ITEM You must equip that item to use it.
194 ERR_PASSIVE_ABILITY You can't put a passive ability in the action bar.
195 43 ERR_2HSKILLNOTFOUND You cannot dual-wield
196 38 ERR_NO_ATTACK_TARGET There is nothing to attack.
197 11 ERR_INVALID_ATTACK_TARGET You cannot attack that target.
198 ERR_ATTACK_PVP_TARGET_WHILE_UNFLAGGED You cannot do that to a PVP target while PVP is disabled.
199 ERR_ATTACK_STUNNED Can't attack while stunned.
200 ERR_ATTACK_PACIFIED Can't attack while pacified.
201 ERR_ATTACK_MOUNTED Can't attack while mounted.
202 ERR_ATTACK_FLEEING Can't attack while fleeing.
203 ERR_ATTACK_CONFUSED Can't attack while confused.
204 ERR_ATTACK_CHARMED Can't attack while charmed.
205 ERR_ATTACK_DEAD Can't attack while dead.
206 ERR_ATTACK_PREVENTED_BY_MECHANIC_S Can't attack while %s.
207 ERR_ATTACK_CHANNEL Can't attack while channeling.
208 ERR_TAXISAMENODE You are already there!
209 ERR_TAXINOSUCHPATH There is no direct path to that destination!
211 54 ERR_TAXINOTENOUGHMONEY You don't have enough money!
212 ERR_TAXITOOFARAWAY You are too far away from the taxi stand!
213 ERR_TAXINOVENDORNEARBY There is no taxi vendor nearby!
214 ERR_TAXINOTVISITED You haven't reached that flight location on foot yet!
215 ERR_TAXIPLAYERBUSY You are busy and can't use the taxi service now.
216 ERR_TAXIPLAYERALREADYMOUNTED You are already mounted! Dismount first.
217 ERR_TAXIPLAYERSHAPESHIFTED You can't take a taxi while shapeshifted!
218 ERR_TAXIPLAYERMOVING You are moving.
219 ERR_TAXINOPATHS You don't know any locations connected to this one.
220 ERR_TAXINOTELIGIBLE You cannot use this taxi currently.
221 ERR_TAXINOTSTANDING You need to be standing to go anywhere.
222 ERR_NO_REPLY_TARGET You have nobody to reply to yet.
223 45 ERR_GENERIC_NO_TARGET You have no target.
224 ERR_INITIATE_TRADE_S You have requested to trade with %s.
225 888 ERR_TRADE_REQUEST_S %s has requested to trade with you.
226 ERR_TRADE_BLOCKED_S %s has requested to trade. You have refused.
227 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_DEAD You can't trade with dead players.
228 ERR_TRADE_TOO_FAR Trade target is too far away.
229 ERR_TRADE_CANCELLED Trade canceled.
230 ERR_TRADE_COMPLETE Trade complete.
231 ERR_TRADE_BAG_FULL Trade failed, you don't have enough space.
232 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_BAG_FULL Trade failed, target doesn't have enough space.
233 ERR_TRADE_MAX_COUNT_EXCEEDED You have too many of a unique item.
234 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_MAX_COUNT_EXCEEDED Your trade partner has too many of a unique item.
235 ERR_INVENTORY_TRADE_TOO_MANY_UNIQUE_ITEM Your inventory would contain too many of a unique item.
236 ERR_ALREADY_TRADING You are already trading
237 ERR_MOUNT_INVALIDMOUNTEE You can't mount that unit.
238 ERR_MOUNT_TOOFARAWAY That mount is too far away.
239 ERR_MOUNT_ALREADYMOUNTED You're already mounted.
240 ERR_MOUNT_NOTMOUNTABLE That unit can't be mounted.
241 ERR_MOUNT_NOTYOURPET That mount isn't your pet!
243 ERR_MOUNT_LOOTING You can't mount while looting!
244 ERR_MOUNT_RACECANTMOUNT You can't mount because of your race.
245 ERR_MOUNT_SHAPESHIFTED You can't mount while shapeshifted.
246 ERR_MOUNT_NO_FAVORITES You have no valid favorite mounts.
247 ERR_MOUNT_NO_MOUNTS You have no valid mounts.
249 ERR_DISMOUNT_NOTMOUNTED You're not mounted!
255 ERR_CANT_TRADE_GOLD Gold may only be offered by one trader.
256 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_EQUIPPED_ITEM Must have the proper item equipped
259 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ANOTHER_IN_PROGRESS Another action is in progress
260 ERR_BADATTACKFACING You are facing the wrong way!
261 ERR_BADATTACKPOS You are too far away!
262 52 ERR_CHEST_IN_USE That is already being used.
263 ERR_USE_CANT_OPEN You can't open that.
264 61 ERR_USE_LOCKED Item is locked.
265 61 ERR_DOOR_LOCKED The door is locked.
266 61 ERR_BUTTON_LOCKED That has already been used.
270 57 ERR_USE_TOO_FAR You are too far away.
271 ERR_USE_BAD_ANGLE You aren't facing the right angle!
272 ERR_USE_OBJECT_MOVING Object is in motion.
273 ERR_USE_SPELL_FOCUS Object is a spell focus.
274 ERR_USE_DESTROYED That is destroyed.
275 ERR_SET_LOOT_FREEFORALL Looting set to Free for All.
276 ERR_SET_LOOT_ROUNDROBIN Looting set to Round Robin.
277 ERR_SET_LOOT_MASTER Looting set to Master Looter.
278 ERR_SET_LOOT_GROUP Looting set to Group Loot.
279 ERR_SET_LOOT_THRESHOLD_S Loot threshold set to %s.
280 ERR_NEW_LOOT_MASTER_S %s is now the loot master.
281 ERR_SPECIFY_MASTER_LOOTER You must specify a loot master.
282 ERR_LOOT_SPEC_CHANGED_S Loot Specialization set to: %s
284 ERR_CHAT_WHILE_DEAD You can't chat when you're dead!
285 ERR_CHAT_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND_S No player named '%s' is currently playing.
286 1519 ERR_NEWTAXIPATH New location discovered!
287 ERR_NO_PET You don't have a pet!
288 ERR_NOTYOURPET That is not your pet!
289 ERR_PET_NOT_RENAMEABLE Your pet can't be renamed.
291 ERR_QUEST_UNKNOWN_COMPLETE Objective Complete.
292 ERR_QUEST_ADD_KILL_SII %s slain: %d/%d
294 ERR_QUEST_ADD_ITEM_SII %s: %d/%d
295 ERR_QUEST_ADD_PLAYER_KILL_SII Players slain: %d/%d
296 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDIRECTORY Cannot create directory %s.
297 ERR_CANNOTCREATEFILE Cannot create file %s.
298 ERR_PLAYER_WRONG_FACTION Target is unfriendly.
299 ERR_PLAYER_IS_NEUTRAL Target has not selected a faction.
300 ERR_BANKSLOT_FAILED_TOO_MANY You've reached your limit of bag slots!
301 22 ERR_BANKSLOT_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS You can't afford that.
302 ERR_BANKSLOT_NOTBANKER That unit is not a banker!
303 ERR_FRIEND_DB_ERROR Friend lookup database error.
304 ERR_FRIEND_LIST_FULL You don't have room for any more friends.
305 ERR_FRIEND_ADDED_S %s added to friends.
307 3332 ERR_FRIEND_ONLINE_SS [%s] has come online.
308 ERR_FRIEND_OFFLINE_S %s has gone offline.
309 ERR_FRIEND_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
310 ERR_FRIEND_WRONG_FACTION Friends must be part of your alliance.
311 ERR_FRIEND_REMOVED_S %s removed from friends list.
313 ERR_FRIEND_ERROR Unknown friend response from server.
314 ERR_FRIEND_ALREADY_S %s is already your friend.
315 ERR_FRIEND_SELF You can't put yourself on your friend list.
316 ERR_FRIEND_DELETED Friend removed because the character no longer exists.
317 ERR_IGNORE_FULL You can't ignore any more players.
318 ERR_IGNORE_SELF You can't ignore yourself.
319 ERR_IGNORE_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
320 ERR_IGNORE_ALREADY_S %s is already being ignored.
321 ERR_IGNORE_ADDED_S %s is now being ignored.
322 ERR_IGNORE_REMOVED_S %s is no longer being ignored.
323 ERR_IGNORE_AMBIGUOUS That name is ambiguous, type more of the player's server name
324 ERR_IGNORE_DELETED Ignore removed because the character no longer exists.
325 ERR_ONLY_ONE_BOLT You can only equip one quiver.
326 ERR_ONLY_ONE_AMMO You can only equip one ammo pouch.
328 28 ERR_WRONG_BAG_TYPE_SUBCLASS Only %s can be placed in that.
