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NeutralBowien Denali
Image of Bowien Denali
Title <Butcher of Booty Bay>
Gender Male
Race Worgen
Class Rogue
Affiliation(s) Boomstick Saints, SI:7, Stormwind
Occupation Operative of SI:7
Location Booty Bay, Stormwind City
Status Living
Relative(s) Unknown


Bowien is a roguishly handsome man standing 5'11" with slightly olive skin and reddish brown hair. He prefers to maintain his human guise and is usually only seen in worgen form in the heat of combat when he cannot control the transformation. He is roughly 33 years-old at the time of the Shattering.

He is a master of disguise, infiltration, and assassination.


Bowien is typically a very amiable and playful person despite his dark occupation. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and allys, yet can be extremely ruthless and violent towards his enemies. One particular incident involving the slaughter of countless of Bloodsail Buccaneers has earned him the reputation as the "Butcher of Booty Bay."

Despite being a high ranking member of the Alliance he is quite sympathetic to the Horde, seeing them as no different than the Alliance races and hopes that peace can one day come to both factions.

His primary motivator is carnal in nature, which knows no bounds. Neither gender nor species are a deterrent to him, even when it comes to the Horde races. He constantly mixes work with pleasure at the great disdain of his superiors. Because of this, his colleagues often refer to him as "The Sexual Deviant" a moniker he wears with pride. This has also gotten him into trouble on occasion and was the primary cause of his contracting the worgen curse (See RP short story Subduing the Beast).


Bowien, who was once Human, was born in Lakeshire. Bowien was safely evacuated to Lordaeron during the First War at the age of 5 but not before he was orphaned when both his parents were killed in the orc invasion. When he was of age he joined the Alliance Military, but quickly found his niche in subterfuge. This led him to join SI:7, to which he remains employed to this day. Much of his activities are classified.

Bowien is typically found in Booty Bay, as its neutrality from the Horde and the Alliance suits his lifestyle. He, however, spends much of his time abroad on assignment.

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