The Underhalls.

The Underhalls is a vrykul hall built into the mountain on the southeastern end of Valhalas,[32, 32] in Jotunheim in northwest Icecrown. The Hall of Horrors and the Circle of Suffering are found here.

A lot of Vargul reside here, which are being used for experiments by Dr. Terrible, including Bethod Feigr, who seeks out vengeance for his betrayal. The vargul are generally exiled here after failing the ring at Valhalas.[1]

The Bone Witch sends the player to take find out information about what the Dr. is up to by beating it out of his Apprentice Osterkilgr.

The player finds out what the doctor has done with the corpses of the vargul, namely combining them into a powerful amalgamation, Nergeld. The player takes control of Nergeld and kills Dr. Terrible.

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