AllianceZ E N
Main logo.jpg
Server Lothar US
Guild Leader Tefs
Levels 70
Type PvE
Accounts 50+
Armory Z E N Armory

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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

Z E N is an Alliance semi hardcore raiding guild on the PvE server Lothar. Created in October 2006, Z E N's goal in TBC is to be among the first guilds to experience the new raid dungeons of the expansion, and be at the forefront of the race to the new content. To fill out an application goto here For more information you can contact the Officers.

Guild progress


The leadership in Z E N is formed by experienced raiders that have been playing since the launch of the game in late 2004. This guild finds its roots on Lothar back to the creation of Sacred, and learned most of their raiding there before moving to Ascend. Our members are mostly composed of experienced raiders willing to focus on progression. We are aiming at creating a friendly and open atmosphere in a guild that values progression but not at the expense of its members (bad days happen, bad weeks too). We also value focus and stability, and as long as a member is willing to work at improving we will always support them.

Created in October 2006, Z E N's goal in TBC is to be among the first guilds to experience the new raid dungeons of the expansion, and be at the forefront of the race to the new content.

Weekly raid schedule

  • Tuesdays 8:30pm to Midnight
  • Thursdays 8:30pm to Midnight
  • Sundays 8:30pm to Midnight
  • Mondays 8:30pm to Midnight
    • all times are server time, EST

Guild rules

  • This is a semi hardcore raiding guild as such every person is expected to be able to come to all 4 runs a week.
    • If you are unable to make it for a week or more you must notify your Guild Leader or Officer.
  • You are required to come prepared for every raid meaning having all the consumables, reagents and items needed for that raid.
  • We use a 0 sum DKP system for loot.


  • Roster members are required to be available to raid at designated times, and be available for all of them, with the rare exception of a day missed.
  • Potential members of our roster have to be attuned to Karazhan and have completed the quest chain to obtain the key.
  • Applicants who do not have their key may still be considered but will be required to complete the quest line asap.
  • Classes that are overbooked on the roster will enter a rotation to accommodate most members. If a potential member cannot make the above schedule their application will be denied.

If we feel your application meets our requirements, you will be contacted in game, or by PM, and will be invited to Z E N. You will be kept on Trial status for at least 3 weeks, at which point the officers will evaluate if you should be removed from the guild, promoted to full member, or if your trial should be extended. We will try to inform you of your status as soon as we can when the time has come. As a Trial member you will be able to gain DKP in raids, but you will not be allowed to get any loot unless an item is not needed by any of the members in the raid and is defaulted to you (this rule only applies to raids, not group instances).


Tefs, GM  
Guild leader. Contact for advice on TOTEM POLEZ. BFF of Gizmojr
Gees, Officer 
In-charged of Raid Schedule and one of the Guild Strategist.
Mayiah, Officer 
Partner in crime with Tefs. King of manlove and Celine Dion's biggest fan.
Gizmojr, Officer 
Guild Strategist with Gees, You will usually find Gees and Gizmo inside of Ventrilo going over strats. He also is the person that works on resist gear and runs the resist bank. Gizmojr also runs and updates the wowwiki page.
Enn. Officer 
This lady knows how to play every class and has a toon of almost every class level 70. She is on of our recruiting scouts if you need to contact someone contact this person. She is usually on one of her characters. Meanne, Ennaem, Ely, Ekim, Elee, Elliora, Ehl, Elaurah
Poly Officer 
Puts up with Tefs, because he is her husband and has to suffer with all Tefs bad jokes. She is also incharge of the Guild Bank