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Predictions made before Cataclysm was announced, let's see how I fared: Adonzo is of the opinion that there will be no level cap increases beyond 80 (wrong, and I still think Blizzard is wrong in increasing level caps) and the game will begin expanding horizontally as opposed to vertically. why? because is easier for the casual climber to ascend a slight slope than a shear cliff.

  • talent trees getting wider instead of deeper (well, they aren't getting deeper, but there is still more customization with Path of the Titans)
  • as talent trees get wider, youll find specializations within specializations - such as far more drastic spec differences between cat and bear druids (remains to be seen, although doubtful since talent trees arent getting any bigger)
  • would not be surprised to see single trees filling multiple roles as a result (such as all dk trees and the feral tree currently). expect to see arms/fury tanks in the future, or shockadins/holy priests as legit raid dps builds, while prot paladin/warrior dps continues to go up (again, remains to be seen but doubtful)
  • new content released for level 80, and old content re released for 80 (really, like 80% of the current content is obsolete at endgame, its sad) (and by once again increasing the level cap, Bliz has successfully rendered all of their level 80 content obsolete to go along with level 60 and 70 content. heroic deadmines + shadowfang are slight consolation, and hopefully they will patch in more heroic modes of old dungeons)
  • 5man content would become tiered as well (similar to how MGT was higher tier than other BC heroics) (they did it again with Argent Tournament 5-man and presumably the Icecrown 5-man, dont see why they wouldnt in Cataclysm)
  • raiding and dungeon tiers will get wider (more dungeons/raids per tier) faster than they get higher - they will still get higher, just not as fast as they currently do (Cataclysm has a considerably larger amount of raid content announced, and who knows what they haven't announced)
  • battleground/world pvp becoming a seperate entity from Arena pvp; expect to see BG seasons with rated BGs (smaller BGs only: AV is too big to rate) (rated BGs are coming in Cataclysm, although i still dont know if the bigger BGs will get it. bliz themselves said their size was an issue)
  • the ideal situation in the end would be for the player to have 5 paths available to advance in the game: 5mans, 10mans, 25mans, battlegrounds, or arena (nothing but net)


- Adonzo, 80 Gnome Mage on Llane
- Varlo, 80 Dwarf Paladin on Llane

- Kirsk, 70 Orc Shaman on Haomarush
- Leriz, 64 Troll Death Knight Haomarush
- Kelarn, 26 Tauren Warrior on Haomarush

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