329 ERR_CANT_WRAP_STACKABLE Stackable items can't be wrapped.
330 ERR_CANT_WRAP_EQUIPPED Equipped items can't be wrapped.
331 ERR_CANT_WRAP_WRAPPED Wrapped items can't be wrapped.
332 ERR_CANT_WRAP_BOUND Bound items can't be wrapped.
333 ERR_CANT_WRAP_UNIQUE Unique items can't be wrapped.
334 ERR_CANT_WRAP_BAGS Bags can't be wrapped.
335 15 ERR_OUT_OF_MANA Not enough mana
336 63 ERR_OUT_OF_RAGE Not enough rage
337 ERR_OUT_OF_FOCUS Not enough focus
338 64 ERR_OUT_OF_ENERGY Not enough energy
339 ERR_OUT_OF_CHI Not enough chi
340 ERR_OUT_OF_HEALTH Not enough health
341 ERR_OUT_OF_RUNES Not enough runes
342 ERR_OUT_OF_RUNIC_POWER Not enough runic power
343 ERR_OUT_OF_SOUL_SHARDS Not enough soul shards
345 ERR_OUT_OF_HOLY_POWER Not enough holy power
346 ERR_OUT_OF_MAELSTROM Not enough maelstrom
347 ERR_OUT_OF_COMBO_POINTS That ability requires combo points
348 ERR_OUT_OF_INSANITY Not enough insanity
349 ERR_OUT_OF_ARCANE_CHARGES Not enough arcane charges
350 ERR_OUT_OF_FURY Not enough fury
351 ERR_OUT_OF_PAIN Not enough pain
352 ERR_OUT_OF_POWER_DISPLAY Not enough %s
353 ERR_LOOT_GONE Already looted (%d/%d)
354 ERR_MOUNT_FORCEDDISMOUNT You dismount before continuing.
355 ERR_AUTOFOLLOW_TOO_FAR Target is too far away.
356 ERR_UNIT_NOT_FOUND Unknown unit.
357 ERR_INVALID_FOLLOW_TARGET You can't follow that unit.
358 ERR_INVALID_FOLLOW_PVP_COMBAT You can't use follow while engaged in PVP combat.
359 ERR_INVALID_FOLLOW_TARGET_PVP_COMBAT You can't follow a player who is engaged in PVP combat.
360 ERR_INVALID_INSPECT_TARGET You can't inspect that unit.
361 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_SUCCESS Guild Emblem saved.
363 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_NOGUILD You are not part of a guild!
364 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_NOTGUILDMASTER Only guild leaders can create emblems.
365 40 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_NOTENOUGHMONEY You can't afford to do that.
366 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_INVALIDVENDOR That's not an emblem vendor!
367 ERR_EMBLEMERROR_NOTABARDGEOSET Change back to your normal form first!
368 46 ERR_SPELL_OUT_OF_RANGE Out of range.
369 ERR_COMMAND_NEEDS_TARGET You must specify a target: /<command> <target's name>
370 1 ERR_NOAMMO_S %s
371 ERR_TOOBUSYTOFOLLOW You're too busy to follow anything!
372 123515 ERR_DUEL_REQUESTED You have requested a duel.
373 ERR_DUEL_CANCELLED Duel canceled.
374 ERR_DEATHBINDALREADYBOUND You are already bound here!
375 ERR_DEATHBIND_SUCCESS_S %s is now your home.
376 ERR_NOEMOTEWHILERUNNING You can't do that while moving!
377 ERR_ZONE_EXPLORED Discovered: %s
378 ERR_ZONE_EXPLORED_XP Discovered %s: %d experience gained
379 51 ERR_INVALID_ITEM_TARGET That item is not a valid target.
380 ERR_INVALID_QUEST_TARGET That quest is not a valid target.
381 ERR_IGNORING_YOU_S %s is ignoring you.
382 ERR_FISH_NOT_HOOKED No fish are hooked.
383 ERR_FISH_ESCAPED Your fish got away!
384 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_NOTUNSHEATHED You have to be unsheathed to do that!
385 ERR_PETITION_OFFERED_S You have requested %s's signature.
386 881 ERR_PETITION_SIGNED Charter signed.
387 881 ERR_PETITION_SIGNED_S %s has signed your charter.
388 882 ERR_PETITION_DECLINED_S %s has declined to sign your petition.
389 882 ERR_PETITION_ALREADY_SIGNED You have already signed that charter.
390 882 ERR_PETITION_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Free Trial accounts may not sign guild charters. [Click To Upgrade]
391 882 ERR_PETITION_ALREADY_SIGNED_OTHER You've already signed another guild charter
392 882 ERR_PETITION_IN_GUILD You are already in a guild.
393 882 ERR_PETITION_CREATOR You can't sign your own charter.
394 882 ERR_PETITION_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNATURES You need more signatures.
395 882 ERR_PETITION_NOT_SAME_SERVER That player is not from your server
396 882 ERR_PETITION_FULL That petition is full
397 ERR_PETITION_ALREADY_SIGNED_BY_S %s has already signed your charter.
398 882 ERR_GUILD_NAME_INVALID Invalid guild name.
399 ERR_SPELL_UNLEARNED_S You have unlearned %s.
400 ERR_PET_SPELL_ROOTED Your pet is unable to move.
401 ERR_PET_SPELL_AFFECTING_COMBAT Your pet is in combat.
402 ERR_PET_SPELL_OUT_OF_RANGE Your pet is out of range.
403 ERR_PET_SPELL_NOT_BEHIND Your pet must be behind its target.
404 ERR_PET_SPELL_TARGETS_DEAD Your pet's target is dead.
405 ERR_PET_SPELL_DEAD Your pet is dead.
406 ERR_PET_SPELL_NOPATH No path available for your pet
407 ERR_ITEM_CANT_BE_DESTROYED That item cannot be destroyed.
408 ERR_TICKET_ALREADY_EXISTS You already have a GM ticket.
409 ERR_TICKET_CREATE_ERROR Error creating GM ticket.
410 ERR_TICKET_UPDATE_ERROR Error updating GM ticket.
411 ERR_TICKET_DB_ERROR Error retrieving GM ticket.
412 ERR_TICKET_NO_TEXT You must enter text for your ticket.
413 ERR_TICKET_TEXT_TOO_LONG Your ticket text was too long.
414 ERR_OBJECT_IS_BUSY That object is busy.
415 ERR_EXHAUSTION_WELLRESTED You feel well rested.
416 ERR_EXHAUSTION_RESTED You feel rested.
417 ERR_EXHAUSTION_NORMAL You are no longer rested.
418 ERR_EXHAUSTION_TIRED You feel tired.
419 ERR_EXHAUSTION_EXHAUSTED You feel exhausted.
420 ERR_NO_ITEMS_WHILE_SHAPESHIFTED Can't use items while shapeshifted.
421 ERR_CANT_INTERACT_SHAPESHIFTED Can't speak while shapeshifted.
422 ERR_REALM_NOT_FOUND Cannot find that realm.
423 59 ERR_MAIL_QUEST_ITEM You can't mail quest items.
424 59 ERR_MAIL_BOUND_ITEM You can't mail soulbound items.
425 ERR_MAIL_CONJURED_ITEM You cannot mail conjured items
426 ERR_MAIL_BAG You can't mail non-empty bags.
427 ERR_MAIL_TO_SELF You can't send mail to yourself.
428 ERR_MAIL_TARGET_NOT_FOUND Cannot find mail recipient.
429 ERR_MAIL_DATABASE_ERROR Internal mail database error.
430 ERR_MAIL_DELETE_ITEM_ERROR You can't delete that.
431 ERR_MAIL_WRAPPED_COD You can't send wrapped items C.O.D.
432 ERR_MAIL_CANT_SEND_REALM You can't send mail to that realm.
433 ERR_MAIL_TEMP_RETURN_OUTAGE Mail return temporarily unavailable
434 ERR_MAIL_SENT Mail sent.
436 ERR_USE_CANT_IMMUNE You can't do that while you are immune.
437 ERR_CANT_BE_DISENCHANTED Item cannot be disenchanted
438 ERR_CANT_USE_DISARMED You cannot use an item that is disarmed.
439 59 ERR_AUCTION_QUEST_ITEM You cannot sell a quest item.
440 59 ERR_AUCTION_BOUND_ITEM You cannot sell a soulbound item.
