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Updated for Cataclysm (Patch 4.01)

Macro Formatting Guidelines

Note: With the release of 6.0.2, many spells have been renamed, and much of the scripted command functionality has been modified. In an effort to keep Wowpedia posts relevant, please re-validate and re-post macros that work in the current version.

Re-Creating Old Macros

When re-creating a macro in Useful macros please

  • follow the example format posted below (to get the frame around your macro, add a space before you start it)
  • describe what it does
  • note the version of WoW in which you tested it
  • remove it from the Old Macros page

Example Macro

/y Hooray, I made a macro!
  • Use: This yells, "Hooray, I made a macro!"
  • Works in 6.x

General Use Macros

Skull macro.png

Add macros here that can be used regardless of spec

Marking Skull Macro

In Cataclysm, AoE with a target marked skull is a common tactic in mob fights. By both tank and dps focusing on the skull, dps are less likely to get the aggro. In this way the group needs to frequently marking skulls. This macro can help you mark skulls easily. When you press it, it automatically marks your current target as skull:

/tm 8

Hand of Protection Macro

This macro automatically cast [Hand of Protection] on your target's target when your target is not your friend. If your target is your friend, it will cast HoP on your target. However, if you press alt with this macro, it will cast HoP on you.

/cast [mod:alt,@player][help][@targettarget,help][] Hand of Protection

The same mechanism can be applies on any helpful spell, such as [Lay on Hands] or [Holy Light].

Mouseover Hammer of Justice Macro

If your mouseover is your enemy, the macro will cast [Hammer of Justice] on it. Otherwise if your current target is enemy, it will cast HoJ on your current target. Otherwise it will display "Invalid Target" on your screen. However, if you press alt with this macro, it will cast HoJ on your focus.

/cast [mod:alt,@focus,exists,harm][@mouseover,exists,harm][] Hammer of Justice

The same mechanism can be applied on any ranged harmful spell such as [Repentance], and having [Fist of Justice] automatically works with this macro.

Self cast Word of Glory without losing a previous target

This macro comes in handy when you don't have time (or that many fingers) to click both [Word of Glory] spell bind and Self-Cast key (by default it's Alt). This way you will have just one bind. Very useful for Retribution and Protection Paladins while soloing.

/cast [@player] Word of Glory

Selfless Healer Flash of Light smart-cast

  1. showtoolip

/cast [button:2,@player][help][@targettarget,help][@focus,help][@focustarget,help][@player] Flash of Light

  • If you right click, it will always self-cast Flash of Light.
  • Otherwise, if you are currently targetting an ally, it casts Flash of Light on your current target.
  • Otherwise, if your current target is hostile and targeting a ally, it casts Flash of Light on that ally.
  • If none of the above criteria are met and your current focus is an ally, it casts Flash of Light on your focus.
  • If none of the above criteria are met and you current focus is a enemy targeting an ally, it casts Flash of Light on that ally.
  • If none of the above criteria are met, you will cast Flash of Light on yourself.
  • Allows DPS and off-tanks to easily use Selfless Healer without target switching.
  • Similar macros can be used to smart-cast [Sacred Shield], [Word of Glory] or [Eternal Flame].
  • Confirmed to work in Patch 5.0.5.

Holy Macros

Macros for use with the Holy Paladin Build

Target of Target healing

This will cast [Flash of Light] on yourself if holding down alt, otherwise if your current target is a friendly target, or if your target's target is a friendly target then cast Flash of Light on them. Flash of Light can be replaced with any other heal (such as [Holy Light], [Lay on Hands] or [Word of Glory]).

/cast [mod:alt,@player][help,nodead][help,nodead,nomod:alt,@targettarget][] Flash of Light

Focus Healing

Allows the player to heal whatever focus targets (Ex: put focus on a boss and heal boss target). First step: select the non friendly target (boss, miniboss, trash etc, whatever) and use first macro to focus it:

/focus [target]

Second step: spam this macro to heal whatever the boss, miniboss etc is targeting (mainly should be the tank but if tank loose aggro (aggro lose, fear or other strategy) you auto heal whoever boss is targeting

