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Fired when the interface generates a message. These are the yellow messages in the top middle of the window. "No fish are hooked." is one example.

UI_INFO_MESSAGE: errorType, message


number - Info message index for GetGameMessageInfo().
string - Info message, same as the globalstring ERR_* value.


UI_INFO_MESSAGE: 578, "You have joined the queue for Random Battleground."


Red exclamation mark iconThe errorType is an index and likely to be shifted up on every patch so it's recommended to use string (pattern) matching instead, for example:
local function OnEvent(self, event, errorType, message)
	if message == ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE then

local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
f:SetScript("OnEvent", OnEvent)

Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 9.2.5 (43971) May 31 2022
idx skit voice stringId GlobalString (enUS)
3 0 ERR_INV_FULL Inventory is full.
4 ERR_BANK_FULL Your bank is full
5 2 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_LEVEL_I You must reach level %d to use that item.
6 41 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_SKILL You aren't skilled enough to use that item.
7 3 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_EVER You can never use that item.
8 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_RANK You don't have the required rank for that item
9 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_RATING You don't have the personal, team, or battleground rating required to buy that item
10 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_REPUTATION You don't have the required reputation for that item
11 48 ERR_PROFICIENCY_NEEDED You do not have the required proficiency for that item.
12 27 ERR_WRONG_SLOT That item does not go in that slot.
13 41 ERR_CANT_EQUIP_NEED_TALENT You do not have the required talent to equip that.
14 29 ERR_BAG_FULL That bag is full.
15 ERR_INTERNAL_BAG_ERROR Internal Bag Error
16 ERR_DESTROY_NONEMPTY_BAG You can only do that with empty bags.
17 26 ERR_BAG_IN_BAG Can't put non-empty bags in other bags.
18 ERR_TOO_MANY_SPECIAL_BAGS You cannot equip another bag of that type
19 ERR_TRADE_EQUIPPED_BAG You can't trade equipped bags.
20 28 ERR_AMMO_ONLY Only ammo can go there.
21 ERR_NO_SLOT_AVAILABLE No equipment slot is available for that item.
22 ERR_WRONG_BAG_TYPE That item doesn't go in that container.
23 30 ERR_ITEM_MAX_COUNT You can't carry any more of those items.
24 44 ERR_NOT_EQUIPPABLE This item cannot be equipped.
25 ERR_CANT_STACK This item cannot stack.
26 ERR_CANT_SWAP These items can't be swapped.
27 ERR_SLOT_EMPTY That slot is empty.
28 ERR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND The item was not found.
29 ERR_TOO_FEW_TO_SPLIT Tried to split more than number in stack.
30 ERR_SPLIT_FAILED Couldn't split those items.
31 25 ERR_NOT_A_BAG Not a bag.
32 ERR_NOT_OWNER You don't own that item.
33 ERR_ONLY_ONE_QUIVER You can only equip one quiver.
34 ERR_NO_BANK_SLOT You must purchase that bag slot first
35 ERR_NO_BANK_HERE You are too far away from a bank.
36 61 ERR_ITEM_LOCKED Item is locked.
37 42 ERR_2HANDED_EQUIPPED Cannot equip that with a two-handed weapon.
38 ERR_VENDOR_NOT_INTERESTED The merchant doesn't want that item.
39 ERR_VENDOR_REFUSE_SCRAPPABLE_AZERITE The merchant doesn't want that item. Bring it to the Scrapper to extract Titan Residuum.
40 ERR_VENDOR_HATES_YOU That merchant doesn't like you.
41 ERR_VENDOR_SOLD_OUT That item is currently sold out.
42 ERR_VENDOR_TOO_FAR You are too far away.
43 ERR_VENDOR_DOESNT_BUY You cannot sell items to this merchant
44 40 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY You don't have enough money.
45 123 ERR_RECEIVE_ITEM_S %s received.
46 4 ERR_DROP_BOUND_ITEM You can't drop a soulbound item.
47 59 ERR_TRADE_BOUND_ITEM You can't trade a soulbound item.
48 59 ERR_TRADE_QUEST_ITEM You can't trade a quest item.
49 59 ERR_TRADE_TEMP_ENCHANT_BOUND You may not trade an item with a temporary enhancement.
50 ERR_TRADE_GROUND_ITEM You can't trade an item from the ground.
51 ERR_TRADE_BAG You can't trade non-empty bags.
52 ERR_TRADE_FACTION_SPECIFIC You can't trade a faction specific item to the opposing faction
54 5 ERR_ITEM_COOLDOWN Item is not ready yet.
55 47 ERR_POTION_COOLDOWN You can't do that yet.
56 7 ERR_FOOD_COOLDOWN You are too full to eat more now.
57 12 ERR_SPELL_COOLDOWN Spell is not ready yet.
58 50 ERR_ABILITY_COOLDOWN Ability is not ready yet.
59 13 ERR_SPELL_ALREADY_KNOWN_S You already know %s.
60 ERR_PET_SPELL_ALREADY_KNOWN_S Your pet already knows %s.
61 ERR_PROFICIENCY_GAINED_S You have gained %s proficiency.
62 ERR_SKILL_GAINED_S You have gained the %s skill.
63 ERR_SKILL_UP_SI Your skill in %s has increased to %d.
64 ERR_LEARN_SPELL_S You have learned a new spell: %s.
65 ERR_LEARN_ABILITY_S You have learned a new ability: %s.
66 ERR_LEARN_PASSIVE_S You have learned a new passive effect: %s.
67 ERR_LEARN_RECIPE_S You have learned how to create a new item: %s.
68 ERR_LEARN_COMPANION_S You have added the pet %s to your collection.
69 ERR_LEARN_MOUNT_S You have added the mount %s to your collection.
70 ERR_LEARN_TOY_S %s has been added to your Toy Box.
71 ERR_LEARN_HEIRLOOM_S %s has been added to your heirloom collection.
72 ERR_LEARN_TRANSMOG_S %s has been added to your appearance collection.
73 ERR_COMPLETED_TRANSMOG_SET_S You've completed the set %s.
74 ERR_APPEARANCE_ALREADY_LEARNED You already have that appearance
75 ERR_REVOKE_TRANSMOG_S %s has been removed from your appearance collection.
76 ERR_INVITE_PLAYER_S You have invited %s to join your group.
77 ERR_INVITE_SELF You can't invite yourself to a group.
78 ERR_INVITED_TO_GROUP_SS [%s] has invited you to join a group.
79 20 ERR_INVITED_ALREADY_IN_GROUP_SS [%s] invited you to a group, but you could not accept because you are already in a group.
80 20 ERR_ALREADY_IN_GROUP_S %s is already in a group.
81 ERR_CROSS_REALM_RAID_INVITE You can't invite a player from another realm to a raid group.
82 ERR_PLAYER_BUSY_S %s is busy right now.
83 ERR_NEW_LEADER_S %s is now the group leader.
84 ERR_NEW_LEADER_YOU You are now the group leader.
85 ERR_NEW_GUIDE_S %s is now the Dungeon Guide.
86 ERR_NEW_GUIDE_YOU You are now the Dungeon Guide.
87 ERR_LEFT_GROUP_S %s leaves the party.
88 ERR_LEFT_GROUP_YOU You leave the group.
89 ERR_GROUP_DISBANDED Your group has been disbanded.
90 882 ERR_DECLINE_GROUP_S %s declines your group invitation.
91 ERR_JOINED_GROUP_S %s joins the party.
92 ERR_UNINVITE_YOU You have been removed from the group.
93 ERR_BAD_PLAYER_NAME_S Cannot find player '%s'.
94 ERR_NOT_IN_GROUP You aren't in a party.
95 ERR_TARGET_NOT_IN_GROUP_S %s is not in your party.
96 ERR_TARGET_NOT_IN_INSTANCE_S %s is not in your instance.
97 ERR_NOT_IN_INSTANCE_GROUP You aren't in an instance group.
98 8 ERR_GROUP_FULL Your party is full.
99 ERR_NOT_LEADER You are not the party leader.
100 ERR_PLAYER_DIED_S %s has died.
101 888 ERR_GUILD_CREATE_S %s created.
102 ERR_GUILD_INVITE_S You have invited %s to join your guild.
103 888 ERR_INVITED_TO_GUILD_SSS [%s] invites you to join %s.
104 ERR_ALREADY_IN_GUILD_S %s is already in a guild.
105 ERR_ALREADY_INVITED_TO_GUILD_S %s has already been invited to a guild.
106 ERR_INVITED_TO_GUILD You have already been invited into a guild.
107 ERR_ALREADY_IN_GUILD You are already in a guild.
108 ERR_GUILD_ACCEPT You have joined the guild.
109 ERR_GUILD_DECLINE_S %s declines your guild invitation.
110 ERR_GUILD_DECLINE_AUTO_S %s is declining all guild invitations.
111 62 ERR_GUILD_PERMISSIONS You don't have permission to do that.
112 ERR_GUILD_JOIN_S %s has joined the guild.
113 ERR_GUILD_FOUNDER_S Congratulations, you are a founding member of %s!
114 ERR_GUILD_PROMOTE_SSS %s has promoted %s to %s.
115 ERR_GUILD_DEMOTE_SS %s has been demoted to %s.
116 ERR_GUILD_DEMOTE_SSS %s has demoted %s to %s.
117 ERR_GUILD_INVITE_SELF You can't invite yourself to a guild.
118 ERR_GUILD_QUIT_S You are no longer a member of %s.
119 ERR_GUILD_LEAVE_S %s has left the guild.
120 ERR_GUILD_REMOVE_SS %s has been kicked out of the guild by %s.
121 ERR_GUILD_REMOVE_SELF You have been kicked out of the guild.
122 ERR_GUILD_DISBAND_S %s has disbanded the guild.
123 ERR_GUILD_DISBAND_SELF You have disbanded the guild.
124 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_S %s has been promoted to Guild Master.
125 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_SELF You are now the Guild Master.
126 ERR_GUILD_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND_S "%s" not found.
127 ERR_GUILD_PLAYER_NOT_IN_GUILD_S %s is not in your guild.
128 ERR_GUILD_PLAYER_NOT_IN_GUILD You are not in a guild.
132 ERR_GUILD_INTERNAL Internal guild error.
133 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_IS_S %s is the leader of your guild.
134 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_CHANGED_SS %s has made %s the new Guild Master.
135 ERR_GUILD_DISBANDED Guild has been disbanded.
136 ERR_GUILD_NOT_ALLIED You cannot invite players from the opposing alliance
137 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_LEAVE You must promote a new Guild Master using /gleader before leaving the guild.