441 ERR_AUCTION_CONJURED_ITEM You cannot auction a conjured item.
442 ERR_AUCTION_LIMITED_DURATION_ITEM You cannot auction items with a limited duration.
443 ERR_AUCTION_WRAPPED_ITEM You cannot auction a wrapped item.
444 ERR_AUCTION_LOOT_ITEM You cannot auction a lootable item.
445 ERR_AUCTION_BAG You cannot sell a non-empty bag.
446 ERR_AUCTION_EQUIPPED_BAG You cannot sell an equipped bag.
447 ERR_AUCTION_DATABASE_ERROR Internal auction error.
448 ERR_AUCTION_BID_OWN You cannot bid on your own auction.
449 ERR_AUCTION_BID_INCREMENT Your bid increment is too small.
450 ERR_AUCTION_HIGHER_BID There is already a higher bid on that item.
451 ERR_AUCTION_MIN_BID You must meet the min bid.
452 ERR_AUCTION_REPAIR_ITEM You must repair that item before you auction it.
453 ERR_AUCTION_USED_CHARGES You cannot auction an item with used charges
454 ERR_AUCTION_ALREADY_BID You have already bid on this item.
455 ERR_AUCTION_HOUSE_UNAVAILABLE The Auction House is currently unavailable.
456 ERR_AUCTION_ITEM_HAS_QUOTE This auction can't be canceled because a transaction is pending
457 ERR_AUCTION_HOUSE_BUSY The Auction House is busy.
458 ERR_AUCTION_STARTED Auction created.
459 ERR_AUCTION_REMOVED Auction canceled.
460 ERR_AUCTION_OUTBID_S You have been outbid on %s.
461 ERR_AUCTION_WON_S You won an auction for %s
462 ERR_AUCTION_COMMODITY_WON_S You won an auction for %s (x%d)
463 ERR_AUCTION_SOLD_S A buyer has been found for your auction of %s.
464 ERR_AUCTION_EXPIRED_S Your auction of %s has expired.
465 ERR_AUCTION_REMOVED_S Your auction of %s has been canceled by the seller.
466 ERR_AUCTION_BID_PLACED Bid accepted.
467 ERR_LOGOUT_FAILED You can't logout now.
468 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_SUCCESS_S Sharing quest with %s...
469 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_INVALID_S %s is not eligible for that quest.
470 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_INVALID_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are not eligible for that quest.
471 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ACCEPTED_S %s has accepted your quest.
472 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DECLINED_S %s has declined your quest.
473 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_BUSY_S %s is busy.
474 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DEAD_S %s is dead.
475 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DEAD_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are dead.
476 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOG_FULL_S %s's quest log is full.
477 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOG_FULL_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. Your quest log is full.
478 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ONQUEST_S %s is already on that quest.
479 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ONQUEST_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are already on that quest.
480 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ALREADY_DONE_S %s has completed that quest.
481 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ALREADY_DONE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You have completed that quest.
482 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_DAILY_S That quest cannot be shared today.
483 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_TIMER_EXPIRED_S Quest sharing timer has expired.
484 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_IN_PARTY_S You are not in a party.
485 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DIFFERENT_SERVER_DAILY_S %s is not eligible for that quest today.
486 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DIFFERENT_SERVER_DAILY_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are not eligible for that quest today.
487 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_ALLOWED_S That quest cannot be shared.
488 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_PREREQUISITE_S %s hasn't completed all of the prerequisite quests required for that quest.
489 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_PREREQUISITE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You must complete all of the prerequisite quests first.
490 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_LEVEL_S %s is too low level for that quest.
491 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_LEVEL_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are too low level for that quest.
492 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_HIGH_LEVEL_S %s is too high level for that quest.
493 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_HIGH_LEVEL_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are too high level for that quest.
494 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_CLASS_S %s is the wrong class for that quest.
495 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_CLASS_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are the wrong class for that quest.
496 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_RACE_S %s is the wrong race for that quest.
497 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_RACE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are the wrong race for that quest.
498 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_FACTION_S %s's reputation is too low for that quest.
499 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_FACTION_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. Your reputation is too low for that quest.
500 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_EXPANSION_S %s doesn't own the required expansion for that quest.
501 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_EXPANSION_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You do not own the required expansion for that quest.
502 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_GARRISON_OWNER_S %s must own a garrison to accept that quest.
503 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_GARRISON_OWNER_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You must own a garrison to accept that quest.
504 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_COVENANT_S %s is in the wrong covenant for that quest.
505 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_COVENANT_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are in the wrong covenant for that quest.
506 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NEW_PLAYER_EXPERIENCE_S %s must complete Exile's Reach to accept that quest.
507 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NEW_PLAYER_EXPERIENCE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You must complete Exile's Reach to accept that quest.
508 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_FACTION_S %s is the wrong faction for that quest.
509 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_FACTION_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are the wrong faction for that quest.
510 ERR_RAID_GROUP_LOWLEVEL You are too low level to enter this location.
511 ERR_RAID_GROUP_ONLY You must be in a raid group to enter this location.
512 ERR_RAID_GROUP_FULL The instance is full.
513 ERR_RAID_GROUP_REQUIREMENTS_UNMATCH You do not meet the requirements to enter this location.
514 ERR_CORPSE_IS_NOT_IN_INSTANCE Your corpse is not in that instance
517 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ALREADY_AT_FULL_HEALTH You are already at full Health
518 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ALREADY_AT_FULL_MANA You are already at full Mana
519 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ALREADY_AT_FULL_POWER_S You are already at full %s
520 ERR_AUTOLOOT_MONEY_S You loot %s
521 ERR_GENERIC_STUNNED You are stunned
522 ERR_GENERIC_THROTTLE You're doing that too fast
523 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_SEARCHING_TOO_FAST You are searching too fast, please wait a few moments before searching again.
524 ERR_TARGET_STUNNED Target is stunned
525 ERR_MUST_REPAIR_DURABILITY You must repair that item's durability to use it.
526 ERR_RAID_YOU_JOINED You have joined a raid group. (While in a raid, you cannot earn credit towards most non-raid quests.)
527 ERR_RAID_YOU_LEFT You have left the raid group.
528 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_JOINED_WITH_PARTY You are in both a party and an instance group. You may communicate with your party with "/p" and with your instance group with "/i".
529 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_JOINED_WITH_RAID You are in both a raid and an instance group. You may communicate with your raid with "/ra" and with your instance group with "/i".
530 ERR_RAID_MEMBER_ADDED_S %s has joined the raid group.
531 ERR_RAID_MEMBER_REMOVED_S %s has left the raid group.
532 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_ADDED_S %s has joined the instance group.
533 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_REMOVED_S %s has left the instance group.
534 ERR_CLICK_ON_ITEM_TO_FEED Click on an item to feed to your pet
535 ERR_TOO_MANY_CHAT_CHANNELS You can only be in %d channels at a time.
536 ERR_LOOT_ROLL_PENDING That item is still being rolled for.
537 ERR_LOOT_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND Player not found
538 ERR_NOT_IN_RAID You are not in a raid group
539 ERR_LOGGING_OUT You are logging out
540 ERR_TARGET_LOGGING_OUT That player is logging out
541 ERR_NOT_WHILE_MOUNTED You can't do that while mounted.
542 ERR_NOT_WHILE_SHAPESHIFTED You can't do that while shapeshifted.
543 ERR_NOT_IN_COMBAT You can't do that while in combat
544 ERR_NOT_WHILE_DISARMED You can't do that while disarmed
545 ERR_PET_BROKEN Your pet has run away
546 ERR_TALENT_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen any talents.
547 ERR_SPEC_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen a class specialization.
548 ERR_GLYPH_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen any glyphs.
549 ERR_PET_SPEC_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen a specialization for your pet.
551 8458 ERR_MEETING_STONE_IN_QUEUE_S You are now in the queue to join a party for %s.
552 ERR_MEETING_STONE_LEFT_QUEUE_S You have left the queue to join a party for %s.
553 ERR_MEETING_STONE_OTHER_MEMBER_LEFT Party member has left. Looking for a new party in the meeting stone queue.
555 ERR_MEETING_STONE_MEMBER_STILL_IN_QUEUE Looking for a new party in the meeting stone queue.
556 ERR_MEETING_STONE_SUCCESS Your group is complete, you have left the meeting stone queue.
557 ERR_MEETING_STONE_IN_PROGRESS You are still seeking more members through the meeting stone.
558 ERR_MEETING_STONE_MEMBER_ADDED_S %s has been added to the group by the meeting stone.
559 ERR_MEETING_STONE_GROUP_FULL You are already in a full group
560 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NOT_LEADER Only the party leader can leave the meeting stone queue
561 ERR_MEETING_STONE_INVALID_LEVEL You do not meet the level requirements of this meeting stone.
562 ERR_MEETING_STONE_TARGET_NOT_IN_PARTY Your target is not in the party
563 ERR_MEETING_STONE_TARGET_INVALID_LEVEL Your target does not meet the level requirements of this meeting stone.
564 ERR_MEETING_STONE_MUST_BE_LEADER You must be the party leader to interact with the meeting stone
565 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NO_RAID_GROUP You cannot use a meeting stone while in a raid group
566 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NEED_PARTY You need to be in a party to use a meeting stone
567 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
568 ERR_MEETING_STONE_TARGET_IN_VEHICLE Your target is in a vehicle
569 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_SAME Not saved, your tabard is already like that.
570 ERR_EQUIP_TRADE_ITEM That item is currently being traded
571 ERR_PVP_TOGGLE_ON PvP combat toggled on
572 ERR_PVP_TOGGLE_OFF PvP combat toggled off
573 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_DESERTERS You cannot join the battleground yet because you or one of your party members is flagged as a Deserter.
