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Ur'zul are demonic creatures found on Argus. Formed from the tormented bodies and souls of Krokul and fallen members of the Army of the Light,[1][2] the Ur'zul is both fascinating and horrifying.[2] A scroll signed by Lady Shahrazad details a dark spell which steals the souls from Krokul to create new Ur'zul.[1]

Ur'zul called Soultwisted Echoes appear among the echoes of newly-turned man'ari eredar that are reenacting the slaughtering of many of Velen's followers trying to escape Argus on the Genedar, indicating that the creatures were first created shortly after the eredar joined the Burning Legion.[3]


As a mount

 [Shackled Ur'zul] is a very rare drop from Argus the Unmaker on Mythic difficulty.


  • Their model is called "Soul Hound".
  • Ur'zul use the gryphon animation skeleton.