Character Server Spec Professions
Main Off Primary Cooking First Aid Fishing Archaeology
85 IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Hunter Gethe Azuremyst US Marksmanship 7/32/2 Marksmanship 3/31/7 Enchanting 535 Skinning 525 525 525 400 280
85 IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Priest Kazzix Azuremyst US Discipline 33/8/0 Shadow 10/0/31 Alchemy 531 Herbalism 525 377 525 1 10
85 IconSmall Orc Male.gif Death Knight Æthos Azuremyst US Blood 31/8/2 Frost 4/34/3 Jewelcrafting 515 Mining 525 404 525 1 1

Chrome Logo.svg This user uses Google Chrome to browse Wowpedia.
BlizzCon This user attended BlizzCon.
Cataclysm-Icon.png This user participated in the Cataclysm beta.
Lil' Deathwing.png This user plays on the Collector's Edition of Cataclysm.

Inv misc book 07.png This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
This user plays both Alliance and Horde, but prefers Horde.
Ability parry.png This user is dedicated, but not hardcore.
Inv weapon bow 07.png This user's character is not a Huntard.
Inv misc head dragon black.png This user prefers to PvE.
Inv misc head dragon blue.png This user prefers to raid.

Inv misc book 07.png This user has earned the The Loremaster achievement.
Achievement boss onyxia.png This user's character has defeated the old Onyxia before her revamp.
Achievement boss edwinvancleef.png This user's character has cleared the original version of the Deadmines.
Ability mount drake proto.png This user's character has obtained a Violet Proto-Drake.
Ability mount mammoth brown.png This user's character is rich! was rich and bought a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth!

Achievement firelands raid ragnaros.png This user's character has cleared 25-man Firelands.