574 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_DEAD You cannot join the battleground because you or one of your party members is dead.
575 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_S Your group has joined the queue for %s.
576 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_FAIL Your group has joined a battleground queue, but you are not eligible.
577 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_TOO_MANY Your group is too big to join that battleground
578 ERR_SOLO_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_S You have joined the queue for %s.
579 ERR_JOIN_SINGLE_SCENARIO_S You have joined the queue for %s.
580 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_TOO_MANY_QUEUES You can only be queued for 2 battles at once
581 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_CANNOT_QUEUE_FOR_RATED You cannot queue for a rated match while queued for other battles
582 ERR_BATTLEDGROUND_QUEUED_FOR_RATED You cannot queue for another battle while queued for a rated match
583 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_TEAM_LEFT_QUEUE Your team has left the queue
584 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_NOT_IN_BATTLEGROUND You can't do that in a battleground.
585 ERR_ALREADY_IN_ARENA_TEAM_S %s is already in an arena team of that size.
586 ERR_INVALID_PROMOTION_CODE Couldn't validate code, please try again.
587 ERR_BG_PLAYER_JOINED_SS [%s] has joined the battle.
588 ERR_BG_PLAYER_LEFT_S %s has left the battle
589 ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT Free Trial accounts cannot perform that action
590 ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot perform that action
591 ERR_PLAY_TIME_EXCEEDED Maximum play time exceeded
592 ERR_APPROACHING_PARTIAL_PLAY_TIME You have %s until you enter tired time. Your rewards will be cut in half.
593 ERR_APPROACHING_PARTIAL_PLAY_TIME_2 Your accumulated online time is %s hours.
594 ERR_APPROACHING_NO_PLAY_TIME You have %s until you enter unhealthy time, at which point you will no longer receive experience or loot until you have logged out for 5 hours.
595 ERR_APPROACHING_NO_PLAY_TIME_2 You are in tired time, and your benefits have been reduced to 50%% of normal. For the sake of your own health, please go offline and rest, do some exercise, and arrange your time properly.
596 ERR_UNHEALTHY_TIME You are in unhealthy time, you should log off now.
597 ERR_CHAT_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot send unlimited tells. You must wait before you can send tells to more players. [Click To Upgrade]
598 ERR_CHAT_THROTTLED The number of messages that can be sent is limited, please wait to send another message.
599 ERR_MAIL_REACHED_CAP You have reached the in-game cap of unique mail recipients
600 ERR_INVALID_RAID_TARGET You cannot target mark enemy players
601 ERR_RAID_LEADER_READY_CHECK_START_S %s has initiated a ready check.
602 ERR_READY_CHECK_IN_PROGRESS You are already running a ready check
603 ERR_READY_CHECK_THROTTLED You can't do that yet
604 ERR_DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY_FAILED Unable to change Dungeon Difficulty
605 ERR_DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Dungeon Difficulty set to %s.
606 ERR_TRADE_WRONG_REALM You may only trade conjured items to players from other realms
607 ERR_TRADE_NOT_ON_TAPLIST You may only trade bound items to players that were originally eligible to loot the item
608 ERR_CHAT_PLAYER_AMBIGUOUS_S %s: More than one player matches, type more of their server name
609 ERR_LOOT_CANT_LOOT_THAT_NOW You can't loot that item now.
610 ERR_LOOT_MASTER_INV_FULL That player's inventory is full
611 ERR_LOOT_MASTER_UNIQUE_ITEM Player has too many of that item already
612 ERR_LOOT_MASTER_OTHER Can't assign item to that player
613 ERR_FILTERING_YOU_S Unable to send chat to %s because your message contained reserved words.
614 ERR_USE_PREVENTED_BY_MECHANIC_S Can't use while %s.
615 ERR_ITEM_UNIQUE_EQUIPPABLE You cannot equip more than one of those.
616 ERR_LFG_LEADER_IS_LFM_S You can't do that while %s is looking for more members.
617 ERR_LFG_PENDING You cannot invite other players while in a random group.
618 ERR_CANT_SPEAK_LANGAGE You cannot speak that language.
619 ERR_VENDOR_MISSING_TURNINS You do not have the required items for that purchase
620 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_NOT_IN_TEAM Your group is not in the same team
621 ERR_NOT_IN_BATTLEGROUND You are not in a battleground
622 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_HONOR_POINTS You don't have enough honor
623 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_ARENA_POINTS You don't have enough arena points
624 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_META_GEM That slot requires a meta gem
625 ERR_SOCKETING_META_GEM_ONLY_IN_METASLOT Meta gems can only be placed in meta gem slots
626 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_HYDRAULIC_GEM That slot requires a Crystal of Fear.
627 ERR_SOCKETING_HYDRAULIC_GEM_ONLY_IN_HYDRAULICSLOT Crystals of Fear can only be placed in Sha-Touched weapons.
628 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_COGWHEEL_GEM That slot requires a Cogwheel
629 ERR_SOCKETING_COGWHEEL_GEM_ONLY_IN_COGWHEELSLOT Cogwheels can only be placed in Cogwheel slots
630 ERR_SOCKETING_ITEM_TOO_LOW_LEVEL The item is too low level to accept that gem
631 ERR_ITEM_MAX_COUNT_SOCKETED You have the maximum number of those gems in your inventory or socketed into items.
632 ERR_SYSTEM_DISABLED This system is currently disabled.
633 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_TOO_MANY_DAILY_QUESTS_I You have already completed %d daily quests today
634 ERR_ITEM_MAX_COUNT_EQUIPPED_SOCKETED You have the maximum number of those gems socketed into equipped items.
635 ERR_ITEM_UNIQUE_EQUIPPABLE_SOCKETED You cannot socket more than one of those gems into a single item.
636 ERR_USER_SQUELCHED We have temporarily suspended your chat and mail privileges. Check your email for more details.
637 ERR_ACCOUNT_SILENCED Can't do that while your account is silenced
638 ERR_PARTY_MEMBER_SILENCED Can't do that when someone in your group is silenced.
639 ERR_PARTY_MEMBER_SILENCED_LFG_DELIST Your group has been delisted because someone in your group is silenced.
640 ERR_TOO_MUCH_GOLD At gold limit
641 ERR_NOT_BARBER_SITTING You must be sitting in a barber chair
642 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_CAIS You cannot complete quests once you have reached tired time
643 ERR_INVITE_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot invite characters into groups. [Click To Upgrade]
644 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_FULL You can't voice mute any more players.
645 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_SELF You can't voice mute yourself.
646 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
647 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_ALREADY_S %s is already being voice muted.
648 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_ADDED_S %s is now being voice muted.
649 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_REMOVED_S %s is no longer being voice muted.
650 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_AMBIGUOUS That name is ambiguous, type more of the player's server name.
651 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_DELETED Voice mute removed because the character no longer exists.
652 ERR_UNKNOWN_MACRO_OPTION_S Unknown macro option: %s
653 ERR_NOT_DURING_ARENA_MATCH You can't do that while in an arena match
654 ERR_NOT_IN_RATED_BATTLEGROUND You can't do that in a rated battleground.
655 ERR_PLAYER_SILENCED A group leader has removed your voice privileges.
656 ERR_PLAYER_UNSILENCED A group leader has restored your voice privileges.
657 ERR_COMSAT_DISCONNECT Connection lost to Voice Chat service.
658 ERR_COMSAT_RECONNECT_ATTEMPT Voice Chat service restored!
659 ERR_COMSAT_CONNECT_FAIL Cannot connect to voice chat service.
660 ERR_MAIL_INVALID_ATTACHMENT_SLOT You cannot attach more than 12 items to mail.
661 ERR_MAIL_TOO_MANY_ATTACHMENTS A mail included too many attachments.
662 ERR_MAIL_INVALID_ATTACHMENT A mail attachment was invalid.
663 ERR_MAIL_ATTACHMENT_EXPIRED That item has expired.
664 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_PARENTAL_DISABLE_MIC Microphone has been disabled by Parental Controls.
665 ERR_PROFANE_CHAT_NAME You may not create custom channels with profane names.
666 ERR_PLAYER_SILENCED_ECHO You have removed the voice privileges of %s.
667 ERR_PLAYER_UNSILENCED_ECHO You have restored the voice privileges of %s.
668 ERR_LOOT_CANT_LOOT_THAT You don't meet the requirements to loot that item
669 ERR_ARENA_EXPIRED_CAIS You may not queue while one or more of your team members is under the effect of restricted play.
670 ERR_GROUP_ACTION_THROTTLED You have attempted too many group actions in a short period of time. Please wait momentarily before attempting further group actions.
