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NeutralUmbrafen tribe
Umbrafen tribe
Umbrafen Lost Ones living in their village
Main leader IconSmall LostOne Kataru
Race(s) IconSmall LostOne Lost Ones
Base of operations Umbrafen Village
Theater of operations Zangarmarsh
Affiliation Illidan's Naga, Illidari

The Umbrafen tribe,[1] one of the three Lost One tribes of Zangarmarsh, is the worst of all the traitor tribes of Broken and Lost Ones. They are allied with Illidan's Naga and use dark magic to trap and enslave others to serve them.[1] They are led by Kataru.

They are named after Umbrafen,[2] a Zangar forest that was once located on the northern coastline of Shadowmoon Valley before its destruction.


Before degenerating completely into Lost Ones, when they were still Broken, they lived in the Umbrafen in Shadowmoon Valley.[2]

Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

The Broken Dreghood tribe was enslaved by the Illidari demons[3] and some of them were sent to Zangarmarsh to do manual labor for the Darkcrest naga; the Umbrafen tribe's members were extremely cruel to slaves that escaped.[1] Ikeyen, a Broken, managed to escape from them but was now being hunted.[1]

The tauren druid Kayra Longmane was also abducted by them, she tried to fight but the Lost Ones were many and she was thus overrun.[4]


They have witch doctors as well as seers and oracles among their ranks, common variants of the shaman class. They may also be good leatherworkers, as leather clothes bearing their tribe's name can be found throughout the area.[5]

Known members[]

Name Role Status Location
MobIconSmall LostOne Kataru Chief Alive Umbrafen Village, Zangarmarsh



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