Unstable Portal Shard

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  • Unstable Portal Shard
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: "Plant" the Unstable Portal Shard.
  • "Chaotic arcane energy crystallized from high-traffic portals. The soil of Sunsong Ranch will stabilize this energy, yielding a shard that can be broken on the farm to open a one-shot portal to a major city."
  • Sell Price: 75s

Unstable Portal Shard is a reward from N [90] One Magical, Flying Kingdom's Trash... and can be subsequently purchased from Barnaby Fletcher for 3g each. They can be planted at Sunsong Ranch to grow a random consumable Portal Shard that can be used to open a portal from Sunsong Ranch to a major faction city. Requires Revered with the Tillers.

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