671 ERR_ALREADY_PICKPOCKETED Your target has already had its pockets picked
672 ERR_NAME_INVALID That name contains invalid characters. Enter a new name.
673 ERR_NAME_NO_NAME Please enter a name.
674 ERR_NAME_TOO_SHORT That name is too short. Enter a new name.
675 ERR_NAME_TOO_LONG That name is too long. Enter a new name.
676 ERR_NAME_MIXED_LANGUAGES Names must use one language. Enter a new name.
677 ERR_NAME_PROFANE That name contains mature language. Enter a new name.
678 ERR_NAME_RESERVED That name is reserved. Enter a new name.
679 ERR_NAME_THREE_CONSECUTIVE You cannot use the same letter three times consecutively. Enter a new name.
680 ERR_NAME_INVALID_SPACE Names cannot start or end with a space. Enter a new name.
681 ERR_NAME_CONSECUTIVE_SPACES Consecutive spaces are not allowed. Enter a new name.
682 ERR_NAME_RUSSIAN_CONSECUTIVE_SILENT_CHARACTERS Consecutive silent characters are not allowed. Create a new name.
683 ERR_NAME_RUSSIAN_SILENT_CHARACTER_AT_BEGINNING_OR_END Silent characters are now allowed at the beginning or end of a name. Create a new name.
684 ERR_NAME_DECLENSION_DOESNT_MATCH_BASE_NAME Your declensions must match your original name. Enter a new name.
685 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_NOT_LINKED You can only summon players who are linked to you through Recruit A Friend
686 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_NOT_NOW You cannot summon that player right now
687 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_LEVEL_MAX You cannot summon players above level %d
688 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_COOLDOWN You can only summon your friend once every thirty minutes
689 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_OFFLINE %s is offline and cannot be summoned
690 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_INSUF_EXPAN_LVL That player does not have the required expansion to access this area
692 59 ERR_NOT_SAME_ACCOUNT Account-bound items can only be given to your own characters.
693 ERR_BAD_ON_USE_ENCHANT That item already has an activated ability
694 ERR_TRADE_SELF You can't trade with yourself.
695 ERR_TOO_MANY_SOCKETS That item has too many sockets
697 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_MAX_LIMIT_CATEGORY_COUNT_EXCEEDED_IS Your trade partner can only carry %d %s
698 ERR_ITEM_MAX_LIMIT_CATEGORY_SOCKETED_EXCEEDED_IS 4item:items; in the %s category
699 ERR_ITEM_MAX_LIMIT_CATEGORY_EQUIPPED_EXCEEDED_IS 4item:items; in the %s category
700 ERR_SHAPESHIFT_FORM_CANNOT_EQUIP Cannot equip item in this form
701 ERR_ITEM_INVENTORY_FULL_SATCHEL Your inventory is full. Your item has been delivered to your mailbox.
702 ERR_SCALING_STAT_ITEM_LEVEL_EXCEEDED Your level is too high to use that item
703 ERR_SCALING_STAT_ITEM_LEVEL_TOO_LOW Your level is too low to use that item
704 ERR_PURCHASE_LEVEL_TOO_LOW You must reach level %d to purchase that item.
705 ERR_GROUP_SWAP_FAILED Players in raid combat cannot change raid subgroups
706 ERR_INVITE_IN_COMBAT You cannot invite a player in raid combat
707 ERR_INVALID_GLYPH_SLOT That is not a valid glyph slot.
708 45 ERR_GENERIC_NO_VALID_TARGETS No valid targets.
710 ERR_PET_LEARN_SPELL_S Your pet has learned a new spell: %s.
711 ERR_PET_LEARN_ABILITY_S Your pet has learned a new ability: %s.
712 ERR_PET_SPELL_UNLEARNED_S Your pet has unlearned %s.
713 ERR_INVITE_UNKNOWN_REALM You cannot invite players from that realm
714 ERR_INVITE_NO_PARTY_SERVER Could not create a party
715 ERR_INVITE_PARTY_BUSY Cannot invite additional players until the party is formed
716 ERR_PARTY_TARGET_AMBIGUOUS There were multiple players in the party with that name, please include realm name
717 ERR_PARTY_LFG_INVITE_RAID_LOCKED %s is locked to another instance.
718 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_LIMIT You can not initiate any more party kicks.
719 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_COOLDOWN_S You must wait %s before initiating another player kick.
720 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_NOT_ELIGIBLE_S That player can not be kicked for another %s.
721 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_INPATIENT_TIMER_S You may not initiate a vote to kick for another %s.
722 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_IN_PROGRESS Another kick vote is already in progress.
723 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_TOO_FEW_PLAYERS There are not enough players in the group to initate a vote.
724 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_VOTE_SUCCEEDED The vote to kick %s has passed.
725 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_VOTE_FAILED The vote to kick %s has failed.
726 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_IN_COMBAT Players cannot be kicked while in combat, or shortly after combat.
727 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_DUNGEON_COMPLETE Players cannot be kicked after the instance is complete.
728 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_LOOT_ROLLS Players cannot be kicked during loot rolls.
729 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_VOTE_REGISTERED 4more request is:more requests are; needed to initiate a vote.
730 ERR_PARTY_PRIVATE_GROUP_ONLY You cannot invite players to this group.
731 ERR_PARTY_LFG_TELEPORT_IN_COMBAT You cannot teleport out of the dungeon while in combat.
732 ERR_RAID_DISALLOWED_BY_LEVEL Character too low level for raid.
733 ERR_RAID_DISALLOWED_BY_CROSS_REALM Cannot convert to raid while players from other realms are in the party.
734 ERR_PARTY_ROLE_NOT_AVAILABLE Problem trying to fill your group's available roles
735 ERR_JOIN_LFG_OBJECT_FAILED You failed to join the instance in progress
736 ERR_LFG_REMOVED_LEVELUP You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has gained a level.
737 ERR_LFG_REMOVED_XP_TOGGLE You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has toggled experience gain.
738 ERR_LFG_REMOVED_FACTION_CHANGE You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has selected a faction.
740 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_ALREADY_IN You are already in that battleground.
741 ERR_ARENA_TEAM_CHANGE_FAILED_QUEUED Can't modify arena team while queued or in a match.
742 ERR_ARENA_TEAM_PERMISSIONS You don't have permission to do that.
743 ERR_NOT_WHILE_FALLING You can't do that while jumping or falling
744 ERR_NOT_WHILE_MOVING Can't do that while moving.
745 ERR_NOT_WHILE_FATIGUED You can't do that while fatigued
746 ERR_MAX_SOCKETS That item cannot receive additional sockets
747 ERR_MULTI_CAST_ACTION_TOTEM_S Only %s spells can go in that slot.
748 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_LEVELUP You have been removed from a PvP queue because you have gained a level.
749 ERR_REMOVE_FROM_PVP_QUEUE_XP_GAIN You have been removed from a PVP queue because you have changed your XP gain settings
750 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_XP_GAIN Cannot join as a group unless all the members of your party have the same XP gain setting.
751 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_MERCENARY Cannot join as a group unless all the members of your party are flagged as a mercenary.
752 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TOO_MANY_HEALERS You can not enter this bracket of arena with more than one healer.
753 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_RATED_TOO_MANY_HEALERS You can not enter a rated battleground with more than three healers.
754 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TOO_MANY_TANKS You can not enter this bracket of arena with more than one tank.
755 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TOO_MANY_DAMAGE You can not enter this bracket of arena with more than two damage dealers.
756 ERR_RAID_DIFFICULTY_FAILED Unable to change Raid Difficulty
757 ERR_RAID_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Raid Difficulty set to %s.
758 ERR_LEGACY_RAID_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Legacy Raid Difficulty set to %s.
759 ERR_RAID_LOCKOUT_CHANGED_S Raid Lockout set to %s.
760 ERR_RAID_CONVERTED_TO_PARTY Raid converted to Party
761 ERR_PARTY_CONVERTED_TO_RAID Party converted to Raid
762 ERR_PLAYER_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Difficulty set to %s.
763 ERR_GMRESPONSE_DB_ERROR Error retrieving GM response.
764 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_RANGE_INDEX Cannot join the queue unless all members of your party are in the same level range.
765 ERR_ARENA_JOIN_RANGE_INDEX Cannot join the queue unless all members of your party are in the same Arena level range.
767 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_FAILED Join as a group failed
768 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_NO_VALID_SPEC_FOR_ROLE Role check failed because one of your party members selected an invalid role.
769 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_RESPEC You have been removed from a PvP queue because your specialization changed.
770 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_INVITATION_DECLINED Your War Game invitation has been declined
771 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TIMED_OUT %s was unavailable to join the queue.
772 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_DUPE_QUEUE Someone in your group is already queued for that.
773 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_MUST_COMPLETE_QUEST You have been removed from a PvP queue because someone is missing required quest completion.
