Uncrowned Banner.jpg
Main leader  Jorach Ravenholdt
 The Shadowblade
Secondary leaders Council of Shadows
Race(s) Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
GnomeGnome Gnome
GoblinGoblin Goblin
HumanHuman Human
Night elfNight elf Night elf
OrcOrc Orc
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
TrollTroll Troll
WorgenWorgen Worgen
Character classes Rogue
Base of operations Rogue Hall of Shadows
Theater of operations Dalaran, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Broken Isles
  Formerly Argus
Affiliation Armies of Legionfall, Independent
Status Active
Quartermaster  Kelsey Steelspark

The Uncrowned is a secret organization of rogues led by the Shadows, their leaders, who form the Council of Shadows.[1][2] The Uncrowned fight the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion, and their order hall is the secret Hall of Shadows located in the sewers of Dalaran. Ranks of the Uncrowned include members of Ravenholdt, Deathstalkers, SI:7, Shattered Hand, Defias Brotherhood, Steamwheedle Cartel, Shado-Pan, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Hidden Circle, Gnomeregan Covert Ops, and Royal Apothecary Society.


The Uncrowned is an organization that works behind the scenes, and which already existed before the events of the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the organization is described by Lord Jorach Ravenholdt as "the slayers of kings, the downfall of empires, the unseen blades that write the true history of this world."[3]


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Following the Battle for Broken Shore, Jorach Ravenholdt came into contact with a rogue hero by sending a messenger carrying a sealed letter, inviting them to join him alone and in complete discretion in the Hall of Shadows through his contact "Red" Jack Findle in the Glorious Goods of Dalaran. In the Chamber of Shadows, the rogue hero met the Council of Shadows who invited them to take their seat as the final Shadow, and help them lead the Uncrowned.[4]

After the presentation of the secret organization, their methods, and their goals, the now complete Council of Shadows organized itself to obtain the legendary artifacts that are The Kingslayers:  [Anguish] and  [Sorrow], The Dreadblades:  [Fate] and  [Fortune], and the Fangs of the Devourer:  [Gorefang] and  [Akaari's Will], to equip their champion who operate outside and vanquishes their foes.[5]

The Shadow Council celebrated their success over glasses of wine after successfully securing all of the artifacts, but they were poisoned by Vanessa VanCleef, Kingpin of the Defias Brotherhood, who had survived in the Deadmines through the use of neurotoxin against its opponents. But she was defeated by the Last Shadow, and had no other choice but to serve the latter or be executed the Uncrowned.[6]

The Hall of Shadows, headquarters of the Uncrowned in the Underbelly of Dalaran.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, the Uncrowned began to mobilize their agents on the Broken Isles.[7] [8] Subsequently they organize the recruitment and training of new agents, with among the members of the Defias Brotherhood, under Lonika Stillblade who founded the School of Roguery in Shattrath.[9][10]

Following the recruitment of Winstone Wolfe into their ranks,[11][12] the Uncrowned became interested in the discovery of the body of an SI:7 agent in the sewers of Dalaran. Fearing that the SI:7 would take too much interest in them, Ravenholdt sent his agents to investigate the situation in Stormwind City,[13] they discovered that Mathias Shaw had increased the number of agents he has in Horde territory,[14] and ordered the elimination of Amber Kearnen.[15]

Realizing that something was wrong with Shaw's behavior, the Uncrowned began to investigate the relationship between the SI:7 and the Red Blade at Citrine Bay, in Stormheim.[16] They discovered that the Spymaster ordered the pirates to execute Amber Kearnen in exchange for access to Stormwind Harbor and a royal pardon for their past crimes committed.[17] They also got their hands on a mysterious letter with a complex code, and began to decipher it to find out the reasons for Mathias to eliminate his best agent.[18]

Following the recruitment of Yancey Grillsen,[19] responsible for recruiting more pirates into their ranks,[20] the Uncrowned mobilized to create diversions in order to prevent the SI:7 from being present in Val'sharah and staying away from Black Rook Hold, while they continue to decipher the letter.[21]

The Shadows, members of the Council of Shadows who lead the Uncrowned.

To discover the contents of the letter, Valeera Sanguinar investigated with the Last Shadow on a magical jewel,  [The Raven's Eye], created by the vrykul Havi, and which was once used by Ravencrest's almost perfect espionage team during the War of the Ancients.[22] As a result of their research, they finally managed to get it from Dantalionax in the Black Rook Hold.[23]

Now in possession of the Raven's Eye, the Uncrowned used it to decipher the encrypted SI:7 Letter and discovered that Mathias Shaw had been kidnapped following a demon attack led by the dreadlord Detheroc who took his place to manipulate the SI:7 and the Alliance, which explained the murder of Amber Kearnen who knew the truth.[24] The Order reacts in consequence by telling the truth to King Anduin Wrynn in order to prevent the Alliance from being devoured from within by the Legion, while searching through the Broken Isles to find the Spymaster.[25] They eventually discovered that he was being held captive at Felsoul Hold in Suramar, and called on Marin Noggenfogger to create an explosive diversion for the Last Shadow and Taoshi to save Mathias Shaw from his jailer.[26][27][28]

