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Relative(s) Parents, 1 brother and 1 sister
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Hi, I am BenitoPerezGaldos. I like all the warcraft series, specially the game Warcraft III. I have finally graduated from my master's degree, so I hope I will be helping more in the wiki.

Things to do

Specific actions

  • Stormwind was cleaned up: Stormwind was made a disambiguation, with other terms being separated, merged or deleted. Some will have to be merged and others deleted. However I still have to change all the links to it's respective article instead of the disambiguation. I'll left the sandbox for future references or research.
  • Forum:RTS capitalization - Capitalize every unit from the RTSs.
  • Forum:Infobox images - Decide what images in the infoboxes take preferences.
  • Forum:Reorganizing the Undead - Decide the organization of the categories.
  • [1][2]


Note: If someone want to join to my projects, just ask in the respective talk page.

Second War (original)

I've made an article about the original Second War with just the briefings of the missions and little modifications for past tenses or to fit with the other missions. It can be found here. I plan to use this to expand the current Second War article.

See also: User:Benitoperezgaldos/Second War

Always working on

  • Tracking down fan-nammed articles and fanfiction in mainspace.
  • Removing/Reverting vandalism.
  • Cleaning up or correcting what I can from the other users contributions from Recent Changes.

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