Under Whose Orders?

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AllianceUnder Whose Orders?
Start Lieutenant Amadi
End Lieutenant Amadi
Level 61 (Requires 58)
Type Group (2)
Category Hellfire Peninsula
Experience 9,580
Reputation +250 Honor Hold
Rewards 2g
Previous A [61] Impending Doom
Next A [62G3] Dispatching the Commander
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [61G2] Under Whose Orders?.


Kill 20 Shattered Hand Grunts, 10 Shattered Hand Warlocks, and capture Drillmaster Zurok's Orders. Then, return to Lieutenant Amadi at Honor Hold's western guard tower.


One thing is clear, <name>: we can't keep this up. The fel orcs have us surrounded and as quickly as we can kill them, several spring up to replace them. We can't hope to win this war huddled behind Honor Hold's shattered walls and counting the days until our deaths at the hands of the fel orcs or the Legion.

You've done a remarkable job of sparing us from the brunt of the fel orc attack, but now you must fight your way up the Path of Glory and learn who is orchestrating these attacks.


You will receive:


  1. A [61] The Citadel's Reach
  2. A [61] The Western Flank
  3. A [61] Warboss Nekrogg's Orders
  4. A [61] Saving Private Imarion
  5. A [61] Planning the Escape
  6. A [61] Provoking the Warboss
  7. A [61] Dealing with Zeth'Gor
  8. A [61] Impending Doom
  9. A [61G2] Under Whose Orders?
  10. A [62G3] Dispatching the Commander

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