Ursangous's Paw (quest)

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For the Cataclysm version, see H [7-30] Ursangous' Paw.
HordeUrsangous's Paw
Start  [Ursangous' Paw]
End Senani Thunderheart
Level 24 (Requires 20)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 1,950
Reputation +250 Thunder Bluff
Rewards 17s
Previous H [20] The Ashenvale Hunt
Next H [30] The Hunt Completed


Bring Ursangous's Paw to Senani Thunderheart at Splintertree Post, Ashenvale.


The paw of the mighty bear Ursangous is your trophy for this part of the Ashenvale Hunt. On the paw is a small quarter-crescent emblem; the significance of the emblem remains a mystery.

The paw should be brought to Senani Thunderheart in Splintertree Post to prove that you have bested the mighty creature and completed this portion of the hunt.


You will receive: 17s


Ah - <name> - I was just thinking about you! How goes your hunting?


Ah, the paw of Ursangous! Your skill is impressive, <class>; he is credited with numerous kills. The crescent on his paw is no doubt a sign that he was trained by the night elves that skulk about Ashenvale. Ursangous is... was one of the mightiest bears you'd find in these parts. To have bested such a creature is a testament to your will and resolve.

Your ancestors would be proud!




  1. H [20] The Ashenvale Hunt / H [20] The Ashenvale Hunt / H [20] The Ashenvale Hunt
  2. H [20] The Ashenvale Hunt
  3. H [30] The Hunt Completed

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