138 ERR_GUILD_RANKS_LOCKED Temporary guild error. Please try again!
139 ERR_GUILD_RANK_IN_USE That guild rank is currently in use.
140 ERR_GUILD_RANK_TOO_HIGH_S %s's rank is too high
141 ERR_GUILD_RANK_TOO_LOW_S %s is already at the lowest rank
142 ERR_GUILD_NAME_EXISTS_S There is already a guild named "%s".
143 ERR_GUILD_WITHDRAW_LIMIT You cannot withdraw that much from the guild bank.
144 ERR_GUILD_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY The guild bank does not have enough money
145 ERR_GUILD_TOO_MUCH_MONEY The guild bank is at gold limit
146 ERR_GUILD_BANK_CONJURED_ITEM You cannot store conjured items in the guild bank
147 ERR_GUILD_BANK_EQUIPPED_ITEM You must unequip that item first
148 ERR_GUILD_BANK_BOUND_ITEM You cannot store soulbound items in the guild bank
149 ERR_GUILD_BANK_QUEST_ITEM You cannot store quest items in the guild bank
150 ERR_GUILD_BANK_WRAPPED_ITEM You cannot store wrapped items in the guild bank
151 ERR_GUILD_BANK_FULL This guild bank tab is full
152 ERR_GUILD_BANK_WRONG_TAB Incorrect bank tab
153 ERR_NO_GUILD_CHARTER You don't have a guild charter.
154 10 ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE Out of range.
155 ERR_PLAYER_DEAD You can't do that when you're dead.
156 ERR_CLIENT_LOCKED_OUT You can't do that right now.
157 ERR_CLIENT_ON_TRANSPORT You can't do that while on a vehicle or transport.
158 ERR_KILLED_BY_S %s has slain you.
159 33 ERR_LOOT_LOCKED Someone is already looting that corpse.
160 35 ERR_LOOT_TOO_FAR You are too far away to loot that corpse.
161 31 ERR_LOOT_DIDNT_KILL You don't have permission to loot that corpse.
162 32 ERR_LOOT_BAD_FACING You must be facing the corpse to loot it.
163 ERR_LOOT_NOTSTANDING You need to be standing up to loot something!
164 ERR_LOOT_STUNNED You can't loot anything while stunned!
165 ERR_LOOT_NO_UI You can't loot right now.
166 ERR_LOOT_WHILE_INVULNERABLE Cannot loot while invulnerable.
167 ERR_NO_LOOT There is no loot.
168 ERR_QUEST_ACCEPTED_S Quest accepted: %s
169 ERR_QUEST_COMPLETE_S %s completed.
170 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_S %s failed.
171 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_BAG_FULL_S %s failed: Inventory is full.
172 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_MAX_COUNT_S Turn in for "%s" failed. This quest's unique reward already exists in your inventory. Remove it to complete this quest.
173 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_LOW_LEVEL You are not high enough level for that quest.
174 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_MISSING_ITEMS You don't have the required items with you. Check storage.
175 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_WRONG_RACE That quest is not available to your race.
176 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY You don't have enough money for that quest.
177 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_EXPANSION This quest requires an expansion enabled account.
178 847 ERR_QUEST_ONLY_ONE_TIMED You can only be on one timed quest at a time
179 847 ERR_QUEST_NEED_PREREQS You don't meet the requirements for that quest.
181 847 ERR_QUEST_ALREADY_ON You are already on that quest.
182 847 ERR_QUEST_ALREADY_DONE You have completed that quest.
183 847 ERR_QUEST_ALREADY_DONE_DAILY You have completed that daily quest today.
184 847 ERR_QUEST_HAS_IN_PROGRESS Progress Bar objective not completed
185 ERR_QUEST_REWARD_EXP_I Experience gained: %d.
187 847 ERR_QUEST_MUST_CHOOSE You must choose a reward.
188 847 ERR_QUEST_LOG_FULL Your quest log is full.
189 ERR_COMBAT_DAMAGE_SSI %s hits %s for %d damage!
190 ERR_INSPECT_S %s is inspecting you.
191 51 ERR_CANT_USE_ITEM You can't use that item.
192 51 ERR_CANT_USE_ITEM_IN_ARENA You can't use that item in an arena.
193 51 ERR_CANT_USE_ITEM_IN_RATED_BATTLEGROUND You can't use that item in a rated battleground.
194 49 ERR_MUST_EQUIP_ITEM You must equip that item to use it.
195 ERR_PASSIVE_ABILITY You can't put a passive ability in the action bar.
196 43 ERR_2HSKILLNOTFOUND You cannot dual-wield
197 38 ERR_NO_ATTACK_TARGET There is nothing to attack.
198 11 ERR_INVALID_ATTACK_TARGET You cannot attack that target.
199 ERR_ATTACK_PVP_TARGET_WHILE_UNFLAGGED You cannot do that to a PVP target while PVP is disabled.
200 ERR_ATTACK_STUNNED Can't attack while stunned.
201 ERR_ATTACK_PACIFIED Can't attack while pacified.
202 ERR_ATTACK_MOUNTED Can't attack while mounted.
203 ERR_ATTACK_FLEEING Can't attack while fleeing.
204 ERR_ATTACK_CONFUSED Can't attack while confused.
205 ERR_ATTACK_CHARMED Can't attack while charmed.
206 ERR_ATTACK_DEAD Can't attack while dead.
207 ERR_ATTACK_PREVENTED_BY_MECHANIC_S Can't attack while %s.
208 ERR_ATTACK_CHANNEL Can't attack while channeling.
209 ERR_TAXISAMENODE You are already there!
210 ERR_TAXINOSUCHPATH There is no direct path to that destination!
212 54 ERR_TAXINOTENOUGHMONEY You don't have enough money!
213 ERR_TAXITOOFARAWAY You are too far away from the taxi stand!
214 ERR_TAXINOVENDORNEARBY There is no taxi vendor nearby!
215 ERR_TAXINOTVISITED You haven't reached that flight location on foot yet!
216 ERR_TAXIPLAYERBUSY You are busy and can't use the taxi service now.
217 ERR_TAXIPLAYERALREADYMOUNTED You are already mounted! Dismount first.
218 ERR_TAXIPLAYERSHAPESHIFTED You can't take a taxi while shapeshifted!
219 ERR_TAXIPLAYERMOVING You are moving.
220 ERR_TAXINOPATHS You don't know any locations connected to this one.
221 ERR_TAXINOTELIGIBLE You cannot use this taxi currently.
222 ERR_TAXINOTSTANDING You need to be standing to go anywhere.
223 ERR_NO_REPLY_TARGET You have nobody to reply to yet.
224 45 ERR_GENERIC_NO_TARGET You have no target.
225 ERR_INITIATE_TRADE_S You have requested to trade with %s.
226 888 ERR_TRADE_REQUEST_S %s has requested to trade with you.
227 ERR_TRADE_BLOCKED_S %s has requested to trade. You have refused.
228 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_DEAD You can't trade with dead players.
229 ERR_TRADE_TOO_FAR Trade target is too far away.
230 ERR_TRADE_CANCELLED Trade canceled.
231 ERR_TRADE_COMPLETE Trade complete.
232 ERR_TRADE_BAG_FULL Trade failed, you don't have enough space.
233 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_BAG_FULL Trade failed, target doesn't have enough space.
234 ERR_TRADE_MAX_COUNT_EXCEEDED You have too many of a unique item.
235 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_MAX_COUNT_EXCEEDED Your trade partner has too many of a unique item.
236 ERR_INVENTORY_TRADE_TOO_MANY_UNIQUE_ITEM Your inventory would contain too many of a unique item.
237 ERR_ALREADY_TRADING You are already trading
238 ERR_MOUNT_INVALIDMOUNTEE You can't mount that unit.
239 ERR_MOUNT_TOOFARAWAY That mount is too far away.
240 ERR_MOUNT_ALREADYMOUNTED You're already mounted.
241 ERR_MOUNT_NOTMOUNTABLE That unit can't be mounted.
242 ERR_MOUNT_NOTYOURPET That mount isn't your pet!
244 ERR_MOUNT_LOOTING You can't mount while looting!
245 ERR_MOUNT_RACECANTMOUNT You can't mount because of your race.
246 ERR_MOUNT_SHAPESHIFTED You can't mount while shapeshifted.
247 ERR_MOUNT_NO_FAVORITES You have no valid favorite mounts.
248 ERR_MOUNT_NO_MOUNTS You have no valid mounts.
250 ERR_DISMOUNT_NOTMOUNTED You're not mounted!
256 ERR_CANT_TRADE_GOLD Gold may only be offered by one trader.
257 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_EQUIPPED_ITEM Must have the proper item equipped
260 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ANOTHER_IN_PROGRESS Another action is in progress
261 ERR_BADATTACKFACING You are facing the wrong way!
262 ERR_BADATTACKPOS You are too far away!
263 52 ERR_CHEST_IN_USE That is already being used.
264 ERR_USE_CANT_OPEN You can't open that.
265 61 ERR_USE_LOCKED Item is locked.
266 61 ERR_DOOR_LOCKED The door is locked.
267 61 ERR_BUTTON_LOCKED That has already been used.
271 57 ERR_USE_TOO_FAR You are too far away.
272 ERR_USE_BAD_ANGLE You aren't facing the right angle!
273 ERR_USE_OBJECT_MOVING Object is in motion.
274 ERR_USE_SPELL_FOCUS Object is a spell focus.
275 ERR_USE_DESTROYED That is destroyed.
276 ERR_SET_LOOT_FREEFORALL Looting set to Free for All.
277 ERR_SET_LOOT_ROUNDROBIN Looting set to Round Robin.
278 ERR_SET_LOOT_MASTER Looting set to Master Looter.
279 ERR_SET_LOOT_GROUP Looting set to Group Loot.
280 ERR_SET_LOOT_THRESHOLD_S Loot threshold set to %s.
281 ERR_NEW_LOOT_MASTER_S %s is now the loot master.
282 ERR_SPECIFY_MASTER_LOOTER You must specify a loot master.
283 ERR_LOOT_SPEC_CHANGED_S Loot Specialization set to: %s
285 ERR_CHAT_WHILE_DEAD You can't chat when you're dead!
286 ERR_CHAT_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND_S No player named '%s' is currently playing.
287 1519 ERR_NEWTAXIPATH New location discovered!
288 ERR_NO_PET You don't have a pet!
289 ERR_NOTYOURPET That is not your pet!
290 ERR_PET_NOT_RENAMEABLE Your pet can't be renamed.
292 ERR_QUEST_UNKNOWN_COMPLETE Objective Complete.
293 ERR_QUEST_ADD_KILL_SII %s slain: %d/%d
295 ERR_QUEST_ADD_ITEM_SII %s: %d/%d
296 ERR_QUEST_ADD_PLAYER_KILL_SII Players slain: %d/%d
297 ERR_CANNOTCREATEDIRECTORY Cannot create directory %s.
298 ERR_CANNOTCREATEFILE Cannot create file %s.
299 ERR_PLAYER_WRONG_FACTION Target is unfriendly.
300 ERR_PLAYER_IS_NEUTRAL Target has not selected a faction.
301 ERR_BANKSLOT_FAILED_TOO_MANY You've reached your limit of bag slots!
302 22 ERR_BANKSLOT_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS You can't afford that.
