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WoW sucks. [[w:c:fallout|The Vault]]
I am Deadlykris, the former Blizzard [[MVP]] forum poster. See [[Deadlykris]] for more info.
I started playing on Doomhammer on November 24, 2004. My first character was created 1:16 AM MST that morning. I eventually would up playing Horde, at the release of the Burning Crusade took advantage of the Free Character Transfer to Trollbane for all of my Alliance characters except one, who I paid to move to Terenas prior to the announcement of the free transfers. Eventually, that character also made it to Trollbane.
I currently have a number of characters. All level 51 or higher (except a few scattered Death Knights) can be seen below:
{| class="darktable"
[ As] Level 80 [[Gnome]] [[Death Knight]] (first 80)
[ Dibella] Level 80 [[Night Elf]] [[Druid]] (first character, first 60)
[ Darlene] Level 80 [[Exodar draenei|Draenei]] [[Paladin]] (first 70, faction changed from Horde on Oct 25 2009, transferred from Doomhammer the same day and name changed from Deadlykris)
[ Nightmaiden] [[Darkspear|Troll]] [[Rogue]] (first Horde 60)
[ Kristroyer] [[Exodar draenei|Draenei]] [[Shaman]] (first Alliance 70)
[ Deadlykris] Gnome [[Mage]]
[ Gnoway] Gnome [[Warrior]]
[ Squirrels] Gnome [[Rogue]]
[ Evilpixie] Gnome [[Warlock]]
[ Demonmistres] [[Forsaken]] Warlock
[ Withheld] Troll [[Hunter]]
[ Kristine] Draenei [[Priest]]
==About Me==
In the beginning, I was a complete noob. Due to many factors, I nearly deleted my first character, the Druid Eielia on Doomhammer, at level 35 or so. I stripped her gear and sold everything, but I just couldn't take that final step. I was later glad for that when I started playing that character again along with the Paladin Darlene and the Mage Deadlykris - those were my three primary characters that I got to 60 before I went Horde. Horde-side, I started Demonmistres first, then managed to get Nightmaiden to 60 first. Demonmistres eventually joined her and I began raiding in earnest with the guild <Lighter Thieves> on Doomhammer. Upon the release of the expansion, I started a Blood Elf Paladin named Deadlykris (after moving the mage off-realm as mentioned above) and in an act of sheer determination that I've not committed prior or since, I focused solely on that Paladin until she was 70, and was soon raiding Karazhan with <Lighter Thieves>. I became one of the best Paladins on the server, not THE best but worth mentioning at least, before tragedy stuck in the form of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
In my job as a computer repair technician, I was tasked with fixing/upgrading a computer so that it would run Oblivion. In doing so I became hooked on Oblivion; I took a hiatus from WoW to focus on that for a few months. When I was ready to return to WoW, I found that I was burned out on raiding; rather than go back and play my Horde characters with my guild expecting me to raid, I instead went to Trollbane (paying the transfer fee to move Deadlykris the Gnome Mage from Terenas, where my stepsister and her fiancee used to play), and picked up with my Alliance characters where they left off. I started several new characters with a couple goals in mind: one 70 of each class on Alliance, and one 70 of each Gnome class. I got the first goal to 70/70/70/70/70/70/70/50/50 and with less than a month to go before Wrath I don't see being able to fulfill that goal in any meaningful way, but a few months ago I did get the last Gnome to 70, thus fulfilling that goal.
Shortly after the Wrath of the Lich King closed beta was announced as having started, I received the first of three invites I would get to participate (as I received each additional invitation, I passed them along to real-life friends). I eagerly started into the beta, but in about a month and a half's time I was caught up in Oblivion once again; with my Death Knight at 73 or 74, I ignored that much-coveted beta spot to once again explore the world of Tamriel at the end of the Third Era. This lasted until the release of the 3.02 patch for WoW on October 15th or 16th (not the Tuesday patch but the one a couple days later - I was dreading the mod shuffle so I put it off a little, but I was still excited about the new changes) when I returned to WoW, mostly fixed my mod situation, set talent points, and got new spells for all my Alliance characters and some of my Horde as well. Some characters received haircuts as well.
When I logged onto my Paladin, I discovered, like a great deal of other people doubtless did about their characters, that I was only one XP from leveling; I set my talent points and then before heading back to buy my new spells made available by the patch, I went and killed a mob to level, after which I pretty much ignored that character in favor of leveling my Hunter who was 47 at that time. A few days later (Saturday, October 18), I did a few Headless Horseman runs and, at 69, managed to win the Horseman's Helm. Determined not to let it go to waste, I decided to spend all my gaming time Sunday leveling the Paladin and managed to hit level 70 that day. I then spent the rest of the day leveling my Hunter some more, to get her to 50, and then skill up on Herbalism and Inscription - being that she was a straight gatherer before, she was the obvious choice, even though her skills were mining and skinning. I wasn't about to drop my Warrior's 375 Alchemy for this, and in fact starting over with Herbalism makes more sense anyway because Herbalism seems to level faster than Inscription.
Most of the class changes, in my opinion, are moderately positive; I have yet to come across a class that is overall weaker than before. However, the exception to the "moderately positive" rule is the Paladin - there's nothing mediocre about the massive positive changes to this class. They managed to empower Paladins without spoiling balance, despite the cries of many that Paladins are now overpowered.
I have some new goals regarding Wrath of the Lich King. I'm going to go with the "all Gnomes to max level" theme again for one of my goals, leveling a Death Knight named "As" first (achieved 12/18/08), then in whatever order my Mage Deadlykris, Warlock Evilpixie, Warrior Gnoway, and Rogue Squirrels, to 80. After that, who knows. Shaman, Paladin, Druid (ok the Druid is 80 already), perhaps Priest even though she's my bank alt (yes, even at level 53).
I've been away from the game for over six months now (since March of 2009) and it came to light on 10/21/09 that my account was hacked while I was not playing, on July 30th. Whoever got access to it changed the password, added a month of game time, stripped my characters on Trollbane with the exception of my Hunter, and then got my account banned. I was able to take care of the account suspension rather easily, take stock of what was missing, and put in a GM ticket, then finish off level 51 on my Hunter.
On 10/22/09 the account was re-locked, but I was able to re-reset the password and get back in. The ticket was escalated and I was given an ETA of 97 hours from the initial ticket, which puts it late in the evening Sunday, October 25th. The restoration happened earlier than expected, and was less than I had hoped; roughly 5200 gold with which to re-outfit my characters.
Current status: Complete
==Gone for good==
I left again, this time probably for good. I can see no further reason to want to play WoW with all the crap that Activision has done to actively ruin Blizzard's once great game. I'd play a single-player Warcraft RPG and read some more of the Warcraft universe books, but aside from that I'm probably done with the Warcraft universe, which is sad because the lore is rich and detailed.

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