Unga Ingoo
Unga Ingoo loading screen.jpg
Location Unga Ingoo, Krasarang Wilds
Race(s) Hozen Hozen
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
End boss Captain Ook
Instance info
Type Scenario
Advised level 90
Minimum average
item level
425 (Normal)
496 (Heroic)
Player limit 3

Unga Ingoo is a scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.


Rescue Jungle Brew from the evil clutches of the hozen pirates of Unga Ingoo.


Hozen! Hozen with cannons! Hozen wearing... pirate hats?!

Hozen attacks have been an unfortunate part of daily life for the residents of the humble fishing village of Marista. But when a Bloodsail pirate ship crashed onto the hozen village of Unga Ingoo, the hozen suddenly found themselves supplied with cannons, potent jungle punch, pirate hats, and worse: ideas. Now pirate hozen are ravaging the local villages, stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Brewmaster Bo has had enough! He’s looking for adventurers to help him storm the scurvy shores of Unga Ingoo, defeat the nefarious Captain Ook, and steal some hozen brew for a change![1]

Scenario denizens

Scenario map

The scenario takes place on Unga Ingoo and the nearby isles, which are located at the southern tip of the Krasarang Wilds.

Bosses Monsters

Unga Isle

Stage guide

Stage 1: Escort Brewmaster Bo

Escort Brewmaster Bo

Brewmaster Bo arrives, along with the players, at the southern end of the isle and must be escorted to the cauldron in the middle of the Unga village. On the way, you will encounter two hozen gladiators by the names of Gagoon and Oku-Oku.

Stage 2: Fill the Brewing Cauldron

Collect 200 Jungle Punch

As Brewmaster Bo starts working on his brew, he needs to be defended and be supplied 200 units of brew. One player should remain behind and use the cannons and bombs on the beach to defend him, while the other two scour the island for brew. While small quantities of brew is found all over the island, there are four locations - the northwestern island, the southwestern ship, the northeastern cave and the southeastern cliff - where you can get large quantities of brew. Each of these location does either have a named mob, a small mini-game (Unstable Keg), a large quantity of hozen or a few hozen that are running around with beer. These four locations are there every time, but what mob or event spawns in which location is completely random. The following mobs and/or events can be encountered:

  • Mob  Ookie
  • Mob  Grooka Grooka
  • Mob  Rik Rik
  • Protected Unga Keg - Many hozen (8-10) are paroling and/or sleeping around a Keg. They all have around 200k life.
  • Mob  Ba-Bam
  • Mob  Chinozen Binono
  • Unstable Keg - An unstable keg. If a player interacts with it, brew starts spilling out which has to be gathered.
  • Big Totem - Upon interacting with the keg, a big totem spawns, attacking the players who are nearby.
  • Brew Stealer - Three hozen with brew are running around, dropping their brew upon being killed.

Final Stage: Defeat Captain Ook

Defeat Captain Ook

In the final phase, Brewmaster Bo has completed the brew and fallen asleep from all the hard work. However, the battle is not yet over as Captain Ook appears on his giant banana boat. When he is defeated, more citizens of Marista appear to partake in the victory celebration. Brewmaster Bo also presents his finalized brew, called Unga Jungle-Brew, which turns the player into a hozen pirate for five minutes when used.



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