NeutralUnsafe Passage

Koro looking for answers from the pathstalker
Start Koro Mistwalker [44.2, 42.9]
End Koro Mistwalker [40.6, 33.7]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 129000
Rewards 10g 20s
Previous B [86] Into the Wilds
Next N [87] Blinding the Riverblades, N [87] Tread Lightly, N [87] The Murksweats


Help Koro Mistwalker escort a group of refugees from the Temple of the Red Crane to Crane Wing Refuge. Speak with Koro first to begin.

  • Accompany Koro to the Refugee Camp


As we say at the temple: "Never fight a tiger with a hozen on your back."

We will deal with the sha, but first we must see to the more immediate... nuisance.

<Koro slams the writhing saurok HARD against the stone.>

Groups of refugees from the temple are heading for a camp to the north, but they're being ambushed by sauren. Help me see the next group to the camp and we'll figure out our next move from there.


You will receive: 10g 20s


Thank you, <name>. We would not have made it without your help.


  • 129000 XP


Speak with Koro again:

Are you ready to go? I think we're just about done here...
Gossip I'm ready, Koro.
Koro Mistwalker says: Alright, lizard lips, one more chance: where are your patrols?!
Riverside Pathstalker says: Kthh! You will die in the mud like your friend over there...
Koro Mistwalker says: Wrong answer.
Koro kills the pathstalker.
Koro Mistwalker says: It looks like we're going in blind. I'm glad you're with us, <name>.
The party starts walking north.
Koro Mistwalker says: Stay close and keep your eyes peeled.
Koro Mistwalker says: Hold up... I don't like the looks of this...
The sky darkens with a volley of arrows headed toward the party, taking out one unlucky refugee.
Koro Mistwalker yells: Look out!
Koro Mistwalker yells: Argh, I'm pinned! Watch yourselves!

Two bloodletters jump down and attack. Kill them.

Koro Mistwalker says: Help me up, <name>. I... I took an arrow in the knee...

Click on him.

Koro Mistwalker says: Thank you. I'll be okay, but we'd better keep moving.
Koro Mistwalker says: More saurok incoming!
Koro Mistwalker says: Gah! My knee! I'm sorry, <name>, I can't fight like this.

Two more bloodletters attack. Dispatch them.

Koro Mistwalker says: The camp is just ahead, we should be able to make it from here.
The remaining NPCs run to camp.

The quest completes here. Follow them in. On complete, both Koro and Anduin Wrynn(!) offer quests.



  1. B [86] Into the Wilds
  2. N [87] Unsafe Passage
  3. N [87] Blinding the Riverblades & N [87] Tread Lightly & N [87] The Murksweats
  4. N [87] Ahead on the Way & N [87] Striking the Rain & N [87] Sha Can Awe
  5. N [87] In the House of the Red Crane

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