NeutralDarkcoil Chasm
Level: 109-110
Map darkcoil.png
Location Zin-Azshari

Related to Reign of Azshara Expansion Concept

Dakcoil Chasm is a zone located to in north-eastern Zin-Azshari. A dark and foreboding region, the sky overhead is blackened by stormclouds that pour driving rain constantly on the land below. Towering blue-black cliffs look down over flooded canyons. The naga defenses are strongest here, for at the end of the widing chasm lies Nazjatar, the very heart of Zin-Azshari.


The Darkcoil Chasm was the undersea region nearest to Nazjatar. For 10,000 years the naga have fortified the twisting cliffs with fortresses and causeways. Azshara kept this region intact when forming the new land of Zin-Azshari, making it a virtually impassable barrier between the outside world and Nazjatar.

In the time after the great Sundering, many transformed naga recalled their original night elf heritage and turned away from the dark path Azshara had led her people down. Unable to shed their twisted forms entirely, these rebels became trapped between night elf and naga bodies, eventually becoming known as merrow. Some of these beings still dwell in hidden caves within Darkcoil Chasm, waiting for a chance to strike at their once beloved queen.


Darkcoil Chasm is, as its name suggests, a vast and winding chasm, its lower regions flooded by the sea. Rain falls constantly, and the skies overhead are black with storm clouds. The dark stone cliffs swarm with all manner of ocean life, both above and below the ocean's surface. Hauntingly beautiful glowing coral reefs and sea weed forests fill the waters. The naga dwell here in force - their fortress spires seem to sprout from every mountain-top, and fortified causeways stretch across every cliff-face.


After suffering numerous defeats across Zin-Azshari, the naga forces are pulling back to further fortify Darkcoil Chasm. Bolstered by their successes, the Alliance and the Horde fleets attempt to sail the twisting channels to assault Nazjatar directly. However, they accomplish nothing more than falling into a naga trap - the fleets founder in the narrow chasm and fall prey to naga attacks. The endless legions of Azshara, supported by serpentine hydra and other war-beasts, decimate the Horde and Alliance fleets, and all-out battle soon erupts throughout the region. On every cliff-face, serpentine horrors cross blades with humans and orcs, blood elves and night elves battling side by side against enslaved water elementals, serpent giants, and even vile faceless ones.

With the aid of the merrow, heroes may find a way to turn the tide - if the imposing Venomtide Bastion can be taken, the naga would lose their most vital support keystone in the region. It may be the only hope at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


Instance portal purple.png - Venomtide Bastion - The mighty fortress of Lord Pythonis overlooks the treacherous, twisting water-ways of Darkcoil Chasm. Any seeking to approach the Palace of Azshara must first contend with this formidable stronghold.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
102-104 5 45 min - 1 hour


  • Sail to Victory - Join your faction's fleet and sail it into the sinister Darkcoil Chasm. You may think you're prepared, but the naga have other ideas...
  • Bring Down the Spires - Naga fortress-spires line the cliffs, raining death down upon your fleet. Destroy them.
  • Should've Brought a Bigger Boat - Darkcoil Chasm is swarming with sea monsters, many of whom are trained by the naga to attack intruders. Fight off dragon-turtles, hydra, kraken, and other ocean predators.
  • Horrors From the Depths - The naga's vilest allies, the dread faceless ones, are in force in the deepest depths of the Chasm, ready to unleash terror.
  • Snakes Rule the Skies - The naga are not limited to the sea - their coatl flyers spell doom from above. Use your own flying mounts to counter them and reach the upper cliffs.
  • Merrow Allies - The merrow may hold the key to victory - use their tunnels to find a way past the naga's impregnable defenses.
  • Call of N'Zoth - From the depths, come indescribable horror - the shapeless. Who or what are these abominations, and what does their presence signify?
  • Showdown with Pythonis - Lord Pythonis leads the naga in the region. He and his war hydra must be destroyed if there is to be any hope of winning the war with Azshara.