NeutralUnwelcome Intruders

Krik'thik Deep-Scout
Start Taoshi [76.9, 78.8]
End Taoshi [79.5, 84.5]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +75 Shado-Pan
Rewards 11g
Previous N [25-35] Behind the Battlefront
Next N [25-35] Breach in the Defenses, N [25-35] The Restless Watch, N [25-35] Trap Setting


Kill 12 Krik'thik Deep-scouts with Taoshi's help.


Those are mantid scouts down there. Gao-Ran's Battlefront is meant to keep them out of eastern Townlong Steppes. If we allow them north of the barricade, we may lose our foothold here.

Let's clear them out. I'll be with you.


You will receive: 11g


This is where they're getting throug, the eastern pass.



North of the Gao-Ran Battlefront for N [25-35] Behind the Battlefront and N [25-35] Treatment for the Troops, find Taoshi on the south side of the crevasse at Dampsoil Burrow. Turn in Behind the Battlefront and pick up this quest.

Start gathering  [Violet Citron] and killing Krik'thik Deep-Scouts. On kills:

  • Taoshi says: You should never have left the Dread Wastes, mantid.
  • Taoshi says: What desperation makes them think they stand a chance past our lines...
  • Taoshi says: Take that message back to your queen, mantid.

Objective complete:

Taoshi says: Good work. Meet me at the eastern entrance to the blockade. We need to find the hole in the defenses and plug it.

Head back to the battlefront and turn in Treatment, then keep heading northeast back toward Hatred's Vice to reach Shallowstep Pass. Taoshi is standing next to Mao the Lookout.


Optional breadcrumb: N [25-35] Gao-Ran Battlefront

  1. N [25-35] Behind the Battlefront
  2. N [25-35] Treatment for the Troops
  3. N [25-35] Unwelcome Intruders
  4. N [25-35] Breach in the Defenses & N [25-35] The Restless Watch
  5. N [25-35] Returning from the Pass
  6. N [25-35] The Endless Swarm & N [25-35] Back on Their Feet & N [25-35] Rummaging Through the Remains
  7. N [25-35] Improvised Ammunition
  8. N [25-35] Cutting the Swarm
  9. N [25-35] Terror of the Dread Wastes

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