NeutralUnexpected Visitors
Start Matron Mother Malevolence
End Belath Dawnblade
Level 10-45
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Experience 7,750
Rewards  [Ashtongue Beacon]
 [Glory of the Order]
1000 Order Resources
8g 30s
Previous N Demon hunter [10-45] Into Our Ranks
Next N Demon hunter [10-45] Working With the Wardens


Listen to your unexpected visitors.

  • Unexpected visitors heard


Brace yourself, <name>. I am detecting a strange magic forming in the chamber. Something is projecting itself in.


You will receive: 8g 30s
Trade archaeology draeneirelic.png [Ashtongue Beacon] Achievement reputation 03.png [Glory of the Order]

You will also receive:

  • 1000 Order Resources
  • 7,750 XP


Caria and Varedis Felsoul are like a bad copper piece that keeps coming back.


The two of them are puppets of Kil'jaeden and a bane on our existence. I am glad that you have their warglaives.

They will be that much easier to kill when we invade their world.

I wonder, do you have a moment to discuss a rather urgent issue?


Quest accept
A pair of images suddenly manifest in the command area.
Caria Felsoul says: How touching. A few more champions. As if that will help in any way.
Varedis Felsoul says: Quite the ragtag bunch you have here, <name>. I would have thought you could do better.
Varedis Felsoul says: But, enough with the pleasantries. Our lord, Kil'jaeden, has sent us to let you know that you and your Illidari will soon be joining the Burning Legion...
Caria Felsoul says: ... and to prove that you are not safe, not even here on the Fel Hammer.
Varedis Felsoul yells: Hear me, Illidari! All present are welcome into the embrace of the Legion.
Caria Felsoul yells: Great power will be imbued into those who join us. Painful agony awaits those who do not.
Varedis Felsoul says: I for one hope that you refuse. Then, those warglaives will once again return to their rightful owner.
Caria Felsoul says: Tsk, tsk, Varedis. Fair is fair. Until we meet again in the flesh, <name>.
Their images disappear.

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