774 ERR_IN_BATTLEGROUND_RESPEC This specialization doesn't match your assigned role.
775 ERR_MAIL_LIMITED_DURATION_ITEM You cannot mail items with a limited duration
776 ERR_YELL_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot yell. [Click To Upgrade]
777 ERR_CHAT_RAID_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot send messages to raid channel. [Click To Upgrade]
778 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_FAILED The Role Check has failed.
779 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_FAILED_TIMEOUT Role Check failed because a group member did not respond.
780 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_FAILED_NOT_VIABLE Role Check failed because your group is not viable.
781 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_FAILED The Ready Check has failed.
782 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_FAILED_TIMEOUT Ready Check failed because a group member did not respond.
783 ERR_LFG_GROUP_FULL Your group is already full.
784 ERR_LFG_NO_LFG_OBJECT Internal LFG Error.
785 ERR_LFG_NO_SLOTS_PLAYER You do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons.
786 ERR_LFG_NO_SLOTS_PARTY The following players do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons: %s
787 ERR_LFG_NO_SPEC You must choose a class specialization before starting this event
788 ERR_LFG_MISMATCHED_SLOTS You cannot mix dungeons, raids, and random when picking dungeons.
789 ERR_LFG_MISMATCHED_SLOTS_LOCAL_XREALM You cannot mix realm-only and x-realm entries when listing your name in other raids.
790 ERR_LFG_PARTY_PLAYERS_FROM_DIFFERENT_REALMS The dungeon you chose does not support players from multiple realms.
791 ERR_LFG_MEMBERS_NOT_PRESENT One or more group members are pending invites or disconnected.
792 ERR_LFG_GET_INFO_TIMEOUT Could not retrieve information about some party members.
793 ERR_LFG_INVALID_SLOT One or more dungeons was not valid.
794 ERR_LFG_DESERTER_PLAYER You can not queue for dungeons until your deserter debuff wears off.
795 ERR_LFG_DESERTER_PARTY One or more party members has a deserter debuff.
796 ERR_LFG_DEAD You cannot queue because you or one of your party members is dead.
797 ERR_LFG_RANDOM_COOLDOWN_PLAYER You can not queue for random dungeons while on random dungeon cooldown.
798 ERR_LFG_RANDOM_COOLDOWN_PARTY One or more party members are on random dungeon cooldown.
799 ERR_LFG_TOO_MANY_MEMBERS You have too many group members to queue for that.
800 ERR_LFG_TOO_FEW_MEMBERS You do not have enough group members to queue for that.
801 ERR_LFG_PROPOSAL_FAILED Someone has declined the invite. You have been returned to the front of the queue.
802 ERR_LFG_PROPOSAL_DECLINED_SELF You have been removed from the queue because you did not accept the invitation.
803 ERR_LFG_PROPOSAL_DECLINED_PARTY You have been removed from the queue because someone in your party did not accept the invitation.
804 ERR_LFG_NO_SLOTS_SELECTED You did not select any valid slots.
805 ERR_LFG_NO_ROLES_SELECTED You must select at least one role.
806 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_INITIATED A role check has been initiated. Your group will be queued when all members have selected a role.
807 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_INITIATED A ready check has been initiated. Your group will be queued when all members have indicated they are ready.
808 ERR_LFG_PLAYER_DECLINED_ROLE_CHECK %s has not selected any roles.
810 ERR_LFG_JOINED_QUEUE You are now queued in the Dungeon Finder.
811 ERR_LFG_JOINED_FLEX_QUEUE You are now queued for Flexible Raids.
812 ERR_LFG_JOINED_RF_QUEUE You are now queued in the Raid Finder.
813 ERR_LFG_JOINED_SCENARIO_QUEUE You are now queued for Scenarios.
814 ERR_LFG_JOINED_WORLD_PVP_QUEUE You are now queued for Ashran.
815 ERR_LFG_JOINED_BATTLEFIELD_QUEUE You are now queued for Brawls.
816 ERR_LFG_JOINED_LIST You are now listed for Other Raids.
817 ERR_LFG_LEFT_QUEUE You are no longer queued.
818 ERR_LFG_LEFT_LIST You are no longer listed for Other Raids.
819 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_ABORTED Your group leader has canceled the Role Check.
820 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_ABORTED Your group leader has canceled the Ready Check.
821 ERR_LFG_CANT_USE_BATTLEGROUND You cannot queue for a battleground or arena while using the dungeon or raid queueing systems.
822 ERR_LFG_CANT_USE_DUNGEONS You cannot queue for a dungeon or raid while using battlegrounds or arenas.
823 ERR_LFG_REASON_TOO_MANY_LFG You are queued for too many instances.
824 ERR_INVALID_TELEPORT_LOCATION You do not have a valid teleport location.
825 ERR_TOO_FAR_TO_INTERACT You need to be closer to interact with that target.
826 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_PLAYERS_FROM_DIFFERENT_REALMS You cannot queue for a battleground while players from different realms are in your party.
827 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_COOLDOWN_S Raid difficulty has changed recently, and may not change again for %s.
828 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_COMBAT_COOLDOWN_S Raid was in combat recently and may not change difficulty again for %s.
829 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_WORLDSTATE Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. An event is in progress.
830 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_ENCOUNTER Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. An encounter is in progress.
831 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_COMBAT Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. A player is in combat.
832 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_PLAYER_BUSY Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. A player is busy.
833 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_ALREADY_STARTED A raid difficulty change is currently in progress.
834 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_OTHER_HEROIC_S Raid difficulty cannot be changed. %s is already locked to a different Heroic instance.
835 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_HEROIC_INSTANCE_ALREADY_RUNNING Your heroic instance is already in running and in use by another party
836 ERR_ARENA_TEAM_PARTY_SIZE Incorrect party size for this arena.
837 ERR_QUEST_FORCE_REMOVED_S The quest %s has been removed from your quest log.
838 ERR_ATTACK_NO_ACTIONS Can't attack while actions are prevented.
839 ERR_IN_RANDOM_BG Can't do that while in a Random Battleground queue.
840 ERR_IN_NON_RANDOM_BG Can't queue for Random Battleground while in another Battleground queue.
841 ERR_AUCTION_ENOUGH_ITEMS You do not have enough items.
842 ERR_BN_FRIEND_SELF You can't put yourself on your friend list
843 ERR_BN_FRIEND_ALREADY That person is already your friend
844 ERR_BN_FRIEND_BLOCKED That person is on your blocked list
845 ERR_BN_FRIEND_LIST_FULL You don't have room for any more Blizzard friends.
846 ERR_BN_FRIEND_REQUEST_SENT Friend request has been sent
847 ERR_BN_BROADCAST_THROTTLE Please wait a few seconds before updating your broadcast message again.
848 ERR_BG_DEVELOPER_ONLY This battleground is only available for developer testing at this time.
849 ERR_CURRENCY_SPELL_SLOT_MISMATCH That item can't be used in that slot
851 ERR_REQUIRES_EXPANSION_S Requires expansion: %s
852 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_SPELL You haven't learned the required spell.
853 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_NOT_ENOUGH_TALENTS_IN_PRIMARY_TREE You need to spend more talents in your primary talent tree before you can put points here.
854 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_NO_PRIMARY_TREE_SELECTED Please select a primary talent tree before spending talents.
855 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_CANT_REMOVE_TALENT You can't change that talent choice while %s is on cooldown.
856 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_UNKNOWN Unable to learn talent.
857 ERR_WARGAME_REQUEST_FAILURE War Game request failed
858 ERR_RANK_REQUIRES_AUTHENTICATOR Guild rank requires an authenticator.
859 ERR_GUILD_BANK_VOUCHER_FAILED You must purchase all guild bank tabs before using this voucher.
860 888 ERR_WARGAME_REQUEST_SENT Your War Game request has been sent.
862 ERR_REFUND_RESULT_EXCEED_MAX_CURRENCY Cannot grant a currency refund exceeding the maximum allowed amount.
863 ERR_CANT_BUY_QUANTITY You can't buy the specified quantity of that item.
864 ERR_ITEM_IS_BATTLE_PAY_LOCKED Your purchased item is still waiting to be unlocked
865 ERR_PARTY_ALREADY_IN_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE Player is already in a battleground queue.
866 ERR_PARTY_CONFIRMING_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE The party is already confirming a battleground queue.
867 ERR_BATTLEFIELD_TEAM_PARTY_SIZE Incorrect party size for this battlefield.
868 ERR_INSUFF_TRACKED_CURRENCY_IS You must earn %d more %s for the season in order to purchase that item.
869 ERR_NOT_ON_TOURNAMENT_REALM Not available on a Tournament Realm.
870 ERR_GUILD_TRIAL_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot join guilds.
871 ERR_GUILD_TRIAL_ACCOUNT_VETERAN This account cannot join guilds without an existing character in the guild.
872 ERR_GUILD_UNDELETABLE_DUE_TO_LEVEL Your guild is too high level to be deleted.
873 ERR_CANT_DO_THAT_IN_A_GROUP You can't do that while in a group.
874 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_REPLACED Because the previous guild master %s has not logged in for an extended time, %s has become the new Guild Master.
