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HordeKhaarma Talontotem
Image of Khaarma Talontotem
Title <Guardian of Cenarius>
Gender Female
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 80
Class Hunter, Druid
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thunderbluff
Location Mulgore [69, 12]

Khaarma is a tauren hunter who is honored in all races of the Horde, however she doesn't really feel tied to any one in particular and is even affiliated with a closed group of Alliance members in the secret. Even with her no ties feelings she tries to present herself as the tauren she is, to create honor and recognition for Thunderbluff within the Horde. Certainly she strives to present Thunderbluff as a force for the Blood Elves to barter with, without scorn and mockery.


Khaarma is a fairly happy tauren and tends to laugh at others when they're down and depressing. It might take her while to get to know someone new, but she holds her friends very close. She'll try what she can to help her friends, though if she finds herself in a situation she cannot solve she'll often just walk away and ignore it.

Her favorite pass times are punting gnomes, and calling the other Alliance names. She'll also roam the streets of Silvermoon looking for new interesting souls to swap stories with.


Khaarma was born in Feralas with a nomadic pack of tauren hunters known as the Thunderhorn Tribe. The tribe broke into two groups when news of Cairne Bloodhoof's new home of Thunderbluff had reached their ears. Khaarma was among the group that left their nomadic ways for the safe home.

However her tribe wasn't as lucky as they usually were traversing unfamiliar territory. During a night camp in the Barrens their small pack was assaulted by a group of unsavory Theramore soldiers. The small Thunderhorn pack were Hunters of the wild, not fighters of wars. They were out numbered and out gunned, massacred is the word.

Khaarma was still a child at the time. Her mother and first pet were both killed in the fray. The only reasons he wasn't was she was knocked out, and looked dead to the unsavory folk.

Still, she would have died anyway, lost and tired, if a small band of Alliance explorers who came to the new land with Jaina Proudmoore. They found the ruined camp, expecting all to be dead thought they found the young tauren. Most of the band wanted nothing to do with the calf, though the leader, a human priest and his friend a dwarf mountaineer stopped to give the tauren a proper burial and to escort the calf where her own kind had been spotted, Mulgore.

Khaarma was left by the edge of Mulgore and soon was found by a Elder Runecraft, a shaman from Thunderbluff. He took Khaarma back home and introduced her to his daughter, Arhiam Runecraft. Khaarma continued her hunter training in Thunderbluff, as Arhiam worked on her Shamanic ways, though it seemed she didn't really have the knack for it.

When Khaarma hit an adventurous age she headed off out into the world, learning of the strife between the Alliance, Horde and Scourge, and later as she became a force for the Horde headed out to Outland to help against the Demons.

After enough time though Khaarma came home to see her friend Arhiam, and seeing as she was still failing as a Shaman, offered to teach her the ways of the hunter.


No image available
Gender Male
Race Hyena (Beast)
Level 80
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thunderbluff
Location Mulgore [69, 12]
Status Alive

Beebles was Khaarma's very first pet. He was a present to her as a child by her Father. Beebles was one pup in a litter of dark colored Hyenas that was taken by Khaarma's father to give to the children of the Thunderhorn Tribe, though Beebles was the only truly red pup.

Beebles is a trickster and on occasion wanders off on his own, or picks fights with anything he can get near. His favorite toy is a squeaky stuffed Gnome doll.

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