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Unga Ingoo

Unga Ingoo.

Unga Ingoo is the southern island comprising Nayeli Lagoon in south-central Krasarang Wilds. The Cradle of Chi-Ji is to the northwest and Marista is to the northeast. It is the southernmost land in Pandaria, which also makes it the most southernmost landmass accessible to players on Azeroth.


  • At the eastern end of the island, near the broken statue on the northern beach, there is a small cave that contains the hozen lore object Hozen Maturity. Interacting with it is one of the objectives of the Pandaria exploration achievement Achievement faction lorewalkers [Hozen in the Mist].
  • The eastern end of the island also holds the remains of a stranded ship where it is possible to find the rare mob Spriggin which counts towards the Expansionicon mistsofpandaria [A Worthy Opponent] achievement series, as well as the recipe for Inv drink 01 [Banana Infused Rum].
  • The western side of the island hosts a ship on which the rare Booms may spawn. Inside the ship there may also spawn an Equipment Locker which counts towards the Inv misc ornatebox [Lost and Found] achievement series.



Scenario map

The Unga Ingoo scenario takes place on Unga Ingoo. Brewmaster Bo, at nearby Marista, can start the event.

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