Underlight Blessing

Underlight Blessing
Class All
Artifact Inv misc 2h draenorfishingpole b 01.png [Underlight Angler]
Affects N/A
Related buff
  • Underlight Blessing
  • Capable of waterbreathing.
    Swim speed increased by 150%.
Underlight Blessing.jpeg
Underlight Blessing

Underlight Blessing is a fishing artifact trait. It is linked to the Inv boot cloth draenorhonors2 c 01.png [Surface Tension] trait.

This trait lets the character to breathe underwater, swim rapidly, and turn into a small remora when the artifact is equipped and underwater.


While mounted and the artifact is equipped, the effect will still apply when entering underwater and apply fast swim speed but will not dismount or transform the character. It will also not interfere with mounting while transformed.

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