303 ERR_BANKSLOT_NOTBANKER That unit is not a banker!
304 ERR_FRIEND_DB_ERROR Friend lookup database error.
305 ERR_FRIEND_LIST_FULL You don't have room for any more friends.
306 ERR_FRIEND_ADDED_S %s added to friends.
308 3332 ERR_FRIEND_ONLINE_SS [%s] has come online.
309 ERR_FRIEND_OFFLINE_S %s has gone offline.
310 ERR_FRIEND_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
311 ERR_FRIEND_WRONG_FACTION Friends must be part of your alliance.
312 ERR_FRIEND_REMOVED_S %s removed from friends list.
314 ERR_FRIEND_ERROR Unknown friend response from server.
315 ERR_FRIEND_ALREADY_S %s is already your friend.
316 ERR_FRIEND_SELF You can't put yourself on your friend list.
317 ERR_FRIEND_DELETED Friend removed because the character no longer exists.
318 ERR_IGNORE_FULL You can't ignore any more players.
319 ERR_IGNORE_SELF You can't ignore yourself.
320 ERR_IGNORE_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
321 ERR_IGNORE_ALREADY_S %s is already being ignored.
322 ERR_IGNORE_ADDED_S %s is now being ignored.
323 ERR_IGNORE_REMOVED_S %s is no longer being ignored.
324 ERR_IGNORE_AMBIGUOUS That name is ambiguous, type more of the player's server name
325 ERR_IGNORE_DELETED Ignore removed because the character no longer exists.
326 ERR_ONLY_ONE_BOLT You can only equip one quiver.
327 ERR_ONLY_ONE_AMMO You can only equip one ammo pouch.
329 28 ERR_WRONG_BAG_TYPE_SUBCLASS Only %s can be placed in that.
330 ERR_CANT_WRAP_STACKABLE Stackable items can't be wrapped.
331 ERR_CANT_WRAP_EQUIPPED Equipped items can't be wrapped.
332 ERR_CANT_WRAP_WRAPPED Wrapped items can't be wrapped.
333 ERR_CANT_WRAP_BOUND Bound items can't be wrapped.
334 ERR_CANT_WRAP_UNIQUE Unique items can't be wrapped.
335 ERR_CANT_WRAP_BAGS Bags can't be wrapped.
336 15 ERR_OUT_OF_MANA Not enough mana
337 63 ERR_OUT_OF_RAGE Not enough rage
338 ERR_OUT_OF_FOCUS Not enough focus
339 64 ERR_OUT_OF_ENERGY Not enough energy
340 ERR_OUT_OF_CHI Not enough chi
341 ERR_OUT_OF_HEALTH Not enough health
342 ERR_OUT_OF_RUNES Not enough runes
343 ERR_OUT_OF_RUNIC_POWER Not enough runic power
344 ERR_OUT_OF_SOUL_SHARDS Not enough soul shards
346 ERR_OUT_OF_HOLY_POWER Not enough holy power
347 ERR_OUT_OF_MAELSTROM Not enough maelstrom
348 ERR_OUT_OF_COMBO_POINTS That ability requires combo points
349 ERR_OUT_OF_INSANITY Not enough insanity
350 ERR_OUT_OF_ARCANE_CHARGES Not enough arcane charges
351 ERR_OUT_OF_FURY Not enough fury
352 ERR_OUT_OF_PAIN Not enough pain
353 ERR_OUT_OF_POWER_DISPLAY Not enough %s
354 ERR_LOOT_GONE Already looted (%d/%d)
355 ERR_MOUNT_FORCEDDISMOUNT You dismount before continuing.
356 ERR_AUTOFOLLOW_TOO_FAR Target is too far away.
357 ERR_UNIT_NOT_FOUND Unknown unit.
358 ERR_INVALID_FOLLOW_TARGET You can't follow that unit.
359 ERR_INVALID_FOLLOW_PVP_COMBAT You can't use follow while engaged in PVP combat.
360 ERR_INVALID_FOLLOW_TARGET_PVP_COMBAT You can't follow a player who is engaged in PVP combat.
361 ERR_INVALID_INSPECT_TARGET You can't inspect that unit.
362 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_SUCCESS Guild Emblem saved.
364 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_NOGUILD You are not part of a guild!
365 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_NOTGUILDMASTER Only guild leaders can create emblems.
366 40 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_NOTENOUGHMONEY You can't afford to do that.
367 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_INVALIDVENDOR That's not an emblem vendor!
368 ERR_EMBLEMERROR_NOTABARDGEOSET Change back to your normal form first!
369 46 ERR_SPELL_OUT_OF_RANGE Out of range.
370 ERR_COMMAND_NEEDS_TARGET You must specify a target: /<command> <target's name>
371 1 ERR_NOAMMO_S %s
372 ERR_TOOBUSYTOFOLLOW You're too busy to follow anything!
373 123515 ERR_DUEL_REQUESTED You have requested a duel.
374 ERR_DUEL_CANCELLED Duel canceled.
375 ERR_DEATHBINDALREADYBOUND You are already bound here!
376 ERR_DEATHBIND_SUCCESS_S %s is now your home.
377 ERR_NOEMOTEWHILERUNNING You can't do that while moving!
378 ERR_ZONE_EXPLORED Discovered: %s
379 ERR_ZONE_EXPLORED_XP Discovered %s: %d experience gained
380 51 ERR_INVALID_ITEM_TARGET That item is not a valid target.
381 ERR_INVALID_QUEST_TARGET That quest is not a valid target.
382 ERR_IGNORING_YOU_S %s is ignoring you.
383 ERR_FISH_NOT_HOOKED No fish are hooked.
384 ERR_FISH_ESCAPED Your fish got away!
385 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_NOTUNSHEATHED You have to be unsheathed to do that!
386 ERR_PETITION_OFFERED_S You have requested %s's signature.
387 881 ERR_PETITION_SIGNED Charter signed.
388 881 ERR_PETITION_SIGNED_S %s has signed your charter.
389 882 ERR_PETITION_DECLINED_S %s has declined to sign your petition.
390 882 ERR_PETITION_ALREADY_SIGNED You have already signed that charter.
391 882 ERR_PETITION_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Free Trial accounts may not sign guild charters. [Click To Upgrade]
392 882 ERR_PETITION_ALREADY_SIGNED_OTHER You've already signed another guild charter
393 882 ERR_PETITION_IN_GUILD You are already in a guild.
394 882 ERR_PETITION_CREATOR You can't sign your own charter.
395 882 ERR_PETITION_NOT_ENOUGH_SIGNATURES You need more signatures.
396 882 ERR_PETITION_NOT_SAME_SERVER That player is not from your server
397 882 ERR_PETITION_FULL That petition is full
398 ERR_PETITION_ALREADY_SIGNED_BY_S %s has already signed your charter.
399 882 ERR_GUILD_NAME_INVALID Invalid guild name.
400 ERR_SPELL_UNLEARNED_S You have unlearned %s.
401 ERR_PET_SPELL_ROOTED Your pet is unable to move.
402 ERR_PET_SPELL_AFFECTING_COMBAT Your pet is in combat.
403 ERR_PET_SPELL_OUT_OF_RANGE Your pet is out of range.
404 ERR_PET_SPELL_NOT_BEHIND Your pet must be behind its target.
405 ERR_PET_SPELL_TARGETS_DEAD Your pet's target is dead.
406 ERR_PET_SPELL_DEAD Your pet is dead.
407 ERR_PET_SPELL_NOPATH No path available for your pet
408 ERR_ITEM_CANT_BE_DESTROYED That item cannot be destroyed.
409 ERR_TICKET_ALREADY_EXISTS You already have a GM ticket.
410 ERR_TICKET_CREATE_ERROR Error creating GM ticket.
411 ERR_TICKET_UPDATE_ERROR Error updating GM ticket.
412 ERR_TICKET_DB_ERROR Error retrieving GM ticket.
413 ERR_TICKET_NO_TEXT You must enter text for your ticket.
414 ERR_TICKET_TEXT_TOO_LONG Your ticket text was too long.
415 ERR_OBJECT_IS_BUSY That object is busy.
416 ERR_EXHAUSTION_WELLRESTED You feel well rested.
417 ERR_EXHAUSTION_RESTED You feel rested.
418 ERR_EXHAUSTION_NORMAL You are no longer rested.
419 ERR_EXHAUSTION_TIRED You feel tired.
420 ERR_EXHAUSTION_EXHAUSTED You feel exhausted.
421 ERR_NO_ITEMS_WHILE_SHAPESHIFTED Can't use items while shapeshifted.
422 ERR_CANT_INTERACT_SHAPESHIFTED Can't speak while shapeshifted.
423 ERR_REALM_NOT_FOUND Cannot find that realm.
424 59 ERR_MAIL_QUEST_ITEM You can't mail quest items.
425 59 ERR_MAIL_BOUND_ITEM You can't mail soulbound items.
426 ERR_MAIL_CONJURED_ITEM You cannot mail conjured items
427 ERR_MAIL_BAG You can't mail non-empty bags.
428 ERR_MAIL_TO_SELF You can't send mail to yourself.
429 ERR_MAIL_TARGET_NOT_FOUND Cannot find mail recipient.
430 ERR_MAIL_DATABASE_ERROR Internal mail database error.
431 ERR_MAIL_DELETE_ITEM_ERROR You can't delete that.
432 ERR_MAIL_WRAPPED_COD You can't send wrapped items C.O.D.
433 ERR_MAIL_CANT_SEND_REALM You can't send mail to that realm.
434 ERR_MAIL_TEMP_RETURN_OUTAGE Mail return temporarily unavailable
435 ERR_MAIL_RECEPIENT_CANT_RECEIVE_MAIL Recipient can't receive mail at this time.
436 ERR_MAIL_SENT Mail sent.
438 ERR_USE_CANT_IMMUNE You can't do that while you are immune.
439 ERR_CANT_BE_DISENCHANTED Item cannot be disenchanted
440 ERR_CANT_USE_DISARMED You cannot use an item that is disarmed.
441 ERR_AUCTION_DATABASE_ERROR Internal auction error.
442 ERR_AUCTION_HIGHER_BID There is already a higher bid on that item.
443 ERR_AUCTION_ALREADY_BID You have already bid on this item.
444 ERR_AUCTION_OUTBID_S You have been outbid on %s.
445 ERR_AUCTION_WON_S You won an auction for %s
446 ERR_AUCTION_REMOVED_S Your auction of %s has been canceled by the seller.
447 ERR_AUCTION_BID_PLACED Bid accepted.
448 ERR_LOGOUT_FAILED You can't logout now.
449 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_SUCCESS_S Sharing quest with %s...
450 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_INVALID_S %s is not eligible for that quest.
451 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_INVALID_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are not eligible for that quest.
