Not to be confused with Uldis.
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Location Nazmir, Zandalar
Race(s) Blood trollBlood troll Blood troll
IconSmall BloodFaceless.gifIconSmall BloodTentacleMaw.gifIconSmall BloodLesser.gif Blood aberrations
AqirAqirAqirAqir Aqir
End boss  G'huun
Instance info
Type Raid
Advised level 120
Player limit 10/25
Key None

The Uldir complex

Uldir raid portal

Uldir (pronounced "OOL-deer") is the first raid of Battle for Azeroth, situated in Nazmir. It is entered from the Heart of Darkness, with the door being in the southeastern part of the Altar of Rot.

Uldir was a titan research and quarantine facility where the titans conducted experiments on the Old Gods and dissected them to try to understand them. The titans' plan was to kill the Old Gods without ending their host: Azeroth.[1] They ended up accidentally creating something that could potentially wipe out all life on the planet, a fifth Old God named G'huun. It was locked away within Uldir via three seals, each located within the pyramids of Atul'Aman, Nazwatha, and Dazar'alor. With the fall of the last seal, nothing now prevents G'huun from spreading his rot and decay across the world.[2]

The Alliance travels through Uldir alongside Brann Bronzebeard, while the Horde is accompanied by Princess Talanji.

Adventure Guide

Millennia ago, seeking to understand the nature of their eternal foe, the titans constructed this sprawling underground facility to research and quarantine captured specimens. They hoped that by studying the void energy that bound the Old Gods, probing it for weaknesses and reactions, they could find some way to neutralize it. They were horribly, horribly wrong. The facility was sealed away so that the horrors within would never be unleashed upon Azeroth. But now those seals have broken...


Halls of Containment

The doors of this ancient titan research facility open for the first time in millennia. What remains of the horrors sealed away?

Crimson Descent

The remnants of old experiments gone awry litter the lower halls of Uldir, as a dark power stirs within the depths.

Heart of Corruption

In foul pits, far beneath the halls of Uldir, the source of the corruption that has befallen Zandalar awaits.

Maps and subregions


Opening dates

Date opened (US)[3] Difficulty Wing/bosses
September 4, 2018 Normal & Heroic All
September 11, 2018 Mythic All
Raid Finder  [Halls of Containment]

(Taloc - MOTHER - Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth)

September 25, 2018 Raid Finder  [Crimson Descent]

(Fetid Devourer - Vectis - Zul, Reborn)

October 9, 2018 Raid Finder  [Heart of Corruption]

(Mythrax the Unraveler - G'huun)



