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Undying Guardian

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MobUndying Guardian
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Race N'raqi (Aberration)
Level 51 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Crucible of Storms
Status Killable

Undying Guardians are n'raqi located in the Crucible of Storms.


  • Ability priest surgeofdarkness.png  Feed — Upon reaching full energy, feeds upon the flesh of a target, inflicting 150% weapon damage and healing the caster for 40% of their maximum health. 
  • Inv jewelcrafting shadowspirit 02.png  Sightless Bond — Undying Guardians form a permanent bond with their creator and reduce damage Uu'nat takes by 99% as long as they are within 10 yds of him. 
  • Spell shadow shadowmend.png  Unnatural Regeneration — Upon reaching 1 health, the caster begins to heal for 1% of maximum health every 1 sec. This healing increases over time and ceases upon reaching full health. 

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