452 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ACCEPTED_S %s has accepted your quest.
453 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DECLINED_S %s has declined your quest.
454 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_BUSY_S %s is busy.
455 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DEAD_S %s is dead.
456 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DEAD_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are dead.
457 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOG_FULL_S %s's quest log is full.
458 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOG_FULL_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. Your quest log is full.
459 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ONQUEST_S %s is already on that quest.
460 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ONQUEST_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are already on that quest.
461 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ALREADY_DONE_S %s has completed that quest.
462 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_ALREADY_DONE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You have completed that quest.
463 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_DAILY_S That quest cannot be shared today.
464 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_TIMER_EXPIRED_S Quest sharing timer has expired.
465 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_IN_PARTY_S You are not in a party.
466 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DIFFERENT_SERVER_DAILY_S %s is not eligible for that quest today.
467 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_DIFFERENT_SERVER_DAILY_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are not eligible for that quest today.
468 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_ALLOWED_S That quest cannot be shared.
469 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_PREREQUISITE_S %s hasn't completed all of the prerequisite quests required for that quest.
470 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_PREREQUISITE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You must complete all of the prerequisite quests first.
471 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_LEVEL_S %s is too low level for that quest.
472 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_LEVEL_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are too low level for that quest.
473 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_HIGH_LEVEL_S %s is too high level for that quest.
474 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_HIGH_LEVEL_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are too high level for that quest.
475 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_CLASS_S %s is the wrong class for that quest.
476 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_CLASS_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are the wrong class for that quest.
477 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_RACE_S %s is the wrong race for that quest.
478 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_RACE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are the wrong race for that quest.
479 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_FACTION_S %s's reputation is too low for that quest.
480 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_LOW_FACTION_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. Your reputation is too low for that quest.
481 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_EXPANSION_S %s doesn't own the required expansion for that quest.
482 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_EXPANSION_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You do not own the required expansion for that quest.
483 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_GARRISON_OWNER_S %s must own a garrison to accept that quest.
484 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NOT_GARRISON_OWNER_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You must own a garrison to accept that quest.
485 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_COVENANT_S %s is in the wrong covenant for that quest.
486 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_COVENANT_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are in the wrong covenant for that quest.
487 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NEW_PLAYER_EXPERIENCE_S %s must complete Exile's Reach to accept that quest.
488 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_NEW_PLAYER_EXPERIENCE_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You must complete Exile's Reach to accept that quest.
489 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_FACTION_S %s is the wrong faction for that quest.
490 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_WRONG_FACTION_TO_RECIPIENT_S %s's attempt to share quest "%s" failed. You are the wrong faction for that quest.
491 ERR_QUEST_PUSH_CROSS_FACTION_RESTRICTED_S Quests can't be shared in cross-faction groups.
492 ERR_RAID_GROUP_LOWLEVEL You are too low level to enter this location.
493 ERR_RAID_GROUP_ONLY You must be in a raid group to enter this location.
494 ERR_RAID_GROUP_FULL The instance is full.
495 ERR_RAID_GROUP_REQUIREMENTS_UNMATCH You do not meet the requirements to enter this location.
496 ERR_CORPSE_IS_NOT_IN_INSTANCE Your corpse is not in that instance
499 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ALREADY_AT_FULL_HEALTH You are already at full Health
500 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ALREADY_AT_FULL_MANA You are already at full Mana
501 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_ALREADY_AT_FULL_POWER_S You are already at full %s
502 ERR_AUTOLOOT_MONEY_S You loot %s
503 ERR_GENERIC_STUNNED You are stunned
504 ERR_GENERIC_THROTTLE You're doing that too fast
505 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_SEARCHING_TOO_FAST You are searching too fast, please wait a few moments before searching again.
506 ERR_TARGET_STUNNED Target is stunned
507 ERR_MUST_REPAIR_DURABILITY You must repair that item's durability to use it.
508 ERR_RAID_YOU_JOINED You have joined a raid group. (While in a raid, you cannot earn credit towards most non-raid quests.)
509 ERR_RAID_YOU_LEFT You have left the raid group.
510 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_JOINED_WITH_PARTY You are in both a party and an instance group. You may communicate with your party with "/p" and with your instance group with "/i".
511 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_JOINED_WITH_RAID You are in both a raid and an instance group. You may communicate with your raid with "/ra" and with your instance group with "/i".
512 ERR_RAID_MEMBER_ADDED_S %s has joined the raid group.
513 ERR_RAID_MEMBER_REMOVED_S %s has left the raid group.
514 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_ADDED_S %s has joined the instance group.
515 ERR_INSTANCE_GROUP_REMOVED_S %s has left the instance group.
516 ERR_CLICK_ON_ITEM_TO_FEED Click on an item to feed to your pet
517 ERR_TOO_MANY_CHAT_CHANNELS You can only be in %d channels at a time.
518 ERR_LOOT_ROLL_PENDING That item is still being rolled for.
519 ERR_LOOT_PLAYER_NOT_FOUND Player not found
520 ERR_NOT_IN_RAID You are not in a raid group
521 ERR_LOGGING_OUT You are logging out
522 ERR_TARGET_LOGGING_OUT That player is logging out
523 ERR_NOT_WHILE_MOUNTED You can't do that while mounted.
524 ERR_NOT_WHILE_SHAPESHIFTED You can't do that while shapeshifted.
525 ERR_NOT_IN_COMBAT You can't do that while in combat
526 ERR_NOT_WHILE_DISARMED You can't do that while disarmed
527 ERR_PET_BROKEN Your pet has run away
528 ERR_TALENT_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen any talents.
529 ERR_SPEC_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen a class specialization.
530 ERR_GLYPH_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen any glyphs.
531 ERR_PET_SPEC_WIPE_ERROR You have not chosen a specialization for your pet.
533 8458 ERR_MEETING_STONE_IN_QUEUE_S You are now in the queue to join a party for %s.
534 ERR_MEETING_STONE_LEFT_QUEUE_S You have left the queue to join a party for %s.
535 ERR_MEETING_STONE_OTHER_MEMBER_LEFT Party member has left. Looking for a new party in the meeting stone queue.
537 ERR_MEETING_STONE_MEMBER_STILL_IN_QUEUE Looking for a new party in the meeting stone queue.
538 ERR_MEETING_STONE_SUCCESS Your group is complete, you have left the meeting stone queue.
539 ERR_MEETING_STONE_IN_PROGRESS You are still seeking more members through the meeting stone.
540 ERR_MEETING_STONE_MEMBER_ADDED_S %s has been added to the group by the meeting stone.
541 ERR_MEETING_STONE_GROUP_FULL You are already in a full group
542 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NOT_LEADER Only the party leader can leave the meeting stone queue
543 ERR_MEETING_STONE_INVALID_LEVEL You do not meet the level requirements of this meeting stone.
544 ERR_MEETING_STONE_TARGET_NOT_IN_PARTY Your target is not in the party
545 ERR_MEETING_STONE_TARGET_INVALID_LEVEL Your target does not meet the level requirements of this meeting stone.
546 ERR_MEETING_STONE_MUST_BE_LEADER You must be the party leader to interact with the meeting stone
547 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NO_RAID_GROUP You cannot use a meeting stone while in a raid group
548 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NEED_PARTY You need to be in a party to use a meeting stone
549 ERR_MEETING_STONE_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
550 ERR_MEETING_STONE_TARGET_IN_VEHICLE Your target is in a vehicle
551 ERR_GUILDEMBLEM_SAME Not saved, your tabard is already like that.
552 ERR_EQUIP_TRADE_ITEM That item is currently being traded
553 ERR_PVP_TOGGLE_ON PvP combat toggled on
554 ERR_PVP_TOGGLE_OFF PvP combat toggled off
555 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_DESERTERS You cannot join the battleground yet because you or one of your party members is flagged as a Deserter.
556 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_DEAD You cannot join the battleground because you or one of your party members is dead.
557 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_S Your group has joined the queue for %s.
558 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_FAIL Your group has joined a battleground queue, but you are not eligible.
559 ERR_GROUP_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_TOO_MANY Your group is too big to join that battleground
560 ERR_SOLO_JOIN_BATTLEGROUND_S You have joined the queue for %s.
561 ERR_JOIN_SINGLE_SCENARIO_S You have joined the queue for %s.
562 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_TOO_MANY_QUEUES You can only be queued for 2 battles at once
563 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_CANNOT_QUEUE_FOR_RATED You cannot queue for a rated match while queued for other battles
564 ERR_BATTLEDGROUND_QUEUED_FOR_RATED You cannot queue for another battle while queued for a rated match
565 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_TEAM_LEFT_QUEUE Your team has left the queue
566 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_NOT_IN_BATTLEGROUND You can't do that in a battleground.
567 ERR_ALREADY_IN_ARENA_TEAM_S %s is already in an arena team of that size.
568 ERR_INVALID_PROMOTION_CODE Couldn't validate code, please try again.
569 ERR_BG_PLAYER_JOINED_SS [%s] has joined the battle.
570 ERR_BG_PLAYER_LEFT_S %s has left the battle
571 ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT Free Trial accounts cannot perform that action
572 ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot perform that action
573 ERR_PLAY_TIME_EXCEEDED Maximum play time exceeded
574 ERR_APPROACHING_PARTIAL_PLAY_TIME You have %s until you enter tired time. Your rewards will be cut in half.
575 ERR_APPROACHING_PARTIAL_PLAY_TIME_2 Your accumulated online time is %s hours.
576 ERR_APPROACHING_NO_PLAY_TIME You have %s until you enter unhealthy time, at which point you will no longer receive experience or loot until you have logged out for 5 hours.
577 ERR_APPROACHING_NO_PLAY_TIME_2 You are in tired time, and your benefits have been reduced to 50%% of normal. For the sake of your own health, please go offline and rest, do some exercise, and arrange your time properly.
