NeutralUnder the Illusion
Start Caretaker Kah-Than [56.6, 17.5]
End Automatic
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Experience 8,150
Rewards 25g 74s
Previous N [60] Echoes of Fate
Next N [60] They Could Be Anyone

Kin'tessa transforming

Under the Illusion is the climax of the "They Could Be Anyone" side-chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign.


Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

Use the Fatescribe's Implement to dispel the illusion.


Roh-Kalo and Kin'tessa

The Fatescribe has collected the necessary items to create an illusion in this chamber. Fortunately, we can use his own implement to dispel it and reveal him.

He will be grateful to see a friendly face, I'm sure.

I must say, you've proven to be incredibly helpful in this task. I truly couldn't have done it without you.


You will receive:

  • 25g 74s
  • 8,150 XP


<The Fatescribe has been taken.>



A small circle appears on the ground in front of Kah-Than. Step in it, then use the provided  [Fatescribe's Implement] to dispel the illusions to start a cutscene:

The Maw Walker uses the Fatescribe's Implement to reveal Fatescribe Roh-Kalo.
Fatescribe Roh-Kalo says: No! They have found me!
Caretaker Kah-Than says: Indeed we have.
Kah-Than gains a red glow and transforms into Kin'tessa, a nathrezim!
Kin'tessa says: Thank you for all your valuable assistance, mortal.
Kin'tessa casts a spell into the Maw Walker, putting them asleep.
Fatescribe Roh-Kalo says: How many? How many spies has the Banished One seeded among us?

Kin'tessa and Maw Walker

Kin'tessa says: You can ask him yourself once we arrive in Torghast. He is quite eager to meet you.
Azodius, another nathrezim, appears.
Kin'tessa says: Kill the Maw Walker.
Azodius nods.
Kin'tessa says: Oh, and make it quick. As a sign of gratitude.
Kin'tessa and Roh-Kalo disappear.

Defeat Azodius:

Azodius says: This... changes... nothing...

Azodius drops the  [Head of Azodius], starting the next quest: N [60] They Could Be Anyone. Should players turn in the quest before looting the corpse, the Azodius' Corpse object spawns nearby, which also contains the head.


  1. N [60] A Matter of Urgency
  2. N [60] The Last Place You Look, N [60] Rescued from Torment, N [60] Looting the Looters
  3. N [60] Redirect the Search
  4. N [60] Echoes of Fate
  5. N [60] Under the Illusion
  6. N [60] They Could Be Anyone

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