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NeutralThe Undying Army
Main leader IconSmall Primus.gif The Primus
IconSmall MalDraka.gif Baroness Draka
Secondary leaders IconSmall Alexandros.gif Baron Alexandros
IconSmall MalVashj.gif Baroness Vashj
Theater of operations Maldraxxus, Shadowlands
Affiliation Necrolord Covenant
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Gladiator Female.gif Dar Vattish

The Undying Army is a reputation faction in Maldraxxus and the faction associated with the Necrolord Covenant. It is the loyal army of the Primus,[1] typically consisting of the combined might of all 5 of the Maldraxxi Houses. However, when the Primus disappeared, several barons and margraves of the Five Houses instead swore loyalty to the Jailer. Over the course of the Maldraxxus storyline, it is shown that the Houses of Constructs and Rituals have already fallen under the Jailer's influence, while the House of the Chosen is overthrown and the Houses of Eyes and Plagues were severely crippled.

Consequently, it is only those loyal to the Primus' mission to defend the Shadowlands who constitute the Undying Army faction in-game. The faction consists of the outcast members of all 5 houses who refuse to follow the Jailer, and instead unite under both Baroness Draka and an adventurer who wields the Blade of the Primus. They fight to unite Maldraxxus once again and to defend the Shadowlands as a whole from all who would threaten it.


Long ago, the Primus established the five houses of Maldraxxus to build the ultimate fighting force. Through might, cleverness, and guile, this unyielding armada is pledged to defend the Shadowlands against all threats.

These five houses embody the might of Maldraxxus. Armies vie for dominance over them in unending conflict. The ill-fitting are replaced by the better-suited. The only true constant of Maldraxxus is that change is driven by strength.[2]

Notable members

The Primus: Ruler of Maldraxxus and founder of the Undying Army. His disappearance led to a civil war between the five houses, until he returned from the Maw with the help of the Maw Walker.

Baroness Draka: Former matriarch of the Frostwolf clan, Darka served as a spy under Margrave Akarek and as baroness under Margrave Krexus. Organized the resistance and serves as the leader.

Alexandros Mograine: Former Highlord of the Silver Hand, Alexandros was Baron of the House of the Chosen before being banished by Baron Vyraz. Seeks to restore honor to the House of the Chosen.

Baroness Vashj: Former matron of Illidan's Naga and Baroness of the House of Eyes. Leads the remnants of her house and seeks revenge for the death of Margrave Akarek.

Plague Deviser Marileth: A brilliant scientist who lost his sanity after the House of Plagues was destroyed. Manages Soulbinding.

Rathan: Fleshcrafter of the House of Constructs who defected to the Undying Army alongside his abomination friend, Princess Emeni.

Baron Balmedar: A lich of the House of Rituals who saved Margrave Sin'dane from Kel'Thuzad's schemes, assigned as the intermediary between the forces at the Seat of the Primus and her.


Nalcorn Talsen/Dar Vattish
Rep Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Animated Radius] 250 Polished Pet Charm Misc
Honored  [Apprentice Necromancer's Gloves] 152g 51s 31c Cloth Hands
 [Fortified Jawcrackers] 132g 2s 18c Plate Hands
 [Pallid Stitched Gloves] 128g 1s 18c Leather Hands
 [Pattern: Shadowlace Cloak] 1,147g 50s Tailoring Pattern
 [Plans: Shadowsteel Pauldrons] 1,147g 50s Blacksmithing Plans
 [Rattling Bonefists] 132g 99s 10c Mail Hands
 [Schematic: Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands] 1,147g 50s Engineering Schematic
Revered  [Gnarled Boneloop] 169g 16s 31c Ring
 [Memory of the Rattle of the Maw] 935g Misc
 [Technique: Contract: The Undying Army] 1,500g 25s Inscription Technique
Toenail 1,676g 75s Companion
Exalted  [Barbarous Osteowings] 425g Back
 [Chainmail of the March Warden] 259g 5s 77c Mail Chest
 [Chestplate of the March Warden] 258g 5s 98c Plate Chest
 [Colors of the Undying Army] 212g 50s Tabard
 [Death Fetish] 425g Back
 [Illusion: Undying Spirit] 1,062g 50s Illusion
 [Lurid Bloodtusk] 25,500g Mount
 [Robe of the March Warden] 257g 6s 18c Cloth Chest
 [Tunic of the March Warden] 273g 13s 66c Leather Chest

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