578 ERR_UNHEALTHY_TIME You are in unhealthy time, you should log off now.
579 ERR_CHAT_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot send unlimited tells. You must wait before you can send tells to more players. [Click To Upgrade]
580 ERR_CHAT_THROTTLED The number of messages that can be sent is limited, please wait to send another message.
581 ERR_MAIL_REACHED_CAP You have reached the in-game cap of unique mail recipients
582 ERR_INVALID_RAID_TARGET You cannot target mark enemy players
583 ERR_RAID_LEADER_READY_CHECK_START_S %s has initiated a ready check.
584 ERR_READY_CHECK_IN_PROGRESS You are already running a ready check
585 ERR_READY_CHECK_THROTTLED You can't do that yet
586 ERR_DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY_FAILED Unable to change Dungeon Difficulty
587 ERR_DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Dungeon Difficulty set to %s.
588 ERR_TRADE_WRONG_REALM You may only trade conjured items to players from other realms
589 ERR_TRADE_NOT_ON_TAPLIST You may only trade bound items to players that were originally eligible to loot the item
590 ERR_CHAT_PLAYER_AMBIGUOUS_S %s: More than one player matches, type more of their server name
591 ERR_LOOT_CANT_LOOT_THAT_NOW You can't loot that item now.
592 ERR_LOOT_MASTER_INV_FULL That player's inventory is full
593 ERR_LOOT_MASTER_UNIQUE_ITEM Player has too many of that item already
594 ERR_LOOT_MASTER_OTHER Can't assign item to that player
595 ERR_FILTERING_YOU_S Unable to send chat to %s because your message contained reserved words.
596 ERR_USE_PREVENTED_BY_MECHANIC_S Can't use while %s.
597 ERR_ITEM_UNIQUE_EQUIPPABLE You cannot equip more than one of those.
598 ERR_LFG_LEADER_IS_LFM_S You can't do that while %s is looking for more members.
599 ERR_LFG_PENDING You cannot invite other players while in a random group.
600 ERR_CANT_SPEAK_LANGAGE You cannot speak that language.
601 ERR_VENDOR_MISSING_TURNINS You do not have the required items for that purchase
602 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_NOT_IN_TEAM Your group is not in the same team
603 ERR_NOT_IN_BATTLEGROUND You are not in a battleground
604 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_HONOR_POINTS You don't have enough honor
605 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_ARENA_POINTS You don't have enough arena points
606 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_META_GEM That slot requires a meta gem
607 ERR_SOCKETING_META_GEM_ONLY_IN_METASLOT Meta gems can only be placed in meta gem slots
608 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_HYDRAULIC_GEM That slot requires a Crystal of Fear.
609 ERR_SOCKETING_HYDRAULIC_GEM_ONLY_IN_HYDRAULICSLOT Crystals of Fear can only be placed in Sha-Touched weapons.
610 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_COGWHEEL_GEM That slot requires a Cogwheel
611 ERR_SOCKETING_COGWHEEL_GEM_ONLY_IN_COGWHEELSLOT Cogwheels can only be placed in Cogwheel slots
612 ERR_SOCKETING_ITEM_TOO_LOW_LEVEL The item is too low level to accept that gem
613 ERR_ITEM_MAX_COUNT_SOCKETED You have the maximum number of those gems in your inventory or socketed into items.
614 ERR_SYSTEM_DISABLED This system is currently disabled.
615 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_TOO_MANY_DAILY_QUESTS_I You have already completed %d daily quests today
616 ERR_ITEM_MAX_COUNT_EQUIPPED_SOCKETED You have the maximum number of those gems socketed into equipped items.
617 ERR_ITEM_UNIQUE_EQUIPPABLE_SOCKETED You cannot socket more than one of those gems into a single item.
618 ERR_USER_SQUELCHED We have temporarily suspended your chat and mail privileges. Check your email for more details.
619 ERR_ACCOUNT_SILENCED Can't do that while your account is silenced
620 ERR_PARTY_MEMBER_SILENCED Can't do that when someone in your group is silenced.
621 ERR_PARTY_MEMBER_SILENCED_LFG_DELIST Your group has been delisted because someone in your group is silenced.
622 ERR_TOO_MUCH_GOLD At gold limit
623 ERR_NOT_BARBER_SITTING You must be sitting in a barber chair
624 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_CAIS You cannot complete quests once you have reached tired time
625 ERR_INVITE_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot invite characters into groups. [Click To Upgrade]
626 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_FULL You can't voice mute any more players.
627 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_SELF You can't voice mute yourself.
628 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_NOT_FOUND Player not found.
629 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_ALREADY_S %s is already being voice muted.
630 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_ADDED_S %s is now being voice muted.
631 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_REMOVED_S %s is no longer being voice muted.
632 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_AMBIGUOUS That name is ambiguous, type more of the player's server name.
633 ERR_VOICE_IGNORE_DELETED Voice mute removed because the character no longer exists.
634 ERR_UNKNOWN_MACRO_OPTION_S Unknown macro option: %s
635 ERR_NOT_DURING_ARENA_MATCH You can't do that while in an arena match
636 ERR_NOT_IN_RATED_BATTLEGROUND You can't do that in a rated battleground.
637 ERR_PLAYER_SILENCED A group leader has removed your voice privileges.
638 ERR_PLAYER_UNSILENCED A group leader has restored your voice privileges.
639 ERR_COMSAT_DISCONNECT Connection lost to Voice Chat service.
640 ERR_COMSAT_RECONNECT_ATTEMPT Voice Chat service restored!
641 ERR_COMSAT_CONNECT_FAIL Cannot connect to voice chat service.
642 ERR_MAIL_INVALID_ATTACHMENT_SLOT You cannot attach more than 12 items to mail.
643 ERR_MAIL_TOO_MANY_ATTACHMENTS A mail included too many attachments.
644 ERR_MAIL_INVALID_ATTACHMENT A mail attachment was invalid.
645 ERR_MAIL_ATTACHMENT_EXPIRED That item has expired.
646 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_PARENTAL_DISABLE_MIC Microphone has been disabled by Parental Controls.
647 ERR_PROFANE_CHAT_NAME You may not create custom channels with profane names.
648 ERR_PLAYER_SILENCED_ECHO You have removed the voice privileges of %s.
649 ERR_PLAYER_UNSILENCED_ECHO You have restored the voice privileges of %s.
650 ERR_LOOT_CANT_LOOT_THAT You don't meet the requirements to loot that item
651 ERR_ARENA_EXPIRED_CAIS You may not queue while one or more of your team members is under the effect of restricted play.
652 ERR_GROUP_ACTION_THROTTLED You have attempted too many group actions in a short period of time. Please wait momentarily before attempting further group actions.
653 ERR_ALREADY_PICKPOCKETED Your target has already had its pockets picked
654 ERR_NAME_INVALID That name contains invalid characters. Enter a new name.
655 ERR_NAME_NO_NAME Please enter a name.
656 ERR_NAME_TOO_SHORT That name is too short. Enter a new name.
657 ERR_NAME_TOO_LONG That name is too long. Enter a new name.
658 ERR_NAME_MIXED_LANGUAGES Names must use one language. Enter a new name.
659 ERR_NAME_PROFANE That name contains mature language. Enter a new name.
660 ERR_NAME_RESERVED That name is reserved. Enter a new name.
661 ERR_NAME_THREE_CONSECUTIVE You cannot use the same letter three times consecutively. Enter a new name.
662 ERR_NAME_INVALID_SPACE Names cannot start or end with a space. Enter a new name.
663 ERR_NAME_CONSECUTIVE_SPACES Consecutive spaces are not allowed. Enter a new name.
664 ERR_NAME_RUSSIAN_CONSECUTIVE_SILENT_CHARACTERS Consecutive silent characters are not allowed. Create a new name.
665 ERR_NAME_RUSSIAN_SILENT_CHARACTER_AT_BEGINNING_OR_END Silent characters are now allowed at the beginning or end of a name. Create a new name.
666 ERR_NAME_DECLENSION_DOESNT_MATCH_BASE_NAME Your declensions must match your original name. Enter a new name.
667 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_NOT_LINKED You can only summon players who are linked to you through Recruit A Friend
668 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_NOT_NOW You cannot summon that player right now
669 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_LEVEL_MAX You cannot summon players above level %d
670 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_COOLDOWN You can only summon your friend once every thirty minutes
671 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_OFFLINE %s is offline and cannot be summoned
672 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_INSUF_EXPAN_LVL That player does not have the required expansion to access this area
674 59 ERR_NOT_SAME_ACCOUNT Account-bound items can only be given to your own characters.
675 ERR_BAD_ON_USE_ENCHANT That item already has an activated ability
676 ERR_TRADE_SELF You can't trade with yourself.
677 ERR_TOO_MANY_SOCKETS That item has too many sockets
679 ERR_TRADE_TARGET_MAX_LIMIT_CATEGORY_COUNT_EXCEEDED_IS Your trade partner can only carry %d %s
680 ERR_ITEM_MAX_LIMIT_CATEGORY_SOCKETED_EXCEEDED_IS 4item:items; in the %s category
681 ERR_ITEM_MAX_LIMIT_CATEGORY_EQUIPPED_EXCEEDED_IS 4item:items; in the %s category
682 ERR_SHAPESHIFT_FORM_CANNOT_EQUIP Cannot equip item in this form
683 ERR_ITEM_INVENTORY_FULL_SATCHEL Your inventory is full. Your item has been delivered to your mailbox.
684 ERR_SCALING_STAT_ITEM_LEVEL_EXCEEDED Your level is too high to use that item
685 ERR_SCALING_STAT_ITEM_LEVEL_TOO_LOW Your level is too low to use that item
686 ERR_PURCHASE_LEVEL_TOO_LOW You must reach level %d to purchase that item.
687 ERR_GROUP_SWAP_FAILED Players in raid combat cannot change raid subgroups
688 ERR_INVITE_IN_COMBAT You cannot invite a player in raid combat
689 ERR_INVALID_GLYPH_SLOT That is not a valid glyph slot.
690 45 ERR_GENERIC_NO_VALID_TARGETS No valid targets.
692 ERR_PET_LEARN_SPELL_S Your pet has learned a new spell: %s.
693 ERR_PET_LEARN_ABILITY_S Your pet has learned a new ability: %s.
694 ERR_PET_SPELL_UNLEARNED_S Your pet has unlearned %s.
695 ERR_INVITE_UNKNOWN_REALM You cannot invite players from that realm
696 ERR_INVITE_NO_PARTY_SERVER Could not create a party
697 ERR_INVITE_PARTY_BUSY Cannot invite additional players until the party is formed
698 ERR_PARTY_TARGET_AMBIGUOUS There were multiple players in the party with that name, please include realm name
699 ERR_PARTY_LFG_INVITE_RAID_LOCKED %s is locked to another instance.
700 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_LIMIT You can not initiate any more party kicks.
701 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_COOLDOWN_S You must wait %s before initiating another player kick.
702 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_NOT_ELIGIBLE_S That player can not be kicked for another %s.
703 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_INPATIENT_TIMER_S You may not initiate a vote to kick for another %s.
704 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_IN_PROGRESS Another kick vote is already in progress.
705 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_TOO_FEW_PLAYERS There are not enough players in the group to initate a vote.
706 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_VOTE_SUCCEEDED The vote to kick %s has passed.
707 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_VOTE_FAILED The vote to kick %s has failed.
708 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_IN_COMBAT Players cannot be kicked while in combat, or shortly after combat.
709 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_DUNGEON_COMPLETE Players cannot be kicked after the instance is complete.
710 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_LOOT_ROLLS Players cannot be kicked during loot rolls.
