NeutralDelassar Reef
Level: 100 - 102
Map delassar.png
Location Zin-Azshari

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Delassar Reef is a zone located to in southern Zin-Azshari. Once a beautiful coral forest stretching for many leagues, the formation of Zin-Azshari has done extensive damage, and the creatures that dwell there struggle to survive. The makrura people heavily populate the region, and their capital settlement of Mak'aru can be found to the east.


The land of Delassar was a populous region in the night elf kingdom 10,000 years ago. The invasion of the Burning Legion devastated it, leaving countless dead and its cities in ruins. The night elf city of Galhara was able to form a defense against the Legion for a time due to the magical emeralds set into its walls. Ultimately however, the Sundering would devour the entire region, sending it to the bottom of the sea.

Over the centuries, vast coral formations grew over the area, swallowing the night elf ruins. Countless makrura, murloc, and other aquatic races colonized the new territory, often times building their homes amongst the coral-encrusted elven ruins. The largest and most intact series of ruins became the makrura capital of Mak'aru, the makrura cultivating the growth of coral and shaping it into a formidable undersea fortress. The region became known as the Scintal Reef to its inhabitants for millennia.

When Azshara used her power to create Zin-Azshari, she built it into a twisted reflection of the kingdom she had once ruled. The Scintil Reef was torn apart and reassembled into the land that had once been named Delassar, displacing many of its inhabitants. The region is now called the Delassar Reef, and Azshara has sent her naga to sweep the land clean of all that do not serve her will.


Delassar Reef is a vast plane of the ocean floor that has been torn free and thrust to the surface. Mountainous archs and spires of coral tower overhead, festooned with anemones and sea plants. Twisting coral forests stretch so high they block out the sun. Much of the life in the region is in great danger from the wild environmental shif, and much of the coral growths are already beginning to die. Great pools and lakes of sea water have remained inland, forming oases of life for the beleaguered creatures inhabiting the region.

Makrura and murloc settlements dot the landscape, while the north is utterly dominated by Azshara's naga legions, who have fortified ancient night elf ruins as their strongholds. The makrura city of Mak'aru is located to the west, on the border with Sailgrave.


Instance portal purple.png - Fall of Mak'aru - The city of Mak'aru, under attack from the naga.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
100-102 5 30 - 45 min

Instance portal purple.png - Galhara - The stronghold of the Wrathfathom Naga, Azshara's strongest force in the region.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
102-104 5 45 min - 1 hour


The Wrathfathom naga of the northern reef have been tasked by Azshara to eliminate all those she has deemed 'unworthy' - all life that the naga do not rule falls into this category. The Alliance and the Horde arrive to established forward bases on Delassar's southern shore, and immediately come under attack by the Wrathfathom, led by the naga Lord Rith.

Heroes must also contend with hostile local lifeforms, wild elementals, and a plea for help from makrura of Mak'aru, who are under heavy assault from both the naga and a hoard of undead from Sailgrave to the west. The makrura have been forced to begin evacuating their city and require support - securing them as allies against the naga could provide valuable support in the future.

From Sailgrave in the west, great armies of the undead known as the Drowned have begun to assault Delassar Reef, prompting Horde and Alliance forces to turn their attentions there. Spies also report that the naga's war efforts are fueled by a great fortress known as the Serpentforge in the Virguanis Seamount to the north-east.


  • The Wrathfathom - The naga led by Lord Rith are Azshara's agents in Delassar. They are a constant danger throughout the region.
  • Relief Effort - Druids are tending to the struggling ecosystem of the Reef, and they require significant support. Preserving the natural world now may be the key to future survival on Zin-Azshari.
  • New Allies - Many races indigenous to the reef have been displaced by the rise of Zin-Azshari, and have come under attack by the naga. Aid the undine and the torra against their aggressors.
  • Feeding Frenzy - The sinister mako have gone on a murderous rampage across Delassar since Zin-Azshari's rise. These brutes must be put down for the good of all.
  • Elemental Upheaval - Rifts into the Abyssal Maw have opened wide all across Delassar due to the imbalance in the natural world. Calm the rampaging water elementals before your allies are washed away.
  • Siege at Mak'aru - The Wrathfathom naga are laying siege to the makrura city of Mak'aru - the makrura must evacuate and they desperately need aid.
  • Assault on Galhara - The Wrathfathom fortress of Galhara is the seat on naga power in Delassar. It must fall before the Alliance and the Horde can begin making headway in the war effort on Zin-Azshari.