NeutralUlduar's Oath
Start Odyn
End Odyn
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 20,560
Rewards  [Battlelord's Wristguards]
 [Greater Glory of the Order]
1500 Order Resources
38g 80s
Previous N Warrior [45D] Maw of Souls: Message to Helya
Next N Warrior [45] Demonic Runes
N Warrior [45] Will of the Valarjar


Ask Hymdall to sound the Gjallarhorn and request Thorim's assistance.

  • Listen to Thorim's Response
  • Speak to Aerilya[sic] to go to Ulduar
  • The Defense of Ulduar


I was once leader of all of the titanforged keepers of Azeroth. We were charged by the Titans themselves to protect the world.

Once I gave up on the post of Prime Designate, I gave up any measure of influence over the other keepers. Not even my own son, Thorim, is bound to heed my commands.

The Gjallarhorn comes from a time before our falling out, however. A time of an ancient oath of honor.

Let us invoke that oath -- I am certain Thorim will answer the call.


You will receive: 38g 80s
Inv plate warriorclass d 01bracer.png [Battlelord's Wristguards] Achievement reputation 03.png [Greater Glory of the Order]

You will also receive: 1500 Order Resources


What news do you bring from Ulduar?


I thank you, <name>. That Hodir is gone is unfortunate, but things could have gone much worse and thanks to you Ulduar did not fall to the Legion today.



Before beginning the scenario, check that you have food, bandages, and health potions. Talenting into [Shockwave] is also highly recommended for crowd control.

Quest accept
Hymdall yells: Armies of Ulduar, heed Odyn's call!
Image of Thorim says: Father! Though we are oathbound to answer the call of the Gjallarhorn, we cannot.
Image of Thorim says: The halls of Ulduar have been overrun by the armies of the Legion. We are fighting bravely but their numbers are endless.
Odyn yells: Thorim... son! Hold them off! I shall send my champions to your aid!
Gossip Ulduar's under attack. Send me and any forces that are ready to their aid!

Stage 1: Demons, Demons Everywhere...

  • Fight your way to the Observation Ring

You, Ragnvald Drakeborn, and Finna Bjornsdottir will start off the scenario in The Antechamber.

Finna Bjornsdottir says: The temple is completely overrun! Let us crush these demons!
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: Time for battle! For Odyn!

Kill the Felguard Marauders that are attacking a Dark Rune Sentinel and Iron Mender. They will assist as you make your way further in.

Dark Rune Sentinel says: I am glad you found us, <name>!
Iron Mender says: There are more in trouble ahead. Let's keep moving!

After killing the pack of imps, the sentinel will leave you while the mender stays with you.

Iron Mender says: That was a good fight!
The iron dwarf heads to the entryway to the Shattered Walkway and begins to fight a Hateful Doombringer.
Hateful Doombringer says: You will die!
The demon strikes the iron dwarf with a fel bolt, killing it.

Either interrupt or move out of the Hateful Doombringer's rain of fire. The demon is simple enough to defeat, but the first real fight lays just ahead.

Finna Bjornsdottir says: Who is that fighting so fiercely ahead?
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: It appears to be a dwarf. How is he still alive?
Finna Bjornsdottir says: You are fierce for one so small, dwarf. What happened here?
Dvalen Ironrune says: Fight first, talk later!

If you are not a protection warrior, watch your aggro. Lieutenant Gom'tok attacks hurt, especially his Felsoul Cleave ability. Hit the demon a couple times then stand back to let the NPCs do the work for you. (Note: Do not stand at range or Gom'tok will sometimes use Demonic Leap on you. Avoid this by staying in melee, behind Gom'tok.)

Stage 2: Small But Mighty

  • Follow Dvalen Ironrune
Dvalen Ironrune says: Thank you! I was getting weary.
Daveln Ironrune says: The Legion appeared out of nowhere. They must have a portal nearby. Let's go find it!

Follow Dvalen as he heads down from The Shattered Walkway to The Observation Ring. Be ready for two packs of Felblaze Imps, a group of Felguard Marauders, and two elite Hateful Doombringers.

Dvalen Ironrune says: In here! We can leap over the flames!
Dvalen proceeds to [Heroic Leap] over the fel flames and runs to help a Champion of Hodir.

Use your own Heroic Leap to bypass the barrier and assist against the demons.

Dvalen Ironrune says: You defile this temple with your presence, demon!
Champion of Hodir says: Thank you. I need to rest for a bit after that.

Continue further into The Halls of Winter and use Heroic Leap over the second fel flames after fighting packs Blazing Ravagers. Assist Dvalen in aiding another Iron Mender.