711 ERR_PARTY_LFG_BOOT_VOTE_REGISTERED 4more request is:more requests are; needed to initiate a vote.
712 ERR_PARTY_PRIVATE_GROUP_ONLY You cannot invite players to this group.
713 ERR_PARTY_LFG_TELEPORT_IN_COMBAT You cannot teleport out of the dungeon while in combat.
714 ERR_RAID_DISALLOWED_BY_LEVEL Character too low level for raid.
715 ERR_RAID_DISALLOWED_BY_CROSS_REALM Cannot convert to raid while players from other realms are in the party.
716 ERR_PARTY_ROLE_NOT_AVAILABLE Problem trying to fill your group's available roles
717 ERR_JOIN_LFG_OBJECT_FAILED You failed to join the instance in progress
718 ERR_LFG_REMOVED_LEVELUP You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has gained a level.
719 ERR_LFG_REMOVED_XP_TOGGLE You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has toggled experience gain.
720 ERR_LFG_REMOVED_FACTION_CHANGE You have been removed from the queue because you or someone in your group has selected a faction.
722 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_ALREADY_IN You are already in that battleground.
723 ERR_ARENA_TEAM_CHANGE_FAILED_QUEUED Can't modify arena team while queued or in a match.
724 ERR_ARENA_TEAM_PERMISSIONS You don't have permission to do that.
725 ERR_NOT_WHILE_FALLING You can't do that while jumping or falling
726 ERR_NOT_WHILE_MOVING Can't do that while moving.
727 ERR_NOT_WHILE_FATIGUED You can't do that while fatigued
728 ERR_MAX_SOCKETS That item cannot receive additional sockets
729 ERR_MULTI_CAST_ACTION_TOTEM_S Only %s spells can go in that slot.
730 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_LEVELUP You have been removed from a PvP queue because you have gained a level.
731 ERR_REMOVE_FROM_PVP_QUEUE_XP_GAIN You have been removed from a PVP queue because you have changed your XP gain settings
732 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_XP_GAIN Cannot join as a group unless all the members of your party have the same XP gain setting.
733 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_MERCENARY Cannot join as a group unless all the members of your party are flagged as a mercenary.
734 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TOO_MANY_HEALERS You can not enter this bracket of arena with more than one healer.
735 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_RATED_TOO_MANY_HEALERS You can not enter a rated battleground with more than three healers.
736 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TOO_MANY_TANKS You can not enter this bracket of arena with more than one tank.
737 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TOO_MANY_DAMAGE You can not enter this bracket of arena with more than two damage dealers.
738 ERR_RAID_DIFFICULTY_FAILED Unable to change Raid Difficulty
739 ERR_RAID_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Raid Difficulty set to %s.
740 ERR_LEGACY_RAID_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Legacy Raid Difficulty set to %s.
741 ERR_RAID_LOCKOUT_CHANGED_S Raid Lockout set to %s.
742 ERR_RAID_CONVERTED_TO_PARTY Raid converted to Party
743 ERR_PARTY_CONVERTED_TO_RAID Party converted to Raid
744 ERR_PLAYER_DIFFICULTY_CHANGED_S Difficulty set to %s.
745 ERR_GMRESPONSE_DB_ERROR Error retrieving GM response.
746 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_RANGE_INDEX Cannot join the queue unless all members of your party are in the same level range.
747 ERR_ARENA_JOIN_RANGE_INDEX Cannot join the queue unless all members of your party are in the same Arena level range.
749 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_FAILED Join as a group failed
750 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_NO_VALID_SPEC_FOR_ROLE Role check failed because one of your party members selected an invalid role.
751 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_RESPEC You have been removed from a PvP queue because your specialization changed.
752 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_INVITATION_DECLINED Your War Game invitation has been declined
753 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_TIMED_OUT %s was unavailable to join the queue.
754 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_DUPE_QUEUE Someone in your group is already queued for that.
755 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_MUST_COMPLETE_QUEST You have been removed from a PvP queue because someone is missing required quest completion.
756 ERR_IN_BATTLEGROUND_RESPEC This specialization doesn't match your assigned role.
757 ERR_MAIL_LIMITED_DURATION_ITEM You cannot mail items with a limited duration
758 ERR_YELL_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot yell. [Click To Upgrade]
759 ERR_CHAT_RAID_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot send messages to raid channel. [Click To Upgrade]
760 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_FAILED The Role Check has failed.
761 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_FAILED_TIMEOUT Role Check failed because a group member did not respond.
762 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_FAILED_NOT_VIABLE Role Check failed because your group is not viable.
763 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_FAILED The Ready Check has failed.
764 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_FAILED_TIMEOUT Ready Check failed because a group member did not respond.
765 ERR_LFG_GROUP_FULL Your group is already full.
766 ERR_LFG_NO_LFG_OBJECT Internal LFG Error.
767 ERR_LFG_NO_SLOTS_PLAYER You do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons.
768 ERR_LFG_NO_SLOTS_PARTY The following players do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons: %s
769 ERR_LFG_NO_SPEC You must choose a class specialization before starting this event
770 ERR_LFG_MISMATCHED_SLOTS You cannot mix dungeons, raids, and random when picking dungeons.
771 ERR_LFG_MISMATCHED_SLOTS_LOCAL_XREALM You cannot mix realm-only and x-realm entries when listing your name in other raids.
772 ERR_LFG_PARTY_PLAYERS_FROM_DIFFERENT_REALMS The dungeon you chose does not support players from multiple realms.
773 ERR_LFG_MEMBERS_NOT_PRESENT One or more group members are pending invites or disconnected.
774 ERR_LFG_GET_INFO_TIMEOUT Could not retrieve information about some party members.
775 ERR_LFG_INVALID_SLOT One or more dungeons was not valid.
776 ERR_LFG_DESERTER_PLAYER You can not queue for dungeons until your deserter debuff wears off.
777 ERR_LFG_DESERTER_PARTY One or more party members has a deserter debuff.
778 ERR_LFG_DEAD You cannot queue because you or one of your party members is dead.
779 ERR_LFG_RANDOM_COOLDOWN_PLAYER You can not queue for random dungeons while on random dungeon cooldown.
780 ERR_LFG_RANDOM_COOLDOWN_PARTY One or more party members are on random dungeon cooldown.
781 ERR_LFG_TOO_MANY_MEMBERS You have too many group members to queue for that.
782 ERR_LFG_TOO_FEW_MEMBERS You do not have enough group members to queue for that.
783 ERR_LFG_PROPOSAL_FAILED Someone has declined the invite. You have been returned to the front of the queue.
784 ERR_LFG_PROPOSAL_DECLINED_SELF You have been removed from the queue because you did not accept the invitation.
785 ERR_LFG_PROPOSAL_DECLINED_PARTY You have been removed from the queue because someone in your party did not accept the invitation.
786 ERR_LFG_NO_SLOTS_SELECTED You did not select any valid slots.
787 ERR_LFG_NO_ROLES_SELECTED You must select at least one role.
788 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_INITIATED A role check has been initiated. Your group will be queued when all members have selected a role.
789 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_INITIATED A ready check has been initiated. Your group will be queued when all members have indicated they are ready.
790 ERR_LFG_PLAYER_DECLINED_ROLE_CHECK %s has not selected any roles.
792 ERR_LFG_JOINED_QUEUE You are now queued in the Dungeon Finder.
793 ERR_LFG_JOINED_FLEX_QUEUE You are now queued for Flexible Raids.
794 ERR_LFG_JOINED_RF_QUEUE You are now queued in the Raid Finder.
795 ERR_LFG_JOINED_SCENARIO_QUEUE You are now queued for Scenarios.
796 ERR_LFG_JOINED_WORLD_PVP_QUEUE You are now queued for Ashran.
797 ERR_LFG_JOINED_BATTLEFIELD_QUEUE You are now queued for Brawls.
798 ERR_LFG_JOINED_LIST You are now listed for Other Raids.
799 ERR_LFG_LEFT_QUEUE You are no longer queued.
800 ERR_LFG_LEFT_LIST You are no longer listed for Other Raids.
801 ERR_LFG_ROLE_CHECK_ABORTED Your group leader has canceled the Role Check.
802 ERR_LFG_READY_CHECK_ABORTED Your group leader has canceled the Ready Check.
803 ERR_LFG_CANT_USE_BATTLEGROUND You cannot queue for a battleground or arena while using the dungeon or raid queueing systems.
804 ERR_LFG_CANT_USE_DUNGEONS You cannot queue for a dungeon or raid while using battlegrounds or arenas.
805 ERR_LFG_REASON_TOO_MANY_LFG You are queued for too many instances.
806 ERR_LFG_FARM_LIMIT You or someone in your party has entered too many instances recently. Please wait awhile and try again.
807 ERR_LFG_NO_CROSS_FACTION_PARTIES Cross-faction groups can't queue for this instance
808 ERR_INVALID_TELEPORT_LOCATION You do not have a valid teleport location.
809 ERR_TOO_FAR_TO_INTERACT You need to be closer to interact with that target.
810 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_PLAYERS_FROM_DIFFERENT_REALMS You cannot queue for a battleground while players from different realms are in your party.
811 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_COOLDOWN_S Raid difficulty has changed recently, and may not change again for %s.
812 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_COMBAT_COOLDOWN_S Raid was in combat recently and may not change difficulty again for %s.
813 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_WORLDSTATE Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. An event is in progress.
814 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_ENCOUNTER Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. An encounter is in progress.
815 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_COMBAT Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. A player is in combat.
816 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_PLAYER_BUSY Raid difficulty cannot be changed at this time. A player is busy.
817 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_ALREADY_STARTED A raid difficulty change is currently in progress.
818 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_OTHER_HEROIC_S Raid difficulty cannot be changed. %s is already locked to a different Heroic instance.
819 ERR_DIFFICULTY_CHANGE_HEROIC_INSTANCE_ALREADY_RUNNING Your heroic instance is already in running and in use by another party
820 ERR_ARENA_TEAM_PARTY_SIZE Incorrect party size for this arena.
821 ERR_SOLO_SHUFFLE_WARGAME_GROUP_SIZE Exactly 6 non-spectator players must be present to begin a Solo Shuffle Wargame.
822 ERR_SOLO_SHUFFLE_WARGAME_GROUP_COMP Exactly 4 DPS, and either 2 Tanks or 2 Healers, must be present to begin a Solo Shuffle Wargame.
823 ERR_PVP_PLAYER_ABANDONED A player has abandoned the match, and will receive a queue penalty.
824 ERR_QUEST_FORCE_REMOVED_S The quest %s has been removed from your quest log.
825 ERR_ATTACK_NO_ACTIONS Can't attack while actions are prevented.
826 ERR_IN_RANDOM_BG Can't do that while in a Random Battleground queue.
827 ERR_IN_NON_RANDOM_BG Can't queue for Random Battleground while in another Battleground queue.
828 ERR_BN_FRIEND_SELF You can't put yourself on your friend list
829 ERR_BN_FRIEND_ALREADY That person is already your friend
830 ERR_BN_FRIEND_BLOCKED That person is on your blocked list
831 ERR_BN_FRIEND_LIST_FULL You don't have room for any more Blizzard friends.
832 ERR_BN_FRIEND_REQUEST_SENT Friend request has been sent
833 ERR_BN_BROADCAST_THROTTLE Please wait a few seconds before updating your broadcast message again.
834 ERR_BG_DEVELOPER_ONLY This battleground is only available for developer testing at this time.
835 ERR_CURRENCY_SPELL_SLOT_MISMATCH That item can't be used in that slot
837 ERR_REQUIRES_EXPANSION_S Requires expansion: %s
838 847 ERR_QUEST_FAILED_SPELL You haven't learned the required spell.
