For the Azerite Essence Treasure Tracking the Worldvein mission location, see Uncharted Isle.
NeutralUncharted Island
Level: 116 - 120
Uncharted Island.jpg
Capital(s) Mob Kunza-Kunza
Races Hozen Hozen
  Formerly HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
Ruler(s) Mob  Akakakoo (presumed)
Affiliation Kunzen tribe
Former affiliation(s) Kul Tiras (presumed)
Location Great Sea[1]

The old fort

The Uncharted Island is a tropical island located somewhere in the Great Sea,[1] serving as a tutorial scenario for Island Expeditions. There is an abandoned Kul Tiran fort on it, equipped with cannons and possessing a ship dock. The island is now occupied by hozen of the Kunzen tribe, and gorillas. During the Fourth War, members of the Alliance and the Horde arrived on the isle after reports indicated the presence of Azerite on it. Led by either Flynn Fairwind or Captain Rez'okun, adventurers gathered the Azerite, which had been contaminating the wildlife. The hozen leader, Akakakoo, had also been collecting it.[2]


Maps and subregions

Map of the Uncharted Island.

Minimap of the Uncharted Island showing two additional islands.

Scenario: Uncharted Island

  • Stage 1 – Investigate the Azerite
    • Investigate the source of the Azerite.
  • Stage 2 – An Oceanic Outcropping
    • Mine the Azerite Crystals.
  • Stage 3 – There's More
    • Investigate the second source of Azerite.
  • Stage 4 – Encrusted Crustacean
    • Kill the Encrusted Kingscuttler.
  • Stage 5 – Off the Charts
    • Investigate the third source of Azerite.
  • Stage 6 – Azerite Raid
    • Take the Azerite from the Kunzen hozen tribe.
  • Final Stage – Escape!
    • Escape from Uncharted Isle before the Horde arrive.



Wild creatures


  • Two smaller isles can be seen on the north-eastern and western part of the map and can be visited by swimming to them as there are no invisible walls.
  • It is not possible to return to the island after the scenario.



Patch changes


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