Once free, Mathias Shaw thanked the Uncrowned for their help and announced that he knew about Detheroc's plans to create an open conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, so that the Legion can prevail. The Spymaster then came up with an infiltration plan to eliminate Detheroc, which was accepted by the Council of Shadows.[29] The Champions of the Uncrowned carried out the plan by infiltrating Stormwind City and succeeded in revealing Detheroc's true identity before eliminating him, preventing the rise of a conflict between the two factions, and allowing Mathias Shaw to resume his post, now an ally of the Uncrowned.[30]

For their many exploits, the Last Shadow obtained the title of Shadowblade from Lord Jorach Ravenholdt,[31] and also the [Shadowblade's Murderous Omen] after they deal with the Homunculi alongside Lilian Voss in the Hall of Shadows and in the cities of the Alliance and the Horde.[32][33]

Following their victory, the Uncrowned joined the other orders, represented by Jorach Ravenholdt,[34] to form the Armies of Legionfall. Their agents were present to repel the legion's assault on Dalaran and to fight alongside their allies during the Assault on Broken Shore. They were also present on Argus, accompanying the Shadowblade to fight the demons and protect the Vindicaar.

After the Fourth War

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Following the Argus Campaign and the Fourth War, Mathias Shaw mentions in his report that the Uncrowned are still active with Jorach Ravenholdt at their head,[35] and that among them Vanessa VanCleef, Garona Halforcen and Lilian Voss are still active and recognized members of the organization.

The Spymaster even took advantage of his cooperation with the Uncrowned to meet and engage the blood elf Narsilla Keensight, codenamed Lancer, who spies on the Horde for SI:7 interests.[36]


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The Uncrowned are present in the rogue section of the Training Hall in Stormwind and the Barracks in Orgrimmar, with Veruca Darkstream and Thega Graveblade as rogue trainers.


Council of Shadows

The Council of Shadows are the leaders of the Uncrowned,[1][2] but the main leader is Lord Jorach Ravenholdt.[35]

Name Role Status
Neutral  Jorach Ravenholdt Shadow Leader, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Alliance & Horde Rogue The Shadowblade Shadow Leader Alive / Active
Horde  Garona Halforcen Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Alliance  Tess Greymane Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Valeera Sanguinar Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Taoshi Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Tethys Shadow, Champion of the Uncrowned Alive


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Name Role Status
Neutral  Marin Noggenfogger Champion of the Uncrowned, Leader of the Steamwheedle Cartel Alive
Neutral  Vanessa VanCleef Champion of the Uncrowned, Defias Brotherhood Kingpin Alive
Horde  Lilian Voss Champion of the Uncrowned, Representative of the Forsaken Active-Undead
Alliance  Mathias Shaw Champion of the Uncrowned, Director of SI:7 Alive
Horde  Gordul Member, Leader of the Shattered Hand Alive
Alliance  Hulfdan Blackbeard Member, Leader of the Hidden Circle Alive
Horde  Faranell Member, Leader of the Royal Apothecary Society Active-Undead
Neutral  Mr. Shackle Member, Leader of the Blacksail Crew Alive
Neutral  Filius Sparkstache Senior archivist Alive
Alliance  Kelsey Steelspark Quartermaster, Senior agent of the Gnomeregan Covert Ops Alive
Neutral  Laura Stern Ravenholdt assassins recruiter Alive
Neutral  Lonika Stillblade Rogue trainer of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Milton Beats Guardian of the Hall of Shadows Alive
Neutral  Nikki the Gossip Mission Specialist of the Uncrowned Alive
Neutral  Nargle Boomslang Marin Noggenfogger's Assistant Alive
Neutral  Narsilla Keensight Embedded agent for Mathias Shaw Alive
Neutral  Yancey Grillsen Bloodsail pirates recruiter Alive


They deploy gangs of bandits, Defias thieves, crews of pirates, Uncrowned duelists, and Ravenholdt assassins.

  • Often called common criminals, Bandits are often used by the Uncrowned to obtain information and goods through stealth or strongarm tactics.
  • The hardened outlaws of the Defias Brotherhood, defiant against corrupt nobility, wear red bandanas in order to symbolize the blood shed by the oppressed.
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers can fight on land and on sea, both sober and not. The sight of their crimson sails on the horizon is enough to convince their enemies to surrender before a single cannon is fired.
  • "A dueling ring, here? I suppose if they're going to be degenerate gamblers anyway, they might as well stay in fighting shape." - Jorach Ravenholdt
  • Ravenholdt's personal guard. Deployed from his manor whenever a "special" occasion demands it.[37]


Notes and trivia

  • All information about the rogue artifacts were recorded by Filius Sparkstache in the Blood Ledger.
  • It seems that the Uncrowned are ready to kill in order to protect their secrecy, as evidenced by the dead Unwary Adventurers in their class hall.
  • During Legion's alpha, Mathias Shaw was a Shadow of the Uncrowned instead of being their "enemy" impersonated by Detheroc. An orc called The Hood was also present as the leader of the Shattered Hand. It is possible that Shaw and the Hood were both there as Alliance and Horde representatives respectively. They were later removed in a patch that also added Tess Greymane.
  • A scrapped mission suggests that the Uncrowned would've been established only in Legion[38] rather than being a pre-existing organization.
  • In Hearthstone, Tess Greymane's greetings emote is: "The Uncrowned send their regards." which is apparently an homage to Game of Thrones's line "The Lannisters send their regards."
  • In the Battle for Azeroth alpha and beta, a club at Hook Point in Boralus had Uncrowned banners hanging on the walls.

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