839 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_NOT_ENOUGH_TALENTS_IN_PRIMARY_TREE You need to spend more talents in your primary talent tree before you can put points here.
840 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_NO_PRIMARY_TREE_SELECTED Please select a primary talent tree before spending talents.
841 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_CANT_REMOVE_TALENT You can't change that talent choice while %s is on cooldown.
842 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_UNKNOWN Unable to learn talent.
843 ERR_WARGAME_REQUEST_FAILURE War Game request failed
844 ERR_RANK_REQUIRES_AUTHENTICATOR Guild rank requires an authenticator.
845 ERR_GUILD_BANK_VOUCHER_FAILED You must purchase all guild bank tabs before using this voucher.
846 888 ERR_WARGAME_REQUEST_SENT Your War Game request has been sent.
848 ERR_REFUND_RESULT_EXCEED_MAX_CURRENCY Cannot grant a currency refund exceeding the maximum allowed amount.
849 ERR_CANT_BUY_QUANTITY You can't buy the specified quantity of that item.
850 ERR_ITEM_IS_BATTLE_PAY_LOCKED Your purchased item is still waiting to be unlocked
851 ERR_PARTY_ALREADY_IN_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE Player is already in a battleground queue.
852 ERR_PARTY_CONFIRMING_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE The party is already confirming a battleground queue.
853 ERR_BATTLEFIELD_TEAM_PARTY_SIZE Incorrect party size for this battlefield.
854 ERR_INSUFF_TRACKED_CURRENCY_IS You must earn %d more %s for the season in order to purchase that item.
855 ERR_NOT_ON_TOURNAMENT_REALM Not available on a Tournament Realm.
856 ERR_GUILD_TRIAL_ACCOUNT_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot join guilds.
857 ERR_GUILD_TRIAL_ACCOUNT_VETERAN This account cannot join guilds without an existing character in the guild.
858 ERR_GUILD_UNDELETABLE_DUE_TO_LEVEL Your guild is too high level to be deleted.
859 ERR_CANT_DO_THAT_IN_A_GROUP You can't do that while in a group.
860 ERR_GUILD_LEADER_REPLACED Because the previous guild master %s has not logged in for an extended time, %s has become the new Guild Master.
861 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_CANT_EQUIP You must be able to equip an item to use its appearance.
862 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_INVALID_ITEM_TYPE This item does not have a valid appearance.
863 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_NOT_SOULBOUND %s cannot be transmogrified because it is not permanently bound to you.
864 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_INVALID_SOURCE This item's appearance cannot be used.
865 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_INVALID_DESTINATION %s cannot be transmogrified.
866 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_MISMATCH You can only transmogrify an item to take the appearance of an item of the same type and slot.
867 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_LEGENDARY You cannot transmogrify or use the appearance of a legendary item.
868 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_SAME_ITEM You cannot transmogrify an item with the same item.
869 ERR_TRANSMOGRIFY_SAME_APPEARANCE %s already has that appearance.
871 ERR_VOID_DEPOSIT_FULL You can't deposit more than 9 items at once.
872 ERR_VOID_WITHDRAW_FULL You can't withdraw more than 9 items at once.
873 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_WRAPPED You cannot deposit wrapped items in void storage.
874 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_STACKABLE You cannot deposit stackable items in void storage.
875 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_UNBOUND Only soulbound items can be deposited in void storage.
876 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_REPAIR You must repair that item before you can deposit it in void storage.
877 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_CHARGES You cannot deposit an item with used charges in void storage.
878 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_QUEST You cannot deposit quest items in void storage.
879 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_CONJURED You cannot deposit conjured items in void storage.
880 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_MAIL You cannot deposit mail items in void storage.
881 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_BAG You cannot deposit a non-empty bag in void storage.
882 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_STORAGE_FULL There is not enough room in void storage to complete the deposit.
883 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_INV_FULL There is not enough room in your bags to complete the withdrawal.
884 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_INTERNAL_ERROR Internal void storage error.
885 ERR_VOID_TRANSFER_ITEM_INVALID One or more of your items are ineligible to be deposited into void storage.
886 ERR_DIFFICULTY_DISABLED_IN_LFG Using Raid Finder to enter this instance disables dynamic difficulty selection
887 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_UNIQUE You cannot deposit unique items in void storage.
888 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_LOOT You cannot deposit lootable items in void storage.
889 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_HOLIDAY You cannot deposit Holiday related items in void storage.
890 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_DURATION You cannot deposit items with limited duration in void storage.
891 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_LOAD_FAILED Failed to load void storage items.
892 ERR_VOID_STORAGE_INVALID_ITEM You cannot deposit that item into void storage.
893 ERR_PARENTAL_CONTROLS_CHAT_MUTED Chat is disabled due to your Account parental controls or privacy settings
895 ERR_SOR_INVALID_EMAIL That email address is invalid.
896 ERR_SOR_INVALID_COMMENT That comment has invalid characters.
897 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_RESET_COOLDOWN_S Instance can not be reset for another %s.
898 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_RESET_KEYSTONE You may not reset a Mythic dungeon that was started with an energized Keystone. Complete the dungeon to claim your rewards.
899 ERR_PET_JOURNAL_ALREADY_IN_LOADOUT That pet is already in your loadout.
900 ERR_REPORT_SUBMITTED_SUCCESSFULLY Thank you for your report!
901 ERR_REPORT_SUBMISSION_FAILED Report system unavailable.
904 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_ENABLED Challenge Mode enabled.
905 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_DISABLED Challenge Mode disabled.
906 ERR_PETBATTLE_CREATE_FAILED Failed to create pet battle.
907 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE Cannot pet battle here.
908 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE_ON_TRANSPORT Cannot pet battle on a transport.
909 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE_UNEVEN_GROUND Ground is too uneven to pet battle.
910 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_HERE_OBSTRUCTED Pet battle area is obstructed.
911 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_IN_COMBAT Cannot pet battle while in combat.
912 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_DEAD Cannot pet battle while dead.
913 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_FLYING Must be standing to pet battle.
914 ERR_PETBATTLE_TARGET_INVALID Not a valid pet battle target.
915 ERR_PETBATTLE_TARGET_OUT_OF_RANGE Pet battle target out of range.
916 ERR_PETBATTLE_TARGET_NOT_CAPTURABLE Creature is not a valid pet battle target.
917 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_A_TRAINER Must be a battle pet trainer to pet battle.
918 ERR_PETBATTLE_DECLINED Pet battle invitation declined.
919 ERR_PETBATTLE_IN_BATTLE Pet battle already in progress.
920 ERR_PETBATTLE_INVALID_LOADOUT You must equip a pet in a pet battle slot.
921 ERR_PETBATTLE_ALL_PETS_DEAD All pets in your battle slots are dead.
922 ERR_PETBATTLE_NO_PETS_IN_SLOTS Must have a pet in battle slot.
923 ERR_PETBATTLE_NO_ACCOUNT_LOCK Pet Journal Is Locked by another user on this account
924 ERR_PETBATTLE_WILD_PET_TAPPED Pet is being battled by another player.
925 ERR_PETBATTLE_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT Free Trial accounts can't participate in pet battles.
926 ERR_PETBATTLE_OPPONENT_NOT_AVAILABLE Your pet battle opponent is no longer available.
927 ERR_PETBATTLE_NOT_WHILE_IN_MATCHED_BATTLE You can't do that in a matched pet battle.
928 ERR_CANT_HAVE_MORE_PETS_OF_THAT_TYPE You can't have any more pets of that type.
929 ERR_CANT_HAVE_MORE_PETS You can't have any more pets.
930 ERR_PVP_MAP_NOT_FOUND Blacklisted map not set.
931 ERR_PVP_MAP_NOT_SET Failed to blacklist PvP map.
932 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_QUEUED You are now queued for a pet battle.
933 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_ALREADY_QUEUED You are already queued for a pet battle.
934 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_JOIN_FAILED Unable to join pet battle queue.
935 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_JOURNAL_LOCK Pet Journal unavailable for battle.
936 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_REMOVED You are no longer in the pet battle queue.
937 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_PROPOSAL_DECLINED You declined the pet battle invitation.
938 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_PROPOSAL_TIMEOUT You did not respond to the pet battle invitation.
939 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_OPPONENT_DECLINED Opponent declined pet battle invitation. You have been returned to the queue.
940 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_REQUEUED_INTERNAL Internal pet battle error. You have been re-queued for battle.
941 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_REQUEUED_REMOVED Pet battle opponent unavailable. You have been re-queued for battle.
942 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_LOCKED Pet battle slot %d is locked.
943 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_EMPTY Pet battle slot %d is empty.
944 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_NO_TRACKER Pet battle slot %d is invalid.
946 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_CANT_BATTLE Pet in slot %d can't battle.
947 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_REVOKED Pet in slot %d is unavailable for battle.
948 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_DEAD Pet in slot %d is dead.
949 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_SLOT_NO_PET Pet battle slot %d has no pet.
950 ERR_PETBATTLE_QUEUE_NOT_WHILE_NEUTRAL Neutral characters cannot pet battle.
951 ERR_PETBATTLE_GAME_TIME_LIMIT_WARNING Pet Battle Time Limit Reached - Will End in %d Minutes
952 ERR_PETBATTLE_GAME_ROUNDS_LIMIT_WARNING Pet Battle Round Limit Reached - Will End in %d Rounds
953 ERR_HAS_RESTRICTION That action is currently restricted.
954 ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_ITEM_TOO_LOW_LEVEL Item must be level 458 or higher
955 ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_PATH Item cannot be upgraded
956 ERR_ITEM_UPGRADE_NO_MORE_UPGRADES This item is fully upgraded
957 ERR_BONUS_ROLL_EMPTY You were not eligible to receive any loot from this boss. You have not been charged for your bonus roll.
958 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_FULL A maximum of five unique players may enter a Challenge instance. Resetting the instance also resets this counter.
959 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_IN_PROGRESS You can't enter a Mythic+ dungeon that is in progress
960 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_INCORRECT_KEYSTONE That keystone is for a different dungeon.
961 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_NOT_FOUND Could not find target player.
962 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_NOT_VALID Cannot send BattleTag friend requests to that player.
963 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_NOT_ALLOWED You cannot send BattleTag friend requests.
964 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_THROTTLED Cannot send BattleTag friend requests right now.