/cast [@focustarget, modifier:alt]Holy Light;[@focustarget] Flash of Light

Aura Mastery Announcer/Timer

/run C1,C2=GetSpellCooldown(31821);C3=GetTime();C4=120-ceil(C3-C1);AM={"Dev","Ret","Conc","Res","LOL"};AM[0]="NO";if(C2==0)then SendChatMessage(AM[GetShapeshiftForm()].." Aura Mastery 6s",YELL)else print("AM in "..C4)end;
/use Aura Mastery
  • If Aura Mastery is on COOLDOWN ... prints a message to your screen saying "AM in XYZs" (where XYZ is between 1 and 120 for the number of seconds until it is available)
  • If Aura Mastery is AVAILABLE ... Activate AM for you AND (in 1 push for both) /yell to vicinity that "ABC Aura Mastery 6s" where ABC is:
"Dev" [Devotion]
"Ret" [Retribution]
"Conc" [Concentration]
"Res" [Resistance]
"LOL" [Crusader]
"NO" [no aura active])


  • Change YELL in the macro to SAY if you want to not shout it, or change the function from SendChatMessage to print (and remove the 2nd argument) to only say it to yourself.
  • As-is the macro is 255 characters, which is why the messages are so terse.

The automation of GCD rotation macro shown as in Blizzard macro editor. In this actual application, the macro has additional functions: When pressed with no modifiers, it casts the automated GCD rotation and uses [Avenging Wrath] whenever possible; When pressed with alt key, it casts [Every Man for Himself].

Protection Macros

Macros for use with the Protection Paladin Build

5.0.4 Tanking Macro Setup

Automation of GCD Rotation

In Mists of Pandaria, paladin tanking spells that are in the rotation comprises two distinguished types: several GCD spells such as [Judgment] and two non-GCD spells include [Word of Glory] and [Shield of the Righteous]. In the ideal rotation, the casting sequence of GCD spells is static, while the use of [Word of Glory] and [Shield of the Righteous] is situational[1]. Such a design allows the automation of these GCD spells with a castsequence command. By doing so, paladin tank players can better focus on positioning, threat, and damage mitigation instead of which spell to cast, as the rotation has been simplified into two elements: pressing of the castsequence macro, which generates Holy Power, and use of the Holy Power (by [Word of Glory] or [Shield of the Righteous], based on the situation).

Comparing to other reported faceroll macros, automation of GCD, instead of automating the entire rotation, does not interfere with the situational use of [Word of Glory] and [Shield of the Righteous]. We write this macro as the following:

Automation of GCD Rotation, AoE:

/castsequence reset=12 Hammer of the Righteous,Consecration,Sacred Shield,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Hammer of the Righteous,Sacred Shield,Judgment

An action bar (the addon is Bartender4) with automation of GCD rotation macros, where button 1 is [Word of Glory], button 2 the macro "Automation of GCD Rotation, AoE," button 3 [Shield of the Righteous], and button 4 the macro "Automation of GCD Rotation, ST (single target)."

Important: do not use the  [Glyph of Consecration], as the macro will stuck at "Consecration".

To use the above macro, press the macro button in every GCD and cast [Word of Glory] or [Shield of the Righteous] when you want to use the Holy Power. In other words, you need at least three buttons for the rotation: the automation of GCD rotation macro, [Word of Glory], and [Shield of the Righteous].

[Avenger's Shield] is not in the above castsequence, and you can use it when you need silencing or additional threat for the targets.

Advance Use: Automation of GCD Rotation with Crusader Strike

Usually in Patch 5.0.4, we do not need to use [Crusader Strike] for single target tanking to hold a sufficient amount of threat, and thus the above macro does not cast [Crusader Strike]. However, you can replace the [Hammer of the Righteous] spells by [Crusader Strike] spells in the castsequence, if you find it necessary. The following macro represents an alternative castsequence for the automation of GCD Rotation, where [Hammer of the Righteous] spells are replaced by [Crusader Strike] spells.

Automation of GCD Rotation, ST (single target):

/castsequence reset=12 Crusader Strike,Consecration,Sacred Shield,Crusader Strike,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Crusader Strike,Sacred Shield,Judgment

Important: do not use the  [Glyph of Consecration], as the macro will stuck at "Consecration".

Based on the 5.0 buffs and debuffs map, we do not need to cast [Hammer of the Righteous] every 30 seconds to maintain [Weakened Blows] debuff, as DPS DKs, druids, and warriors will do it[2]. You can modify the macro by changing one "Crusader Strike" into "Hammer of the Righteous" if you are the one to maintain the Weakened Blows debuff, so you will cast [Hammer of the Righteous] in every 9 GCDs.

