Maiev Shadowsong wielding an Umbra Crescent.

Lyani Shadestalker's umbra crescent.

Umbra Crescents are glaives[1][2] and the signature weapons of night elf Watchers. The crescents are deadly but cannot be normally tossed.[3]

While these blades cannot be obtained for player use, one can be found as a common archaeology artifact.


It requires 45 Night Elf Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to two  [Highborne Scroll] Keystones may be used to aid in solving this artifact.


Umbra Crescent

This is a circular blade favored by night elf Watchers. This type of weapon was most famously wielded by Maiev Shadowsong, but can be seen even today on night elves such as the Barrow Deeps Watchers on Mount Hyjal. It is likely the weapon you have recovered was magical before it was broken into so many fragments.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

This weapon was first named in the RPG book Shadows & Light. Magic & Mayhem, which came out earlier that year, called it a Warden's Moon Sword.

Specially chosen wardens wield these circular slashing blades. The serrated, hoop-shaped moon sword is a deadly weapon for both subduing and executing a warden's quarry.

The warden can stamp the name of the person she is quarrying on the blade's handle: in this way, the Moon Sword will show the direction in which the warden's prey is, and will grant to the warden the ability to recognize her target regardless of disguises or attempts to conceal his identity with magic. The warden will also be immediately aware if her target dies while his name is on the blade's handle.[4]

This odd weapon is a moon sword - a curved night elf blade that forms an almost complete circle. The umbra crescent's dark length is covered in mystic Kaldorei runes that glint with silver luminance.

The wielder can inscribe the name of a given quarry on the blade's handle. This target must be a creature the wielder is tracking down. The umbra crescent gives the general direction of the target and grants the wielder the ability to recognize him regardless of disguise or attempts to conceal his identity with magic. Should the target die while his name is on the blade's handle, the wielder is immediately aware of the fact. While the target lives and is not within 5 feet of the wielder, the name cannot be changed.[5]


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