Halls of Containment
Boss Item Type
Taloc  [Khor, Hammer of the Corrupted] (LFR · H · M) Strength two-hand mace
 [Titanspark Animator] (LFR · H · M) Wand
 [Crimson Colossus Armguards] (LFR · H · M) Plate bracers
 [Rubywrought Sparkguards] (LFR · H · M) Mail bracers
 [Gloves of Descending Madness] (LFR · H · M) Leather gauntlets
 [Bloodstorm Buckle] (LFR · H · M) Leather belt
Greaves of Unending Vigil (LFR · H · M) Plate leggings
Legguards of Coalescing Plasma (LFR · H · M) Mail leggings
 [Volatile Walkers] (LFR · H · M) Cloth boots
Construct Overcharger (LFR · H · M) Agility trinket
Vigilant's Bloodshaper (LFR · H · M) Intellect trinket
MOTHER  [Latticework Scalpel] (LFR · H · M) Agility dagger
 [Mother's Twin Gaze] (LFR · H · M) Agility one-hand mace
Uldir Subject Manifest (LFR · H · M) Intellect off-hand
 [Glaive of the Keepers] (LFR · H · M) Warglaive
Gridrunner Galea (LFR · H · M) Azerite plate helmet
Flame-Sterilized Spaulders (LFR · H · M) Azerite mail shoulders
 [Gloves of Involuntary Amputation] (LFR · H · M) Mail gauntlets
Decontaminator's Greatbelt (LFR · H · M) Plate belt
Leggings of Lingering Infestation (LFR · H · M) Cloth leggings
Pathogenic Legwraps (LFR · H · M) Leather leggings
 [Rot-Scour Ring] (LFR · H · M) Ring
Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth  [Containment Analysis Baton] (LFR · H · M) Intellect one-hand mace
 [Void-Binder] (LFR · H · M) Agility polearm
Mantle of Contained Corruption (LFR · H · M) Azerite cloth shoulders
 [Chainvest of Assured Quality] (LFR · H · M) Azerite mail chest
 [Void-Lashed Wristband] (LFR · H · M) Cloth bracers
Replicated Chitin Cord (LFR · H · M) Leather belt
 [Titanspark Energy Girdle] (LFR · H · M) Mail belt
Greaves of Creeping Darkness (LFR · H · M) Plate leggings
Quarantine Protocol Treads (LFR · H · M) Leather boots
 [Warboots of Absolute Eradication] (LFR · H · M) Plate boots
 [Ring of the Infinite Void] (LFR · H · M) Ring
Disc of Systematic Regression (LFR · H · M) Strength trinket
Crimson Descent
Boss Item Type
Fetid Devourer  [Biomelding Cleaver] (LFR · H · M) Strength one-hand axe
 [Regurgitated Purifier's Flamestaff] (LFR · H · M) Intellect staff
 [Horrific Amalgam's Hood] (LFR · H · M) Azerite cloth helmet
 [Fetid Horror's Tanglecloak] (LFR · H · M) Cloak
Jerkin of the Aberrant Chimera (LFR · H · M) Azerite leather chest
 [Waste Disposal Crushers] (LFR · H · M) Plate gauntlets
 [Fused Monstrosity Stompers] (LFR · H · M) Mail boots
Frenetic Corpuscle (LFR · H · M) Agility trinket
Vectis  [Bow of Virulent Infection] (LFR · H · M) Bow
 [Vector Deflector] (LFR · H · M) Shield
 [Hood of Pestilent Ichor] (LFR · H · M) Azerite leather helmet
 [Plasma-Spattered Greatcloak] (LFR · H · M) Cloak
 [Chestguard of Virulent Mutagens] (LFR · H · M) Azerite plate chest
 [Wristwraps of Coursing Miasma] (LFR · H · M) Leather bracers
 [Mutagenic Protofluid Handwraps] (LFR · H · M) Cloth gauntlets
 [Cord of Animated Contagion] (LFR · H · M) Cloth belt
Blighted Anima Greaves (LFR · H · M) Mail leggings
Inoculating Extract (LFR · H · M) Intellect trinket
Syringe of Bloodborne Infirmity (LFR · H · M) Strength trinket
Zul, Reborn  [Pursax, the Backborer] (LFR · H · M) Agility dagger
 [Tusk of the Reborn Prophet] (LFR · H · M) Intellect dagger
Visage of the Ascended Prophet (LFR · H · M) Azerite cloth helmet
Crest of the Undying Visionary (LFR · H · M) Azerite mail helmet
Usurper's Bloodcaked Spaulders (LFR · H · M) Azerite leather shoulders
 [Cloak of Rippling Whispers] (LFR · H · M) Cloak
Chestplate of Apocalyptic Machinations (LFR · H · M) Azerite plate chest
Armbands of Sacrosanct Acts (LFR · H · M) Leather bracers
Imperious Vambraces (LFR · H · M) Plate bracers
 [Cincture of Profane Deeds] (LFR · H · M) Mail belt
Heart of Corruption
Boss Item Type
Mythrax the Unraveler  [Codex of Imminent Ruin] (LFR · H · M) Intellect off-hand
 [Luminous Edge of Virtue] (LFR · H · M) Strength one-hand sword
 [Voror, Gleaming Blade of the Stalwart] (LFR · H · M) Strength two-hand sword
Cowl of Dark Portents (LFR · H · M) Azerite leather helmet
Chitinspine Pauldrons (LFR · H · M) Azerite plate shoulders
Robes of the Unraveler (LFR · H · M) Azerite cloth chest
C'thraxxi General's Hauberk (LFR · H · M) Azerite mail chest
Oblivion Crushers (LFR · H · M) Mail gauntlets
 [Band of Certain Annihilation] (LFR · H · M) Ring
Twitching Tentacle of Xalzaix (LFR · H · M) Trinket
Xalzaix's Veiled Eye (LFR · H · M) Trinket
G'huun  [Lancet of the Deft Hand] (LFR · H · M) Fist weapon
 [Re-Origination Pulse Rifle] (LFR · H · M) Gun
 [Barricade of Purifying Resolve] (LFR · H · M) Shield
 [Heptavium, Staff of Torturous Knowledge] (LFR · H · M) Intellect staff
Helm of the Defiled Laboratorium (LFR · H · M) Azerite plate helmet
Amice of Corrupting Horror (LFR · H · M) Azerite cloth shoulders
Spaulders of Coagulated Viscera (LFR · H · M) Azerite mail shoulders
Tunic of the Sanguine Deity (LFR · H · M) Azerite leather chest
 [Cord of Septic Envelopment] (LFR · H · M) Cloth belt
Striders of the Putrescent Path (LFR · H · M) Leather boots
Hematocyst Stompers (LFR · H · M) Plate boots
 [Vanquished Tendril of G'huun] (LFR · H · M) Trinket



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