AllianceCasual Gamerz
Server Sen'jin US
Guild Leader Chirip IconSmall Gnome Male.gifRogue
Levels 1 - 90
Type Casual Raiding
Accounts 600 +
Armory Casual Gamerz Armory

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Alliance Casual Gamerz (CG) is an Alliance guild which is a casual guild with a medium hardcore raiding contingent. The guild was started on January 25, 2006 on the Sen'jin server in World of Warcraft, just 23 days after the server was brought on-line. The guild has a whole set of rules, but number one is "It is a game, have fun playing it or go someplace else to do that". Unlike a lot of raiding guilds, a good portion of our members are casual players, but we do have a small (30-40) group of members who are hardcore players. We accept both types of players, and have fun in either case. The guild will never force somebody to conform to a cookie cutter mold of what someone thinks their class should be, or even what their play schedule should be.

The guild does not now nor will it in the foreseeable future have a specific requirement on how many raids you can or must do in a week. Most of the members are aware that real life does exist and the members want to have a fun time with this game and NOT ruin that for anyone.

Guild Information

The guild was started shortly after the server was put on line. CG is one of the oldest guilds on the server. The guild averages between 2 and 7 hundred toons and between 100 and 350 accounts. CG have over 400 level 60+ characters, some owned by the same person, but most players only have one level 70+ and several lower level toons. With the release of the Burning Crusade, we had several people up to level 70 within the first two to three weeks of the release and this pattern repeated itself with the release of Wrath of the Lich King. We are expecting that all the toons that were level 70 before the WotLK release will be 80 within 10 to 15 weeks of the release, with 30-40 of them there in a lot shorter time. We also have people who started new toons with the WotLK release and some are racing for 80, and some even expect to get to 80 within the first month of the WotLK release. With the release of MoP, the guild had about 10 toons to level 90 in the first week and after two months, we are up to about 70 level 90s. That being said, only a small percentage of them are currently ready for raiding and we expect to start raiding again in January, 2013.

CG accepts toons of all levels into the guild and tries to be helpful to all members who are leveling. We do have a rule that if you need help leveling, you can ask the guild and accept any help you get, or you can whisper anyone who is 10 or less levels above you who is not in an instance. If you whisper someone and they say no, thank them and move on.

The guild has members who are of an age range of about 10 (not sure if there are any younger, there is a rumor of a 3 year old, but from what I hear he is more of a raid wiper then anything else) to 65 or older. We have a good representation of male and female (actual players not toons) in the guild as well.

CG does run instances on a semi-regular basis. We run instances from the classic game, from BC and from WotLK. Our goals are not to be a hard core, end game raiding guild, although we do want to run the end game instances, our goal is to run all the instances in the game and get everyone who wants to run them through the instances.

Guild Ranking Hierarchy

  1. Guild Master - Leader of the guild. The Guild Master at this time is Chirip.
  2. Raid Leader - These are the members of the guild who are officers who's main job is to know everything there is to know about an instance being run. It is their job to lead a raid on a high level instance. They also help with management and training of class leaders in what that class's jobs are in the raids. It requires a very good amount of knowledge about the game and the interaction of the different classes.
  3. Class Leader - Leaders of a specific class. The class leaders help lead their classes in raids for the raid leader, as well as train members and otherwise assist their class to better performance. They also have overall class leadership responsibilities.
  4. Devout - Officers who are devoted to the guild, but do not want a larger leadership role in the guild. These members do a lot of helping of members and help with raid runs. They can invite new members to the guild and help their class leader with training. The Alts of any class leader is also at this level, so sometimes you will see Devouts who are not a specific class doing class leadership for a different class then they are, but the Alt is still responsible to follow it's own class leader as well.
  5. Veteran - Veterans are exceptional members who have been with the guild for at least three months and have been showing their knowledge and abilities to the guild. The class leader has the option to promote someone to this level if they feel the person is deserving of the respect and responsibilities of the level. These members are not considered officers, but still can be involved with officer discussions and can help with the overall leadership of the guild.
  6. Member - Normal guild membership is at this rank. At this level, a guild member gains access to the guild bank and can deposit and withdraw from the bank.
  7. Initiate - All new recrutes are placed at this level. They will be moved to member when a class leader has had a chance to interview the initiate. It is up to the class leader when a person is promoted to member and it can take a month before that happens.
  8. This is the level that everyone is in who is getting punished for something. When a new person is added to the guild they are placed in this level and they should be promoted to Initiate immediately by the person who did the inviting. If they don't please ask them to do it for you as you will not be able to talk in guild chat. I am not listing the name of the level here because it changes fairly regularly.

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