Image of Ulfar
Title <High Thornspeaker>
Gender Male
Race Drust (Humanoid)
Level 20-50
Class Druid
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thornspeakers
Former affiliation(s) Drust
Occupation Leader of the Thornspeakers
Location Ulfar's Den, Drustvar
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Kivarr

Ulfar is the last of the Drust druids and the leader of the Thornspeakers, an order of Kul Tiran druids based in Ulfar's Den in Drustvar, who train in the old ways of the Drust from before the time of Gorak Tul. He is the last Drust of this organization originally created by his people. Ulfar does not think highly of Gorak Tul, and believes Tul's twisted ways have disgraced their kind.[1] Ulfar can be a hard teacher, but he's fair.[2]


In his youth Ulfar was mentored by Kivarr, a wise and powerful Thornspeaker.[3]

Ulfar was among the Drust who disagreed to wage war against the human settlers thousands of years ago, prompting the Thornspeakers to leave the Drust and join Kul Tiran society. Some of the humans' Kul Tiran descendants heard the call of the wilds and sought to learn the ancient ways, which the Thornspeakers taught them. Now Ulfar is the only Drust Thornspeaker left.[4]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

After gathering cores from Drust constructs at Gol Koval, the Thornspeakers delivered the cores to Ulfar and told him of the Drust's return.[2] When Katherine Proudmoore sought to save her daughter Jaina from Thros and the grip of Gorak Tul, Lucille Waycrest directed an adventurer to Ulfar. Ulfar at first did not want to aid them for he felt the door to the Blighted Lands should remain closed, but an attack from Gorak Tul made Ulfar realize that Thros was already open and its denizens no longer confined to their own realm.[1]

As Lord Admiral, Jaina would commission Dorian Atwater to build a special ship for Anduin Wrynn. Wood for the vessel was sourced from the Algerson Lumber Yard near Boralus, though the shipment needed to first be purified of dark influence with the aid of the Thornspeakers. Ulfar succeeded in cleansing the wood at their request and sent the Thornspeakers to Stormsong Valley to further aid construction.[5] Ulfar himself later made an appearance at Port Fogtide for the ship's blessing.[6]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Seeking to save the Night Fae possessed by the Drust, Ysera sent the Maw Walkers among the Night Fae Covenant to Ulfar for guidance, who she had met during her life.[7] He recognized the curse in question and revealed that they would need to claim a portion of Gorak Tul's power to break it. He subsequently sent them to imbue a Drust Fetish with Gorak Tul's power and warned them to handle the fetish with caution, when the task was completed.[8] He then sent them to return to the Shadowlands and seek out Kivarr, his old mentor, believing that she could offer the guidance that he cannot.[3]

Ultimately it was discovered there was no way to liberate those possessed by the Drust, as Gorak Zhar's power was too great.[9]



  • Well met, mainlander.
  • Our roots run deep in this land.
  • There is a rhythm to life. Can you feel it?
  • My wisdom is not for the faint of heart.
  • We strike back against the darkness.
  • Have you come to learn?
  • What do you ask of the Thornspeakers?
  • It is unwise to poke the bear.
  • My ways embrace death as part of the natural cycle. Care for a demonstration?
  • I may be old, but I am not senile! Quit it.
  • Stand strong.
  • Strike fast, strike true.
  • Strength of the forest go with you.
  • Be wary of the woods.
  • Maintain the balance.


It has been a long time since a mainlander step foot in my grove.
Do you wish to learn from the Thornspeakers, or do you come to lay claim to this land, as your kind are so fond of doing?
  • Gossip Who are you?
I am Ulfar, the last of the Drust Thornspeakers and the teacher of these students. One day my task will be over, I will return to the earth and a new High Thornspeaker will rise to lead, as is the proper way of things.
But that day has not yet come.
  • Gossip Are you druids?
We are, <name>. We are guardians of the balance in nature, the keepers of the cycle. Life is a part of nature, as is death.
  • Gossip You're a Drust? Wasn't there a war against them?
Indeed I am. Not all of my people agreed with the conflict. Have you never seen division among your own?
We Thornspeakers joined Kul Tiran society. Some of their descendants heard the call of the wilds and wished to learn the ancient ways, and so we have taught them.
To druids
  • Gossip Are you a druid as well?
We are not so different from you, <name>. We are guardians of balance, keepers of the cycle. Life is a part of nature, as is death. But as a druid you know this.
Be welcome in our grove.
To hunters
  • Gossip I have seen some animals that look like they are part plant. Can you tell me about them?
I suppose you're seeking a new pet?
<Ulfar scoffs>
The magic of this place is deep and profound. It has come to inhabit some of the animals of the region. They are powerful manifestations of nature to be respected.
The Pride of Kul Tiras
  • The entrance to Thros lies within the great tree, Gol Inath, but crossing the threshold will not be as simple as walking through.
To open the path, you will need an effigy of great strength. Not one of the trinkets of the coven, mind you, but one of old, Drust magic.
  • The path to Thros will be treacherous, but that is merely a fraction of what awaits you inside the Blighted Lands.
Prepare yourself, <class>, for the minions of Thros will use your deepest fears and regrets as a weapon against you.


  • Ulfar is voiced by Italian film editor Clayton Halsey.
  • Ulfar is never seen leaving his bear form at any point. However there is a desk and bed in his cave, indicating that he does return to Drust form off-screen.

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