875 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_CANT_EQUIP You must be able to equip an item to use its appearance.
876 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_INVALID_ITEM_TYPE This item does not have a valid appearance.
877 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_NOT_SOULBOUND %s cannot be transmogrified because it is not permanently bound to you.
878 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_INVALID_SOURCE This item's appearance cannot be used.
879 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_INVALID_DESTINATION %s cannot be transmogrified.
880 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_MISMATCH You can only transmogrify an item to take the appearance of an item of the same type and slot.
881 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_LEGENDARY You cannot transmogrify or use the appearance of a legendary item.
882 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_SAME_ITEM You cannot transmogrify an item with the same item.
883 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_SAME_APPEARANCE %s already has that appearance.
885 ERR_VOID_DEPOSIT_FULL You can't deposit more than 9 items at once.
886 ERR_VOID_WITHDRAW_FULL You can't withdraw more than 9 items at once.
887 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_WRAPPED You cannot deposit wrapped items in void storage.
888 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_STACKABLE You cannot deposit stackable items in void storage.
889 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_UNBOUND Only soulbound items can be deposited in void storage.
890 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_REPAIR You must repair that item before you can deposit it in void storage.
891 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_CHARGES You cannot deposit an item with used charges in void storage.
892 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_QUEST You cannot deposit quest items in void storage.
893 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_CONJURED You cannot deposit conjured items in void storage.
894 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_MAIL You cannot deposit mail items in void storage.
895 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_BAG You cannot deposit a non-empty bag in void storage.
896 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_STORAGE_FULL There is not enough room in void storage to complete the deposit.
897 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_INV_FULL There is not enough room in your bags to complete the withdrawal.
898 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_INTERNAL_ERROR Internal void storage error.
899 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_ITEM_INVALID One or more of your items are ineligible to be deposited into void storage.
900 ERR_DIFFICULTY_DISABLED_IN_LFG Using Raid Finder to enter this instance disables dynamic difficulty selection
901 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_UNIQUE You cannot deposit unique items in void storage.
902 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_LOOT You cannot deposit lootable items in void storage.
903 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_HOLIDAY You cannot deposit Holiday related items in void storage.
904 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_DURATION You cannot deposit items with limited duration in void storage.
905 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_LOAD_FAILED Failed to load void storage items.
906 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_INVALID_ITEM You cannot deposit that item into void storage.
907 ERR_PARENTAL_CONTROLS_CHAT_MUTED Your current parental control settings prohibit the ability to send or receive chat messages.
909 ERR_SOR_INVALID_EMAIL That email address is invalid.
910 ERR_SOR_INVALID_COMMENT That comment has invalid characters.
911 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_RESET_COOLDOWN_S Instance can not be reset for another %s.
912 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_RESET_KEYSTONE You may not reset a Mythic dungeon that was started with an energized Keystone. Complete the dungeon to claim your rewards.
913 ERR_PET_JOURNAL_ALREADY_IN_LOADOUT That pet is already in your loadout.
914 ERR_REPORT_SUBMITTED_SUCCESSFULLY Thank you for your report!
915 ERR_REPORT_SUBMISSION_FAILED Report system unavailable.
918 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_ENABLED Challenge Mode enabled.
919 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_DISABLED Challenge Mode disabled.
920 ERR_PETBATTLE_CREATE_FAILED Failed to create pet battle.
921 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE Cannot pet battle here.
922 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE_ON_TRANSPORT Cannot pet battle on a transport.
923 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE_UNEVEN_GROUND Ground is too uneven to pet battle.
924 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE_OBSTRUCTED Pet battle area is obstructed.
925 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_IN_COMBAT Cannot pet battle while in combat.
926 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_DEAD Cannot pet battle while dead.
927 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_FLYING Must be standing to pet battle.
928 ERR_PETBATTLE_TARGET_INVALID Not a valid pet battle target.
929 ERR_PETBATTLE_TARGET_OUT_OF_RANGE Pet battle target out of range.
930 ERR_PETBATTLE_TARGET_NOT_CAPTURABLE Creature is not a valid pet battle target.
931 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_A_TRAINER Must be a battle pet trainer to pet battle.
932 ERR_PETBATTLE_DECLINED Pet battle invitation declined.
933 ERR_PETBATTLE_IN_BATTLE Pet battle already in progress.
934 ERR_PETBATTLE_INVALID_LOADOUT You must equip a pet in a pet battle slot.
935 ERR_PETBATTLE_ALL_PETS_DEAD All pets in your battle slots are dead.
936 ERR_PETBATTLE_NO_PETS_IN_SLOTS Must have a pet in battle slot.
937 ERR_PETBATTLE_NO_ACCOUNT_LOCK Pet Journal Is Locked by another user on this account
938 ERR_PETBATTLE_WILD_PET_TAPPED Pet is being battled by another player.
939 ERR_PETBATTLE_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT Free Trial accounts can't participate in pet battles.
940 ERR_PETBATTLE_OPPONENT_NOT_AVAILABLE Your pet battle opponent is no longer available.
941 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_IN_MATCHED_BATTLE You can't do that in a matched pet battle.
942 ERR_CANT_HAVE_MORE_PETS_OF_THAT_TYPE You can't have any more pets of that type.
943 ERR_CANT_HAVE_MORE_PETS You can't have any more pets.
944 ERR_PVP_MAP_NOT_FOUND Blacklisted map not set.
945 ERR_PVP_MAP_NOT_SET Failed to blacklist PvP map.
946 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_QUEUED You are now queued for a pet battle.
947 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_ALREADY_QUEUED You are already queued for a pet battle.
948 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_JOIN_FAILED Unable to join pet battle queue.
949 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_JOURNAL_LOCK Pet Journal unavailable for battle.
950 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_REMOVED You are no longer in the pet battle queue.
951 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_PROPOSAL_DECLINED You declined the pet battle invitation.
952 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_PROPOSAL_TIMEOUT You did not respond to the pet battle invitation.
953 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_OPPONENT_DECLINED Opponent declined pet battle invitation. You have been returned to the queue.
954 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_REQUEUED_INTERNAL Internal pet battle error. You have been re-queued for battle.
955 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_REQUEUED_REMOVED Pet battle opponent unavailable. You have been re-queued for battle.
956 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_LOCKED Pet battle slot %d is locked.
957 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_EMPTY Pet battle slot %d is empty.
958 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_NO_TRACKER Pet battle slot %d is invalid.
960 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_CANT_BATTLE Pet in slot %d can't battle.
961 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_REVOKED Pet in slot %d is unavailable for battle.
962 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_DEAD Pet in slot %d is dead.
963 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_NO_PET Pet battle slot %d has no pet.
964 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_NOT_WHILE_NEUTRAL Neutral characters cannot pet battle.
965 ERR_PETBATTLE_GAME_TIME_LIMIT_WARNING Pet Battle Time Limit Reached - Will End in %d Minutes
966 ERR_PETBATTLE_GAME_ROUNDS_LIMIT_WARNING Pet Battle Round Limit Reached - Will End in %d Rounds
967 ERR_HAS_RESTRICTION That action is currently restricted.
968 ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_ITEM_TOO_LOW_LEVEL Item must be level 458 or higher
969 ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_PATH Item cannot be upgraded
970 ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_MORE_UPGRADES This item is fully upgraded
971 ERR_BONUS_ROLL_EMPTY You were not eligible to receive any loot from this boss. You have not been charged for your bonus roll.
972 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_FULL A maximum of five unique players may enter a Challenge instance. Resetting the instance also resets this counter.
973 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_IN_PROGRESS You can't enter a Mythic+ dungeon that is in progress
974 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_INCORRECT_KEYSTONE That keystone is for a different dungeon.
975 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_NOT_FOUND Could not find target player.
976 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_NOT_VALID Cannot send BattleTag friend requests to that player.
977 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_NOT_ALLOWED You cannot send BattleTag friend requests.
978 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_THROTTLED Cannot send BattleTag friend requests right now.
979 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_SUCCESS BattleTag friend request has been sent.
980 ERR_PET_TOO_HIGH_LEVEL_TO_UNCAGE This pet is too high level for you to uncage.
981 ERR_PETBATTLE_INTERNAL Internal pet battle error.
982 ERR_CANT_CAGE_PET_YET You can't cage this pet for another %d hours and %d minutes.
983 ERR_NO_LOOT_IN_CHALLENGE_MODE You can't loot items while the Challenge is active.
984 ERR_QUEST_PET_BATTLE_VICTORIES_PVP_II Players defeated in pet battle: %d/%d
985 ERR_ROLE_CHECK_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS A role check is already in progress.
986 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_ACCOUNT_LIMIT You have submitted the maximum number of recruits for this time period. Please try again later.
987 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_FAILED Failed to send Recruit A Friend request. Please try again later.
