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The Warrior campaign, was a unique campaign to the warrior class that ran from the lunch of World of Warcraft: Legion with patch 7.0.3 and up to and including patch 7.2.0.


The Alliance and Horde campaigns are identical, without faction differences, except in a few places.

For the Alliance side, the campaign begins when the warrior is met by Sergeant Dalton, who brings an important message from Danath Trollbane, who is requesting his presence in Krasus' Landing, Dalaran. Danath informs the warrior that he was recalled from Honor Hold to aid the Alliance, but before he starts, it's important to learn from their previous mistakes.[1]

For the Horde side, the campaign begins when the warrior is met by Eitrigg, who fears for the life of High Overlord Saurfang, for eventhough he led well and slew many, he has taken their defeat hard. As Eitrigg leaves to seek out help from Thrall he sends the warrior to meet Saurfang in Krasus' Landing. Saurfang explains that he can find no glory in that battle. Too many died, but he did not. As his anger in him grows he must return to the Broken Shore, for those under his command, and to kill demons until their glory is found and his honor restored.[2]

The warrior then accompanies Danath Trollbane / Varok Saurfang on a their mission, which takes a bad turn, when the warrior's partner is shot from the sky.[3] The warrior lands on the Broken Shore and meets a group of Vrykul warriors about to engage in combat with demons. The Vrykul, showing signs of knowing of the coming of the warrior, accept the warrior into their ranks. The fight grows tougher with members of the vrykul warband dying and demon reinforcements arriving, including the Mo'arg Bezzeredes. When the Annihilan Malgalor arrives, he kills all the remaining vrykul except for Ragnvald Drakeborn, Finna Bjornsdottir and the warrior. As the battle goes on, Malgalor kills Finna and Ragnvald, leaving the warrior as the final combatant. At the final moments of the battle, Malgalor kills himself and the warrior with Fel Rupture, however Danica the Reclaimer, a Val'kyr in the service of Odyn, rescues the warrior from death and takes the warrior to Skyhold,[3] a portion of the Halls of Valor which are located high up in the clouds above Stormheim. The warrior meets Odyn who states to have foreseen the coming of a mighty champion who would lead his armies to victory against the Burning Legion. He proclaims the warrior greatest living warrior on Azeroth and names him Valarjar.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many Odyn then instructs the warrior to obtain a weapon artifact of great power, giving him the options between  [Strom'kar, the Warbreaker], the Warswords of the Valarjar ( [Odyn's Fury] and  [Helya's Wrath]) or  [Scale of the Earth-Warder] (and  [Scaleshard]).[4]

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Successfully recovering the weapon, Odyn sends the warrior to Master Smith Helgar so he can improve the weapon.[5]Finally ready, Odyn begins the war for Azeroth.[6] When Odyn is convinced the warrior has grown enough in power, he places him in command of his armies[7], telling him to recruit Ragnvald and Finna as his first two champions.[8] The warrior's next mission is to find Captain Hjalmar Stahlstrom,[9] so he can train would-be valarjar (Valajar Aspirants).[10]

After recruiting the champions and training the Valajar Aspirants, Odyn commands the warrior to use his forces to save Einar the Runecaster who Helya holds as a prisoner.[11] Hymdall then tells the warrior of the history and unity between the Titan-forged keepers of Ulduar and Odyn that has been broken since Odyn broke off to create the valarjar, but an item, known as  [The Gjallarhorn] has the power to unite them once again. The Gjallarhorn was given to Hymdall before Odyn's departure. The keepers of Ulduar are oathbound to answer the call of The Gjallarhorn were it to be sounded as it would signal that the end times have arrived.[12] To find The Gjallarhorn, the warrior will first need to find the spirit of King Svergan Stormcloak at the Field of Fallen Kings in Stormheim, who was the last known living guardian of the horn.[13] Before disclosing the location of the horn, Svergan Stormcloak, asks the warrior to retrieve his family heirlooms which were stolen by the servants of God-King Skovald[14], and to throw his belongings into the soul pyre in Haustvald so his soul could be unbound by the curse placed on him by the Bonespeaker mystics to tie his soul to this world and prevent him from entering the Halls of Valor.[15] Finally free, Svergan Stormcloak informs the warrior that he and his men protected The Gjallarhorn with their life when it was devoured by the great worm, Jorhuttam [16] He then joins the warrior as a champion.[17]

Continue from N Warrior [10-45] On the Trail of the Great Worm


Artifact Weapons

Odyn supplies the Battlelord with weapons of great power, each fitting a different specialization. The quest to obtain the first weapon is available at level 98 and the warrior must decide which weapon to choose, however this limitation is short as the other two other weapon quests are available at level 102, enabling the warrior to have all 3 weapons. Each weapon initially came with four unlockable appearances and one hidden appearance. Each appearance has 4 color tints which can be unlocked by achieving a certain requirement. A new appearance was made available with patch 7.2, requiring the player to complete a difficult solo challenge to unlock it. In addition, each weapon has a hidden trait unique to that weapon.

