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WoW Icon.png This user has quit World of Warcraft with no plans to return.
Ability druid flightform.png This user fought to bring player flight to Draenor and beyond - for what are we without the sky?

#NoFlyNoSub - for what are we without the sky?
#NoFlyNoBuy - in solidarity with pro-fliers who will not accept anything less than having flight available at the start of Legion.

I am retired from World of Warcraft and all games produced by Blizzard Entertainment. I won't go into much depth here, for there are several places on other fan web sites that can do that much better. Suffice it to say: Too little, too late, Blizz. Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times. 光復香港,時代革命!

The rest of this user page is kept for historical purposes only.


A level 70 troll mage. Lok'tar, online compatriots! My name is Aliok, and I have been a Warcraft player since WC3 first shipped. My main character on World of Warcraft is a troll mage that has been a pyromaniac since vanilla. [Aliok on] I enjoy playing all roles within the game on my various characters - rDPS, mDPS, healer, and tank - but I like getting achievements on my mage. :) I pretty much only play my mage these days. Cataclysm and MoP have really soured me on all my other characters, so I only put in the effort to get them leveled up for professions and recipes. Achievements are also account-wide now, so I'm not as much of an achievement hunter as I used to be.

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AlchemyBlacksmithingEnchantingInscriptionJewelcraftingEngineeringLeatherworkingTailoring This user has played with all professions. HerbalismMiningSkinningArchaeologyCookingFirst AidFishing
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Frostwolf Clan.
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Zandalar Tribe.
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Mini Chuck.png "Where is Mankrik's wife?"
This user survived Barrens Chat.
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Inv cape pandaria dragoncaster d 02.png This user's character has obtained [Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon].
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  • Aliok (100)
Troll (De Darkspear be cool, mon. Vol'jin fangirl since '06!)
Mage, talent trees Fire & Frost
Current professions: Tailoring (700), Enchanting (700)
  • Ruia (100)
Sin'dorei (a.k.a. Blood Elf)
Paladin, talent trees Holy & Retribution
Current professions: Mining (700), Jewelcrafting (715)
  • Asahel (100)
Death Knight, talent trees Blood & Frost
Current professions: Engineering (700), Blacksmithing (700)
  • Noche (91)
Blood Elf
Warrior, talent trees Protection & Arms
Current professions: Mining (607), Skinning (634)
  • Ambidextrous (100)
Hunter, talent trees Beast Master & Marksmanship
Current professions: Herbalism (700), Alchemy (715)
  • Alleluia (90)
Priest, talent trees Discipline & Shadow
Current professions: Herbalism (615), Tailoring (600)
  • Xiulin (91)
Druid, talent trees Feral & Restoration
Current professions: Herbalism (600), Inscription (600)
  • Yahiraj Mingån (100)
Forsaken Pandaren
Rogue, Combat
Current professions: Skinning (625), Leatherworking (617)
  • Nerís (90)
Blood Elf
Warlock, Destruction
Current professions: Alchemy (383), Herbalism (525)
  • Veld (90)
Shaman, Elemental
Current professions: Engineering (600), Enchanting (600)
  • Forgotten (46)
Warrior, Protection
Current professions: Mining (189), Blacksmithing (215)
  • Messily (20)
Blood elf
Paladin, Holy
Current professions: Mining (9), Jewelcrafting (5)
  • Yang - Alliance (94)
Monk, talent trees Mistweaver & Windwalker
Current professions: Mining (505), Jewelcrafting (600)
  • Ysbel - Alliance (100)
Night elf
Druid, talent trees Restoration & Balance
Current professions: Skinning (454), Leatherworking (108)
  • Liqueurice - Alliance (37)
Monk, Brewmaster
Current professions: none