965 ERR_BATTLETAG_FRIEND_SUCCESS BattleTag friend request has been sent.
966 ERR_PET_TOO_HIGH_LEVEL_TO_UNCAGE This pet is too high level for you to uncage.
967 ERR_PETBATTLE_INTERNAL Internal pet battle error.
968 ERR_CANT_CAGE_PET_YET You can't cage this pet for another %d hours and %d minutes.
969 ERR_NO_LOOT_IN_CHALLENGE_MODE You can't loot items while the Challenge is active.
970 ERR_QUEST_PET_BATTLE_VICTORIES_PVP_II Players defeated in pet battle: %d/%d
971 ERR_ROLE_CHECK_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESS A role check is already in progress.
972 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_ACCOUNT_LIMIT You have submitted the maximum number of recruits for this time period. Please try again later.
973 ERR_RECRUIT_A_FRIEND_FAILED Failed to send Recruit A Friend request. Please try again later.
974 ERR_SET_LOOT_PERSONAL Looting set to Personal.
975 ERR_SET_LOOT_METHOD_FAILED_COMBAT Failed to change loot method: A party member is in combat.
976 ERR_REAGENT_BANK_FULL Your reagent bank is full
981 ERR_GARRISON_INVALID_PLOT_BUILDING That building can't go there.
983 ERR_GARRISON_NOT_ENOUGH_CURRENCY Not enough material to purchase building.
984 ERR_GARRISON_NOT_ENOUGH_GOLD Not enough gold to purchase building.
985 ERR_GARRISON_COMPLETE_MISSION_WRONG_FOLLOWER_TYPE You cannot complete this type of mission with that.
986 ERR_ALREADY_USING_LFG_LIST You can't do that while using Premade Groups.
987 ERR_RESTRICTED_ACCOUNT_LFG_LIST_TRIAL Free Trial accounts cannot use this feature.
988 ERR_TOY_USE_LIMIT_REACHED Toy Use Limit Reached
990 ERR_TRANSMOG_SET_ALREADY_KNOWN All appearances are already in your collection.
991 40 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_CURRENCY You don't have enough currency to do that.
992 ERR_SPEC_IS_DISABLED That spec is currently disabled
993 ERR_FEATURE_RESTRICTED_TRIAL Feature not available for Free Trial accounts.
994 ERR_CANT_BE_OBLITERATED You can't obliterate that item
995 ERR_CANT_BE_SCRAPPED You can't scrap that item
996 ERR_ARTIFACT_RELIC_DOES_NOT_MATCH_ARTIFACT This relic is not attuned for your equipped artifact
997 ERR_MUST_EQUIP_ARTIFACT You must have an artifact equipped.
998 ERR_CANT_DO_THAT_RIGHT_NOW You can't do that right now.
999 ERR_AFFECTING_COMBAT You are in combat
1000 ERR_EQUIPMENT_MANAGER_COMBAT_SWAP_S Some items from set %s cannot be swapped because you are in combat.
1001 ERR_EQUIPMENT_MANAGER_BAGS_FULL Equipment swap failed. Inventory is full.
1002 ERR_EQUIPMENT_MANAGER_MISSING_ITEM_S One or more items from set %s were missing and could not be equipped.
1003 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_PERF Recording stopped - the movie recording settings may be too high for this system configuration.
1004 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_DISK_FULL You don't have enough free space on your hard drive to record movies.
1005 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_NO_MOVIE There is no movie to compress.
1007 ERR_MOVIE_RECORDING_WARNING_COMPRESSING You cannot start recording while compressing a movie.
1008 ERR_NO_CHALLENGE_MODE_REWARD Complete a Mythic+ dungeon and return next week to claim your reward.
1009 ERR_CLAIMED_CHALLENGE_MODE_REWARD You have already claimed your Challenger's Bounty for the week.
1010 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_PERIOD_RESET_SS This instance will close at %s. (%s remaining)
1011 ERR_CANT_DO_THAT_CHALLENGE_MODE_ACTIVE You can't do that while a Mythic Keystone is active
1012 ERR_TALENT_FAILED_REST_AREA You must be in a rest area to change talents
1013 ERR_CANNOT_ABANDON_LAST_PET Cannot Abandon Last Pet
1014 ERR_TEST_CVAR_SET_SSS Test CVar %s has been set to %s (default %s)
1016 ERR_CLAIMED_CHALLENGE_MODE_REWARD_OLD You didn't complete a Mythic+ dungeon last week
1018 ERR_CHALLENGE_MODE_ALREADY_COMPLETE This Mythic+ dungeon has already been completed.
1019 ERR_GLYPH_TARGET_NOT_AVAILABLE The target spell is currently overwritten by a talent or other ability.
1020 ERR_PVP_WARMODE_TOGGLE_ON War Mode toggled on
1021 ERR_PVP_WARMODE_TOGGLE_OFF War Mode toggled off
1022 ERR_SPELL_FAILED_LEVEL_REQUIREMENT You are not high enough level
1023 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_REQUIRES_LEVEL Tournament rules requires all participants to be max level.
1024 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_DISQUALIFIED %s has been disqualified from ranked play in this bracket.
1025 ERR_BATTLEGROUND_JOIN_DISQUALIFIED_NO_NAME A player has been disqualified from ranked play in this bracket.
1026 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_GENERIC_UNABLE_TO_CONNECT Can't connect to a voice chat server right now. Please try again.
1027 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_SERVICE_LOST Lost connection to the voice chat service.
1028 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_CHANNEL_NAME_TOO_SHORT You must provide a name for the channel.
1029 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_CHANNEL_NAME_TOO_LONG Maximum channel name length is 30 characters.
1030 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_CHANNEL_ALREADY_EXISTS You're already a member of a channel with that name.
1031 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_TARGET_NOT_FOUND Could not find the player to invite to to the voice chat channel.
1032 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Waiting to hear back from the voice chat server. Please try again in a minute.
1033 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_PLAYER_SILENCED We have silenced your account following multiple reports of abusive chat from other players. While you are silenced, you can only use voice chat in private channels.
1034 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_PARENTAL_DISABLE_ALL Voice Chat has been disabled by Parental Controls.
1035 ERR_VOICE_CHAT_DISABLED Voice Chat has been temporarily disabled.
1036 ERR_NO_PVP_REWARD Earn Conquest points through Rated PvP and return next week to claim your reward.
1037 ERR_CLAIMED_PVP_REWARD You have already claimed your Conqueror's Spoils for the week.
1039 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_CANT_REMOVE_ESSENCE You can't change that Essence while %s is on cooldown
1040 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_CONDITION_FAILED You don't meet the requirements to apply this Essence
1041 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_REST_AREA You must be in a rest area to change Essences
1042 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_SLOT_LOCKED You haven't unlocked this Essence slot yet
1043 ERR_AZERITE_ESSENCE_SELECTION_FAILED_NOT_AT_FORGE You must be at the Heart Forge to do that
1046 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_PUNCHCARDRED_GEM That slot requires a Red Punchcard.
1047 ERR_SOCKETING_PUNCHCARDRED_GEM_ONLY_IN_PUNCHCARDREDSLOT Red Punchcards can only be placed in Red Punchcard sockets.
1048 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_PUNCHCARDYELLOW_GEM That slot requires a Yellow Punchcard.
1049 ERR_SOCKETING_PUNCHCARDYELLOW_GEM_ONLY_IN_PUNCHCARDYELLOWSLOT Yellow Punchcards can only be placed in Yellow Punchcard sockets.
1050 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_PUNCHCARDBLUE_GEM That slot requires a Blue Punchcard.
1051 ERR_SOCKETING_PUNCHCARDBLUE_GEM_ONLY_IN_PUNCHCARDBLUESLOT Blue Punchcards can only be placed in Blue Punchcard sockets.
1052 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_DOMINATION_SHARD That slot requires a Shard of Domination.
1053 ERR_SOCKETING_DOMINATION_SHARD_ONLY_IN_DOMINATIONSLOT Shards of Domination can only be placed in Domination sockets.
1054 ERR_SOCKETING_REQUIRES_CYPHER_GEM That slot requires a Crystallic Spheroid.
1055 ERR_SOCKETING_CYPHER_GEM_ONLY_IN_CYPHERSLOT Crystallic Spheroids can only be placed in Crystallic sockets.
1056 ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_LINKED Your level is now restricted to %d.
1057 ERR_LEVEL_LINKING_RESULT_UNLINKED Your level is no longer restricted.
1058 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_POST_CLUB Couldn't post at this time. Try again later.
1059 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_APPLY_CLUB Couldn't apply. Try again later.
1060 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_RESPOND_APPLICANT Couldn't respond to applicant. Try again later.
1061 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_CANCEL_APPLICATION Couldn't cancel application. Try again later.
1063 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_NO_INVITE_PERMISSIONS You do not have permission to invite.
1064 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_NO_POSTING_PERMISSIONS You do not have permission to post.
1065 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_APPLICANT_LIST Applicant list could not be fetched do to a bnet error.
1066 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_APPLICANT_LIST_NO_PERM You do not have permission to view the applicant list.
1067 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FINDER_NOT_AVAILABLE Finder is not available at this time.
1068 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_GET_POSTING_IDS Couldn't fetch posting ids.
1069 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_JOIN_APPLICATION Couldn't create an application for the posting.
1070 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_REALM_NOT_ELIGIBLE You cannot apply to guilds from a different realm.
1071 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FLAGGED_RENAME Your %s has been flagged for a rename. Please enter a new name before updating the posting.
1072 ERR_CLUB_FINDER_ERROR_TYPE_FLAGGED_DESCRIPTION_CHANGE Your %s description has been flagged as inappropriate. Please enter a new description before updating the posting.
1075 ERR_PLAYER_CHOICE_ERROR_PENDING_CHOICE You have an unselected choice already. Please select a choice to open a new one.
1079 ERR_SOULBIND_DUPLICATE_CONDUIT You can't use the same Conduit twice. Right click an existing Conduit to remove it.
1080 ERR_ACTIVATE_SOULBIND_S Soulbound with %s.
1081 ERR_ACTIVATE_SOULBIND_FAILED_REST_AREA You must be in a rest area to change your Soulbind
1082 ERR_CANT_USE_PROFANITY Can't use profanity.
1083 ERR_NOT_IN_PET_BATTLE You cannot do that while in a pet battle
1084 ERR_NOT_IN_NPE Not available during the tutorial
1085 ERR_NO_SPEC You have not chosen a class specialization.
1086 ERR_NO_DOMINATIONSHARD_OVERWRITE Shards of Domination can only be removed by the Soulfire Chisel
1087 ERR_USE_WEEKLY_REWARDS_DISABLED The Great Vault is currently unavailable.
1088 ERR_CROSS_FACTION_GROUP_JOINED This is now a cross-faction instance group. You can do these activities together: dungeons and raids (non-queued), Torghast, Rated PvP
1089 ERR_CANT_TARGET_UNFRIENDLY_IN_OVERWORLD You can't target this player outside of an instance