Dvalen Ironrune says: Hodir's cut off from the rest of the temple. They'll surround him soon if we don't move fast.
Dvalen quickly runs ahead to engage the next group of demons.
Iron Mender says: That was a rough fight! Go help Hodir and I'll keep the way clear.

Finish off the last pack and continue on to the large door.

Dvalen Ironrune says: Hodir's room's behind that door. We need to get it open.
Dvalen Ironrune says: Grab a chain and help me.

Stage 3: A Feat of Strength

  • Use your strength to force Hodir's door to open

The chain is in the right-side corner before the door. Grab it and follow Dvalen's example.

Dvalen Ironrune says: All together, now! Pull!
Finna Bjornsdottir says: Put your back into it!
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: We... Can... Do... This!

Stage 4: Hodir, Hodir, Hodir!

  • Kill the demons attacking Hodir and talk to him (4)
The door is opened! In the room is Hodir, wrapped in fel beams, fighting off Felwarden Elreth and several Blazing Ravagers.

Focus on slaying Felwarden Elreth. The hounds are periodically summoned but do not give credit.

With the Felwarden killed, the fel beams dissipate while three Felsoul Tormentors appear.
Hodir says: Feel my wrath, fiends!

Stage 5: The Clash of Thunder

I did not expect a mortal to fight so fiercely. I thank you.
Gossip I came to help you and Thorim. Where is he?
Hodir says: We have no time to lose!
Hodir walks over to a wall of ice blocking the other entryway to the Observation Ring and smashes it.

Follow Hodir. As expected, there are still more demons to take care of on the way.

You fight bravely.
Gossip Let's keep moving!
Hodir says: Hurry!
Hodir opens the door to Thorim's domain and forcibly makes way past the barrier formed by the lightning orbs. A fel structure has been built in the middle of the room, forming a large fel portal.
Hodir says: Thorim! Odyn has sent his champions to aid us.
Thorim says: A mortal? Leading Odyn's army?! Has my father lost his mind!
Hodir says: You'll be surprised. This mortal slays demons as swiftly as Fenryr hunts wild deer!
Thorim says: I shall be the judge of that. Plenty of demons up here... let us see if Odyn chose well!
Hodir says: They keep coming! Crush one and another takes its place. I will try to stem the flow. The passage to the north leads to the balcony, <name>. Assist Thorim!

Stage 6: A Feat of Battle

  • Take the tunnel to the north to reach Thorim

At this point Dvalen and Hodir break off to fight the flow of demons coming from the portal. Enter the main area and take the passageway on your left. For veterans, one needs not be reminded to be watchful.

Ragnvald Drakeborn says: It is too quiet here. I have a bad feeling...
Finna Bjornsdottir says: Spiders!
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: I think one fell on my head! Get it off!

Fight the Felbite Broodlings and press on, while minding the spiders hanging from the ceiling. Use line of sight to draw the spiders to you for easy stunnage and AoE abilities. Take advantage of any breaks in combat to heal up if necessary, especially before reaching the first doorway.

Brood Queen Morvaniss says: Your world will be ourss!

Quickly deal with the small spiderlings while letting Finna tank Morvaniss. Avoid the latter's Poison Nova. Once the brood queen is dead, the door will open up.

Stage 7: Rescue Thorim

  • Thorim Rescued

Make your way out of the passageway and use [Heroic Leap] once more to reach Thorim, who is busy fighting Lady Ran'zara. Attack Ran'zara once to get your champions to do your work again, while avoiding her Rain of Fire ability.

Lady Ran'zara says: Worthless insects. You will beg for death before the end!
As Lady Ran'zara reaches low health, she suddenly casts an Empowered Chaos Nova, stunning everyone near her.
Lady Ran'zara says: Enough! I grow weary of you.
She teleports next to the portal.
Thorim says: She's getting away!
Lady Ran'zara says: Enjoy your victory while it lasts. The Legion will tear this world asunder!
She leaves through the portal.
Hodir says: She will not get away with this!
Thorim says: Hodir, wait!
Hodir chases the demon through the portal before it closes.
Thorim says: They are gone... the portal is closed!
Thorim says: You fought well. I was wrong to question my father's choice. The forces of Ulduar will stand behind you if you are willing to aid us in finding Hodir.

Final Stage: Talk to Thorim

  • Speak with Thorim
Hodir has always been too impulsive for his own good.
His judgement was accurate about you, however. I did not think it possible for a mere mortal to be worthy of Odyn's blessing. You are an enigma, <name>.
I will teleport you out of here when you are ready.
Gossip I'm ready.


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