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'Cause and Effect' is a guild of Horde players, on the Shattered Halls realm of the game 'World of Warcraft'. Our focus is on having fun; the guild exists as a means to that end.

The guild was formed in early 2007 from a group of real-life friends and acquaintances, most of whom had at the time played for no more than a couple of weeks. As such, all game content has seemed fresh and interesting as the guild has progressed, from Wailing Caverns all the way into Outland and our first raiding experiences in Karazhan.


As of 19/02/2009, Cause and Effect cleared 25-man raiding content of Wrath of the Lich King, excluding hard mode encounters (Sartharion with three drakes up etc.). As of 09/03/2009, Cause And Effect accomplished guild's first  [The Undying], killing all Naxxramas 10-man bosses without a single death during boss encounters.