In order to attempt the challenge, your character must be level 100, have 35 Artifact Traits and complete the new Empowered Trait questline. This must be done for each weapon in order to unlock its challenge. In addition, your region must have constructed the Mage Tower in Deliverance Point, Broken Shore. Speak to War Councilor Victoria once the Mage Tower is constructed to attempt the challenge. The first attempt is free, with subsequent attempts costing 100 Nethershard.

Arms, Strom'kar, the Warbreaker

Main article: Strom'kar, the Warbreaker
This greatsword was borne into combat by the barbarian warlord who first united humanity under a single banner, founding the nation of Arathor. A master tactician and strategist, King Thoradin went on to play a critical role in ending the Troll Wars. Later the sword was lost while it was being used to subdue a C'Thraxxi monstrosity in a forgotten tomb beneath Tirisfal Glades. Abandoned and all but forgotten, Strom'kar has been slowly drinking from the shadowy power there over thousands of years.[18]

Hidden trait: [Surrounded by Trolls!] - When Strom'kar is equipped, all nearby hostile NPC trolls become feared for 2 minutes.

Hidden appearance

Unlocking the hidden appearance requires obtaining and using  [The Arcanite Bladebreaker], which is rewarded from the quest N Warrior [10-45] Secrets of the Axes handed by Master Smith Helgar. The quest has a daily chance of being available for the day for each region, and is available to everyone in that region. If the quest is available, a dialog option will appear, saying "Is there an axe equal to Strom'kar?". Follow that line of dialog to unlock the quest.

Challenging appearance

The Arms weapon challenge, N [110] Closing the Eye, requires you to defeat Archmage Xylem in the Eye of Eternity.

Fury, Odyn's Fury and Helya's Wrath

Main articles: Warswords of the Valarjar, Odyn's Fury, Helya's Wrath
In ages past, the titanic watcher Keeper Odyn betrayed the sorceress Helya, killing her and twisted her spirit into a spectral Val'kyr. He forged this pair of swords for the mightiest of his storm-forged Valarjar, but Helya stole the swords and infused them with a portion of her rage. She then gave them to her own champion, who used them to hunt the greatest of heroes and drag their souls away to serve in Helheim. These swords stir their owner into unrelenting and punishing attacks that overcome a target's defenses and leave no opening for counterattacks.[18]

Hidden trait: [Gaze of the Val'kyr] - When the Warswords of the Valarjar are equipped, Gaze of the Val'kyr will sometimes trigger when a mob/NPC strikes a killing blow against you, preventing your demise for 8 seconds. If you defeat the enemy that killed you in those 8 seconds, you will stay alive and gain 50% of your health back, if you don't, you will die.

Hidden appearance

Unlocking the hidden appearance requires creating and using  [The Dragonslayers], which is created by combining three items which require Exalted reputation with the Valarjar to obtain:

Challenging appearance

The Fury weapon challenge, N [110] An Impossible Foe, requires you to defeat Agatha in the Fiendish Vault in Azsuna.

Protection, Scale of the Earth-Warder and Scaleshard

Main articles: Scale of the Earth-Warder, Scaleshard
An impenetrable shield crafted from a scale of the black Dragon Aspect, Neltharion the Earth-Warder, before the Old Gods' corruption overcame him. The formidable vrykul king Magnar Icebreaker carried this shield into combat and won victory after victory in the face of grim odds. When he finally fell in battle, it was due to treachery by servants of the Val'kyr Helya. The shield is now entombed with King Magnar's body in the Path of Kings in Stormheim.[18]

Hidden trait: unknown

Hidden appearance

Unlocking the hidden appearance requires looting and using  [Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker], which can occasionally be found on a pile of treasure in Neltharion's Vault in Highmountain, Broken Isles. The player's Artifact Knowledge must be at least Level 5 in order to see this item.

Challenging appearance

The Protection weapon challenge, N [110] The Highlord's Return, requires you to defeat Highlord Kruul in the Twisting Nether.

Weapon Quests

Level 98
  1. N Warrior [10-45] Weapons of Legend
  2. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  3. N Warrior [98-110] The Forgening
  4. N Warrior [98-110] The Forge of Odyn
Level 102
  1. N Warrior [10-45] More Weapons of Legend
  2. N Warrior [10-45] One More Legend

Unique warrior rewards

Unique story elements

Deliverance Point

The following NPCs appear in Deliverance Point for Warrior players only.

Upper tier

The Val'kyr of Odyn have opened a portal to Skyhold, periodically summoning Stormforged Shieldmaidens and Stormforged Valarjars which then walk into the Broken Shore. Warrior players can use this portal to access Skyhold. Additionally, Valarjar Spear-Sisters and Val'kyr of Odyn have taken up defensive positions around the upper tier.

Middle tier

Bottom tier

Weaponmaster Asvard and Jacqueline Sage are observing the Stormforged Shieldmaidens and Stormforged Valarjars sparring.

Unique converesations

Patch changes


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