Full Rotation Automation

A foreign player, Bubi, has first reported the following faceroll macro which fully automates the paladin tank rotation[3]:

Bubi's full rotation automation macro:

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/castsequence reset=combat Hammer of the Righteous,Judgment,Holy Wrath,Hammer of the Righteous,Sacred Shield,Judgment,Hammer of the Righteous,Consecration,Sacred Shield
/cast Shield of the Righteous
/cast Word of Glory
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Important: do not use the  [Glyph of Consecration], as the macro will stuck at "Consecration".

This macro automatically casts the static sequence of spells and try to cast [Shield of the Righteous] and [Word of Glory] whenever possible. As it is designed for spamming, Bubi recommends the application of "console Sound_EnableSFX" and "script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()" commands to eliminate error sounds and messages.

There are also many other reported faceroll macros for MoP paladin tanking, but for the concision of this article, we forgo any further introduction to MoP paladin tanking faceroll macros as for now.

4.0.6 Faceroll Tanking Macro Setup

An actual 939 main castsequence macro used for tanking.

This tanking macro setup is made to make your tanking as a paladin easier[4]. Like all facerolling macros, this macro setup helps you decide which spell to use, so you can focus on tanking itself. This design is based on the 939 rotation proposed by Theck[5].

The setup is effective under 4.0.6 and all earlier versions of Cataclysm.

To tank with these macros, simply spam the Main Castsequence macro while paying attention to its cooldown. When a longer (>2 sec) cooldown appears, switch to Branch Castsequence 1 and use it three times before going back to the Main Castsequence macro. The Branch Castsequence 2 is for the rare occasions when both Main Castsequence and Branch Castsequence 1 are cooling down, and it also demands being used three times before going back to the main one[4].

Main Castsequence (939 Rotation, AoE)[4]:

/castsequence reset=4/combat Hammer of the Righteous, Judgement, Hammer of the Righteous, Avenger's Shield, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous

Branch Castsequence 1[4]:

/castsequence reset=6/combat Consecration, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous

Branch Castsequence 2[4]:

/castsequence reset=6/combat Holy Wrath, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous

Advance Use: ISH9 Rotation and WoG Build

An actual ISH9 main castsequence macro.

You can use ISH9 rotation for single target tanking to maximize the threat. According to Theck, it can increase approximately 1~2% of the threat over 939 rotation[5]. The following variation of main castsequence is ISH9 based. You can use it instead of the 939 Main Castsequence for single target tanking. To save slots, keep using the 939 branch castsequences as fillers:

Main Castsequence (ISH9, single target variation)[4]:

/castsequence reset=4/combat Crusader Strike,Judgement,Crusader Strike,Avenger's Shield,Crusader Strike,Crusader Strike,Judgement,Crusader Strike,Avenger's Shield,Crusader Strike,Shield of the Righteous

Furthermore, you can use WoG build for 939 rotation to provide some self healing. To do so, use the following castsequence to replace the 939's main castsequence. This is designed for single target use, because the macro casts [Crusader Strike] for Holy Power:

/castsequence reset=4/combat Crusader Strike,Judgement,Crusader Strike,Avenger's Shield,Crusader Strike,Word of Glory

Action bar applying facerolling macros.

Since occasionally casting [Hammer of the Righteous] instead of [Crusader Strike] reduces insignificant threat, it does not worth the two slots for Crusader Strike build branch castsequences as fillers. And since players can cast [Word of Glory] separately on the third pressing of the filler, these branch castsequences can also fit WoG builds. An example of action bar using these macros is shown on the picture, where button ` is Branch Castsequence 2, 1 is [Hammer of Wrath], 2 is Main Castsequence (939 Rotation, AoE), 3 is Branch Castsequence 1, 4 is Main Castsequence (ISH9, single target variation). WoG build is not shown here.

Retribution Macros

Macros for use with the Retribution Paladin Build

Templar's Verdict

#showtooltip Templar's Verdict
/cast Rebuke
/cast Templar's Verdict

Crusader Strike

#showtooltip Crusader Strike
/cast Rebuke
/cast Crusader Strike
/cast Judgement
/cast Holy Avenger

Avenging Wrath

#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/cast Rebuke
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Hammer of Wrath
/cast Judgement
/cast Crusader Strike


A useful Macro for CC.

  • Tested in 4.2
#showtooltip Repentance
/focus [@focus,noexists] [@focus,dead]
/cast [@focus] Repentance