988 ERR_SET_LOOT_PERSONAL Looting set to Personal.
989 ERR_SET_LOOT_METHOD_FAILED_COMBAT Failed to change loot method: A party member is in combat.
990 ERR_REAGENT_BANK_FULL Your reagent bank is full
995 ERR_GARRISON_INVALID_PLOT_BUILDING That building can't go there.
997 ERR_GARRISON_NOT_ENOUGH_CURRENCY Not enough material to purchase building.
998 ERR_GARRISON_NOT_ENOUGH_GOLD Not enough gold to purchase building.
999 ERR_GARRISON_COMPLETE_MISSION_WRONG_FOLLOWER_TYPE You cannot complete this type of mission with that.
1000 ERR_ALREADY_USING_LFG_LIST You can't do that while using Premade Groups.
1001 ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_LFG_LIST_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot use this feature.
1002 ERR_TOY_USE_LIMIT_REACHED Toy Use Limit Reached
1004 ERR_TRANSMOG_SET_ALREADY_KNOWN All appearances are already in your collection.
1005 40 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_CURRENCY You don't have enough currency to do that.
1006 ERR_SPEC_IS_DISABLED That spec is currently disabled
1007 ERR_FEATURE_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Feature not available for Free Trial accounts.
1008 ERR_CANT_BE_OBLITERATED You can't obliterate that item
1009 ERR_CANT_BE_SCRAPPED You can't scrap that item
1010 ERR_ARTIFACT_RELIC_DOES_NOT_MATCH_ARTIFACT This relic is not attuned for your equipped artifact
1011 ERR_MUST_EQUIP_ARTIFACT You must have an artifact equipped.
1012 ERR_CANT_DO_THAT_RIGHT_NOW You can't do that right now.
1013 ERR_AFFECTING_COMBAT You are in combat
1014 ERR_EQUIPMENT_MANAGER_COMBAT_SWAP_S Some items from set %s cannot be swapped because you are in combat.
1015 ERR_EQUIPMENT_MANAGER_BAGS_FULL Equipment swap failed. Inventory is full.
1016 ERR_EQUIPMENT_MANAGER_MISSING_ITEM_S One or more items from set %s were missing and could not be equipped.
1017 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_PERF Recording stopped - the movie recording settings may be too high for this system configuration.
1018 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_DISK_FULL You don't have enough free space on your hard drive to record movies.
1019 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_NO_MOVIE There is no movie to compress.
1021 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_COMPRESSING You cannot start recording while compressing a movie.
1022 ERR_NO_CHALLENGE_MODE_REWARD Complete a Mythic+ dungeon and return next week to claim your reward.
1023 ERR_CLAIMED_CHALLENGE_MODE_REWARD You have already claimed your Challenger's Bounty for the week.
1024 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_PERIOD_RESET_SS This instance will close at %s. (%s remaining)
1025 ERR_CANT_DO_THAT_CHALLENGE_MODE_ACTIVE You can't do that while a Mythic Keystone is active
1026 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_REST_AREA You must be in a rest area to change talents
1027 ERR_CANNOT_ABANDON_LAST_PET Cannot Abandon Last Pet
1028 ERR_TEST_CVAR_SET_SSS Test CVar %s has been set to %s (default %s)
1030 ERR_CLAIMED_CHALLENGE_MODE_REWARD_OLD You didn't complete a Mythic+ dungeon last week
1032 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_ALREADY_COMPLETE This Mythic+ dungeon has already been completed.
1033 ERR_GLYPH_TARGET_NOT_AVAILABLE The target spell is currently overwritten by a talent or other ability.
1034 ERR_PVP_WARMODE_TOGGLE_ON War Mode toggled on
1035 ERR_PVP_WARMODE_TOGGLE_OFF War Mode toggled off
1036 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_LEVEL_REQUIREMENT You are not high enough level
1037 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_REQUIRES_LEVEL Tournament rules requires all participants to be max level.
1038 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_DISQUALIFIED %s has been disqualified from ranked play in this bracket.
1039 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_DISQUALIFIED_NO_NAME A player has been disqualified from ranked play in this bracket.
1040 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_GENERIC_UNABLE_TO_CONNECT Can't connect to a voice chat server right now. Please try again.
1041 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_SERVICE_LOST Lost connection to the voice chat service.
1042 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_CHANNEL_NAME_TOO_SHORT You must provide a name for the channel.
1043 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_CHANNEL_NAME_TOO_LONG Maximum channel name length is 30 characters.
1044 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_CHANNEL_ALREADY_EXISTS You're already a member of a channel with that name.
1045 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_TARGET_NOT_FOUND Could not find the player to invite to to the voice chat channel.
1046 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Waiting to hear back from the voice chat server. Please try again in a minute.
1047 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_PLAYER_SILENCED We have silenced your account following multiple reports of abusive chat from other players. While you are silenced, you can only use voice chat in private channels.
1048 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_PARENTAL_DISABLE_ALL Voice Chat has been disabled by Parental Controls.
1049 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_DISABLED Voice Chat has been temporarily disabled.
1050 ERR_NO_PVP_REWARD Earn Conquest points through Rated PvP and return next week to claim your reward.
1051 ERR_CLAIMED_PVP_REWARD You have already claimed your Conqueror's Spoils for the week.
1053 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_CANT_REMOVE_ESSENCE You can't change that Essence while %s is on cooldown
1054 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_CONDITION_FAILED You don't meet the requirements to apply this Essence
1055 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_REST_AREA You must be in a rest area to change Essences
1056 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_SLOT_LOCKED You haven't unlocked this Essence slot yet
1057 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_NOT_AT_FORGE You must be at the Heart Forge to do that
1060 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_PUNCHCARDRED_GEM That slot requires a Red Punchcard.
1061 ERR_SOCKETING_PUNCHCARDRED_GEM_ONLY_IN_PUNCHCARDREDSLOT Red Punchcards can only be placed in Red Punchcard sockets.
1062 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_PUNCHCARDYELLOW_GEM That slot requires a Yellow Punchcard.
1063 ERR_SOCKETING_PUNCHCARDYELLOW_GEM_ONLY_IN_PUNCHCARDYELLOWSLOT Yellow Punchcards can only be placed in Yellow Punchcard sockets.
1064 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_PUNCHCARDBLUE_GEM That slot requires a Blue Punchcard.
1065 ERR_SOCKETING_PUNCHCARDBLUE_GEM_ONLY_IN_PUNCHCARDBLUESLOT Blue Punchcards can only be placed in Blue Punchcard sockets.
1066 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_DOMINATION_SHARD That slot requires a Shard of Domination.
1067 ERR_SOCKETING_DOMINATION_SHARD_ONLY_IN_DOMINATIONSLOT Shards of Domination can only be placed in Domination sockets.
1068 ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_LINKED Your level is now restricted to %d.
1069 ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_UNLINKED Your level is no longer restricted.
1070 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_POST_CLUB Couldn't post at this time. Try again later.
1071 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_APPLY_CLUB Couldn't apply. Try again later.
1072 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_RESPOND_APPLICANT Couldn't respond to applicant. Try again later.
1073 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_CANCEL_APPLICATION Couldn't cancel application. Try again later.
1075 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_NO_INVITE_PERMISSIONS You do not have permission to invite.
1076 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_NO_POSTING_PERMISSIONS You do not have permission to post.
1077 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_APPLICANT_LIST Applicant list could not be fetched do to a bnet error.
1078 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_APPLICANT_LIST_NO_PERM You do not have permission to view the applicant list.
1079 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FINDER_NOT_AVAILABLE Finder is not available at this time.
1080 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_GET_POSTING_IDS Couldn't fetch posting ids.
1081 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_JOIN_APPLICATION Couldn't create an application for the posting.
1082 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_REALM_NOT_ELIGIBLE You cannot apply to guilds from a different realm.
1083 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FLAGGED_RENAME Your %s has been flagged for a rename. Please enter a new name before updating the posting.
1084 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FLAGGED_DESCRIPTION_CHANGE Your %s description has been flagged as inappropriate. Please enter a new description before updating the posting.
1087 ERR_PLAYER_CHOICE_ERROR_PENDING_CHOICE You have an unselected choice already. Please select a choice to open a new one.
1091 ERR_SOULBIND_DUPLICATE_CONDUIT You can't use the same Conduit twice. Right click an existing Conduit to remove it.
1092 ERR_ACTIVATE_SOULBIND_S Soulbound with %s.
1093 ERR_ACTIVATE_SOULBIND_FAILED_REST_AREA You must be in a rest area to change your Soulbind
1094 ERR_CANT_USE_PROFANITY Can't use profanity.
1095 ERR_NOT_IN_PET_BATTLE You cannot do that while in a pet battle
1096 ERR_NOT_IN_NPE Not available during the tutorial
1097 ERR_NO_SPEC You have not chosen a class specialization.
1098 ERR_NO_DOMINATIONSHARD_OVERWRITE Shards of Domination can only be removed by the Soulfire Chisel